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Yet Another Inqilab Down The Drain

By Rohail Butt • Jan 18th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 5 Comments

This whole Qadri saga is full of conflicts and contrasts.  In the nutshell, his solo flight failed just like Imran Khan’s tsunami. Establishment now might try bringing both of them together to fully control this democratic system.

These current rulers were ex-rulers for Dr. Qadri one day ago, and then next day he was playing buddy buddy with them inside his warm and dry container, whereas thousands of shivering naive marchers started bhangra to keep themselves warm. I have immense regard for those thousands coming from different areas as they rallied for the betterment of the country, but as happens in our country, another drama ran with fanfare and then completed its age.

What Qadri achieved from this sit-in is still to be seen. No election commission was dissolved and all the government including president, premier, cabinet and assemblies are there. Elections will be held on time and these same people will again contest them. What Qadri has changed? Nothing. Zilch.

He now may very well side with Imran Khan or even with PPP if establishment strikes deal with PPP yet again come next elections.

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  1. Butt Saab, you say and perhaps rightly, “What Qadri achieved from this sit-in is still to be seen.” but then you decide to let your anger out on the man who even his staunches detractors aren’t yet doing. You are being very very impatient, even less than those wonderful people who braved the hardships in harsh winter days and night. Stop being so cavalier in mocking him, just hang on and lets wait for things which you say, “still to be seen”. And while waiting give the man credit which he has earned, admit it that he made a success of what you and most like you never thought possible and he did it!

  2. Uza, I believe sincerely that it was a waste of time and energy and nothing came out of it, except some media glam for Qadri. Please focus energies on ensuring free and fair elections.

  3. It is really pleasant to see the long march participants go back to their homes safe and sound. The long march has really helped us take a step forward in the democratic direction – though it wasn’t its real purpose. And last but not the least, let’s hope it was the last effort of undemocratic forces to once again force their will on the people in the name of corruption, accountability, democracy and religion. Let’s hope that their fate in politics is sealed forever.

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