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Will Karachi Ever Fight Back?

By Salman Mugsi • Dec 12th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Politics (Urdu), Worth A Second Look • 4 Comments

The unbreakable blood-soaked saga of target killings is what makes up Karachi of today. The 5th International Urdu Conference and the 8th Karachi International Book Fair may be projected with high fanfare in media, but that’s not the true picture. We must not deceive ourselves with this fake display of peace items, because they are simply fleeting temporary things. Permanent is the bloodshed in Karachi.

PPP, MQM, ANP, Taliban, Sunni Tehrik, Jamat-e-Islami and Sindhi nationalists are killing the Karachiites with impunity. Eight people including two Rangers personnel were killed in Karachi violence just yesterday and more than 100 have died only during the past few days, and if you just pick this year, the figure of dead reaches to 10,000 and this doesn’t include the unreported ones.

The Crime Investigation Department (CID) of the Karachi Police yesterday claimed to have arrested to alleged members of the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). But nobody was shown on media and we don’t really know who they are and how they reached here and who exactly are their string holders. This same CID also claims on weekly basis to have arrested target killers but we never manage to know who they are and who their masters are exactly.

But then perhaps Karachiites deserve this fate, sadly enough. For years, they have been killed, threatened, and extorted by these political parties and still they don’t stand up and even vote for them under fear. When they themselves select their own butchers, what else anybody else can do?

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  1. Not only Karachi, the entire Pakistan can fight back with own potential, but as a wise man said, “when there is a will there is a way.”

    I often notice & directly blame to ruling elite of Pakistan who thinks from the end of common man no one can teach them what is an utmost requirement of this poor & ignored nation.

    Justice on its merit.
    Don’t suppress nation voice even if they demand Sharia Laws.
    Don’t allow to any Ambassador / Consulate General in own internal affairs specially while they suggest what should be good at our own end.


    Altaf Hussain - The Movie - Don’t Miss It!
    MQM Support GAY Rights In Pakistan — MQM Leader Farooq Sattar Meeting With GAY Organization NMHA (Naz Male Health Alliance) — with Khan Brothers, Muhammad Imran, Samia Ghulam and 12 others. ——- As Bacha Jamhora suggested on the principle of —To nib in the bud — just kill them brutally & mercilessly at once on main road like as often occur in KSA. – kindly suggest with Ur comments by the way majority of the MUSLIMs do not know this was pertain to holy prophet advise of Mohammad Ss. When reason of killing was enquired from prophet Mohammad Ss he was remain mum, after sometimes angel Gabriel A-e-S - lateron described with exact these following words —“Tell to these questioners – if U would not kill to all GAYS who were even victim then later on - after sometimes they would creat mess in Ur peaceful society thus they will become out of control. So kill them at once – although right now U count them as victim.”

    Just spread fear/terror & panic – but raise voice always with loud mouth against TALIBAN/Islamic Militants.

  2. Armless, meek and middle class Karachiites need some backing to rise. I don’t think they will rise at their own like Arab Spring. Its not in their guts.

  3. Just handover to Islamic Militants this pure land - they’ve guts to rise - major reason including entirely corrupt English speaking ruling elite, ANP MQM & PPP are getting frightened, aren’t they?

    Oure hallmark of bravery just hate & fight with own Muslim bro.& sis’s & fulfill the agenda of the WEST.

  4. Salman Mugsi it is supposed my name is Zulekha, Sathi Bhai/MQM & Co. killed my husband or father, then they must be prepare to die! or NOT? Moreover should I ask to those peoples’ assistance who are their worst enemy - may say so - Taliban or Islamic Militants - what would U do if U had been in my place?

    Here-at follow - copy & paste is being placed - from other forums:

    *I-u-I – TsP = Ihsan ullah Ihsan – Taliban Spoke Person
    *Sawal- Kia–Hoga -Qadam- Agla? — Why not Altaf & Co. arrange yet - referendum against Taliban?
    *Brits Kulway = Black Britisher remember - Not even fair BROWN like rest of other poor Pakistanis
    *Apna - L*l - La- = Majority with whom I discuss daily they say if FOJ/Army is just stand behind us silently don’t take any strict action - we can fix the henious criminals of MQM within 2 to 3 weeks – even.

    *Karachi Ki Awam Bhi Bari *KIAN = Right now people of Khi. do understand the high time is just about to come as the high officials of MQM are being exposed & have been crying bitterly – every 2nd day on media so just wait with due patience & don’t be panic. Just to see in which direction wind is blowing hard?
    *I-u-I – TsP – Karachi – Kay- Masoom - Awam –ki- Target Killing –Ka- Badla–
    MQM- Kay-Karkunoun -Ko-QATAL–Karkay–Lia-Jaiy-Ga –*Sawal -Kia–Hoga-Qadam-Agla?-
    Lagta – Oant – Agia - Hay – Pahar -Kay – Neechay - Hisab –Hoga - Brabar – Sub - Agla - Pichla-
    *Karachi Ki Awam Bhi Bari *KIAN – Oper Say Ghamzada- Ander Hee Ander – Kerrahi- Halla- Golla-
    Orr–Taiyar – *Brits - Kulway - Altaf - & - Co. – Ki – G@nd – Mein – Charhanay – Ki – *Apna - L*l - La-

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