Yellow Cab Taxi Scheme in Punjab 2011 2012 Starts

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When you don’t have the money, investment, resources, power, gas, and other vistas to open up industries and to initiate businesses and to bring in more foreign entrepreneurs, then perhaps the yellow cab scheme is the good option to provide a source of income for the young generation of Pakistan.

It’s realistic to believe that the security situation, corruption, red tape and nepotism makes Pakistan worst place for the business and investment. In that situation, providing such a scheme is a good step and it should be appreciated. But as it goes, nothing is easy in Pakistan and criticism is the most easiest thing.

Yellow cabs would be given to graduates less than of 35 years of age. The method would be transparent and through the ballot system. There is quota for them on the population basis in all the areas of the Punjab province. One hopes that it goes well and provides some relief to educated and jobless youth of Punjab.

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