www.pmo.gov.pk Registration Forms Applications 2013 2014

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Prime Minister Youth Program from Nawaz Sharif has started and its a great news for the youth. From loans for the small business to the tuition fee program, and from skills development program to the laptop scheme, and from youth training program to interest-free loans; these all schemes are simply a great relief.

Youth empowerment is what is needed in the country. Youth is an integral part of Pakistan and the bulging youth of Pakistan is desperate for the education and jobs these days. Youth disorientation and disappointment is also contributing to the crimes in the society as the young people who are not getting anywhere with their lives are resorting to the kidnappings and street crimes.

These schemes by the PML-N government would increase the confidence among the youth and would provide them a best way to spend their lives and see the rays of hope. Youth needs to apply for the these schemes and become self sustained in their lives. The young people must look forward to contribute to the economy by enabling themselves.

Government should also increase the funds earmarked for these schemes and should equally distribute these funds among the all parts of the country. Merit and transparency must be ensured for these schemes. Everyone should be treated equal and everyone should be benefited from these great steps.

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  1. misbah lhalil
    September 27, 2016 at 11:05 pm

    I want money for my study

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