Yes we did it. Guinness world record

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Pakistani people though are facing hell of troubles but are still enthusiastic and passionate. I would really like to mention here about this new record that we Pakistani made in national hockey stadium and it’s incredible, 70,000 youth gathered at a platform and sung national anthem. Guinness world record officials were also present at the spot and witnessed the whole event. This was basically happened in youth festival of Punjab, but for me the main thing is the participation of 70,000 people in making this event successful, and we did it.

This is new record in Pakistan, but not the new one in the world, India has also made this record but with lesser number of people, that was 15,243 people, so now Pakistan has made it with 70,000 people.

I know its easy to criticize and many of us are criticizing over this event, as they are of the view that its simply the wastage of resources and time, this gathering is not worth anything or things like that, but I am with bit different opinion about this event, I really liked this as it simply sent a message to the rest of world that we are passionate, can be united, and can also build other records as well if properly guided in right direction. At present, we are lacking in leadership and direction that’s why we are distracting from the right destination. 70,000 people it’s not a joke, it’s really amazing to see that people gathered at a platform for the sake of achieving something.

At the end just a pray for my beloved country Pakistan, Long Live Pakistan!

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