www.youth.punjab.gov.pk forms Registration 2014 Youth Internship

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Youth is the backbone of any nation and it’s the youth which makes or breaks any country. In this information age, if the youth of any country is empowered and innovative, that country can face any hardship and crisis, but if the youth is disoriented and dejected, then its become genuinely alarming for that country.

The Punjab government of PML-N has identified this niche, and they have initiated Punjab Youth Internship program. Based on pure merit, this program facilitates the young generation of the most populace province of the country. It enables them to place them as an internee in the private and public sector reputed organizations.

This way these young people gain valuable real life work experience. They get chance to apply the knowledge in the practical world which they learned from their colleges and the universities. With more than billion rupees, these internships are given on the merit and without any political or any other clout. If you qualify for the criteria, you are to get it.

The monthly stipend is 12,000 rupees and there are 20,000 scholarships. The age limit is 3o years, and you need to be educated in some skillful subject, as only then you could be productive. The duration of the internship is of six months, and you should have 16 years of degree from any reputed organization.

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