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Zardari and Sarah Palin

By Altaf Khan • Sep 26th, 2008 • Category: Politics • 18 Comments

Just after showing his intense mourning with ashen face in regard of assassination of his late wife Benazir Bhutto, Asif Ali Zardari met the beauty Queen of Alaska and the Republican runner for the vice president, and twice admired her stunning looks. Sexy and dazzling Palin was ecstatic, though now as she is being painted as a Barbie doll for the foreign presidents by the Democrats, there is another row to haggle upon for the political analysts.

Sherry Rehman seemed extremely jealous of the Sarah Palin and the way Zardari kept praising the beauty of Palin while simultaneously staring at her designer legs, it made a cringe-inducing spectacle for all those who for one moment believed that Zardari had any lasting sorrow for her dear departed.  I can’t imagine what mental capability one would have to have to explain away the vapid and shallow display of Sarah Palin and Zardari as anything other than what they are.

Republican wanted to make the dosier of Sarah Palin glossy in regard of foreign policy by patching her up with the likes of puppets like Hamid Karzai and Asif Zardari, and while both puppets were fawning all over her, Zardari took the lead by flashing his uncontrollable smile, tongue and gaze.

At least he has some thing to recall, when he comes back to home.  Perhaps that is why Benazir always kept Zardari out of the party and other affairs lately.

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  1. “Sherry Rehman seemed extremely jealous of the Sarah Palin …”

    Yar tumhari angrezi weak hai ya yeh typo tha? :|

  2. Good one Harri! Aap ke is Yar ka dimaagh bhi weak hai.

  3. President like Asif Ali Zardari dont suit Islamic republic of pakistan.

  4. In my opinion Zardari is the true representative of this so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan. What else do you expect from a third class President of a third class country?

  5. # 1 Harri Says: Yar tumhari angrezi weak hai ya yeh typo tha?

    No, it wasn’t a typo as such. He himself just got swept off his feet by the beauty of THE Sarah Palin.

  6. THE Kabir Das has to stop THE such errors, otherwise I will have to bring to your attention following:

    “He has damaged the lawyers movement more than the Zardari…..” (Reactivation of Lawyer’s Movement - Sameer Shaharyar).

    “…..and despite of some assurances from the Mike Mullen, there is no drop in the flights and attacks of drones.” (Fork in the Road for Pakistan - Dr. Hassan Isfahani).

    “Yes, the Shahbaz Sharif should take revenge of the common people of Gujrat from the thugs of Wajahat Force.” (Wajahat Force - Ali Yar Khan).

    More you can find yourself!

  7. I don’t find any thing obnoxious or repellant during the momentary episode of meeting.

    It is a courteous practice and is always appreciated especially in literate and civilized community, to appraise and award fine words of expressive verbal gestures with regard to appealing make and get up of women as art to handle difficult subject.

  8. Aftab, with all due respect, would you allow any stranger to praise the beauty of any of your relative woman and then say “if Aftab keep insisting, I would hug” ????????

  9. Bhabi ghar pay hai

  10. Dr. Imran, you must behave yourself and must not bring family in the discussion. Though I am dead against Zardari and ashamed that he is our president and also feel very bad at his foolish attitude home and abroad, but why should we go personal? I hope I have made my point.

  11. He should remember one thing.

    “Zinda hey Bibi”
    “Zinda hey”

  12. Sarah se kaho le jaye apne sath. Dekhna America barbaad ho jaye ga.

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  17. ohhhhhh ahaaaaaaaaaaa hmmmmmmmmmmm

  18. There are critics of Sarah Palin but in my opinion she is also a very good politician and she also did some good projects in Alaska.

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