Zardari is Overrated

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I never bought the line taken by some media gurus and some politicians that former president and Pakistan People’s Party Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari is a Philosopher of politics and he is a PhD in politics and maneuvering. Had it be the case, PPP wouldn’t be at brink of extinction and he wouldn’t be in self-exile.

He just got lucky during his political career. He was selected by Benazir Bhutto as husband because he was from Sindh, a mediocre, an average looking none who had a feudal background yet wasn’t strong enough to bypass his wife or would try to snub her. In summary, he was the lamest Sindhi feudal out there who helped Benazir keeping the Sindhi vote base while ensuring her grip on lead role.

She got what she wanted. Zardari never tried to overpower or undermine her. He had other interests. Being a mediocre, average and cheapskate he was, he just got blinded by the power and wealth around him as his spouse became premier. He clustered his cheap friends around him in Islamabad and let them loose on every possible avenue to mint money. It didn’t take him long to earn the title of Mr. 10%. Benazir was initially amused but then when she tasted the amount of money being deposited in Swiss accounts and other offshore destinations and accumulation of properties in Sindh and elsewhere in Pakistan, she was game too.

She ruled and he looted. Then they went out in exile during Musharraf era and enjoyed the booty. Then they wanted to come back as there is no end to the greed of power and money. Benazir got wasted in that quest and Zardari again got lucky. So lucky that he found himself president of Pakistan courtesy Pakistani establishment who were fearing dismemberment of Sindh. For five long years, Zardari not only choked the country, he also destroyed his party too. He only wanted to survive and enjoy the rule as much as he could. Shadowy characters like Tappi, Mazhar Majeed, Sharjeel Memon, and various others were also there ruling like prince.

Then after five years, dream came to an end and Zardari ran away to Dubai and his feminine son is learning politics on job. What has Zardari achieved in politics or in governance? Zilch. He has no contribution and nothing to show. Still as an opposition alone, PMLN is not going to loose sleep over him. Zardari is Overrated and that is proven by time.