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Zardari Knew of Osama Bin Laden Attack in Advance?

By Ali Yar Khan • Dec 4th, 2011 • Category: Politics • 6 Comments

Mansoor Ijaz is at it again and refuses to get off the limelight bandwagon. Such is the excitement and thrill of remaining in the news that the man is firing explosives news missiles one after another, and all aimed at the Zardari regime and it seems that the purpose is to divide the establishment and the political government.

This government owes its creation, sustenance and survival to the men on the horseback in Rawalpindi. During Musharraf era, the military was at the lowest ebb, as Musharraf became most hated ruler ever after Lal Masjid attack, and suicide attacks throughout Pakistan were just norm. Security forces even stopped wearing uniform in public and stopped using the green number plates. They needed a controlled respite, and Zardari provided them just that.

This partnership of convenience is chugging along quite fine, but now some Mansoor Ijaz is out there to break this nexus and making claims of very damaging nature. Mansoor Ijaz has now claimed that both President Zardari and Haqqani who was Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US during that time had prior information about the US raid in Abbottabad.This memogate and OBLgate claims by Ijaz hint that Zardari is a backstabber and is working with the Americans to harm the military.

Isn’t it something very disparaging? How could military possibly allow such commander-in-chief and such government out there? I am not defending corrupt Zardari regime or expedient and weak and equally corrupt military leadership, but I am saying that this seems to be an international conspiracy of very serious nature to divide Pakistan.

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