Zinda Hai Malala Zinda Hai

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We don’t yet know what big challenge our own Malala Yousafzai will take on next, but we know for sure that she is not the one to sit down quietly. We very well know that she is going to rock this world with her brave and novel ideas. We very well understand that she will bring her massive talents to something really gigantic and worthwhile and that is without any iota of doubt.

Whether or not that challenge is to go back to Swat and carry on with her struggle to voice against the subjugation of evil Talibanic forces, she’s in a unique position to help redefine this fight against evil. She can use her world support to address the issue of Pakistan’s bad name in the international community. She can go there and tell the world that it’s the Pakistan and its people who have died, wounded, maimed, and lost their economy, jobs, energy due to the fight against the terrorism.

Despair, disappointment, and uncertainty are the defining features of Today’s Pakistan. Malala is in a great position to play her part in converting this despair to hope, this uncertainty to certainty. She is in a singular position to brighten the name of her motherland. She has been praised all across the world. She has been nominated for the Nobel Prize. She is the beacon of moderation and hope, and she belongs to Pakistan.

We have to live in this world, and we have to be a good member of this world, and not a pain in the neck. We must support Malala and the likes of her and everyone of us must strive hard to get rid of our worst reputation. We are not Taliban and we are not terrorists. We are not trouble makers and we are not bent on destroying this planet.

This country needs Malala, and in fact this world needs Malala. And may be I am day dreaming but I can see Malala becoming role model for the idea that no matter how small and weak you are, you can shake the world if you try. So let’s try.

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