Zong Mobile Numbers

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The Pakistani market has become extremely lucrative for the cellular business. Where it has enabled many Pakistanis to become connected it has also opened many jobs and work opportunities for millions of Pakistanis. This is the services of telcos like Mobilink, Telenor, Warid UFone, Paktel and now Zong from China Mobile.

Despite of presence of giants like Mobilink, telenor and others there is still very much room for Zong and others. But Zong should maintain quality, and must not offer services like other Chinese products in the market which put focus on quantity and not on the quality.

According to a press release, China Mobile Pakistan (CMPak) is a 100% subsidiary of China Mobile. The pioneering overseas set up of China Mobile came through acquisition of a license from Millicom to operate a GSM network in Pakistan. So far CMPak has invested more than US$ 700 million in the telecom sector in Pakistan and an additional US$ 800 million will be invested till the end of year 2008. With ambitious plans to cater to the fastest growing Pakistani market and to win over the ever demanding Pakistani customer, it will be offering unprecedented coverage, voice and data services as well as a wide range of tariff options to choose from.

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