Why web based learning is indispensable??

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The effectiveness of learning systems, the justification of web based learning processes, the learners’ satisfaction and the analysis of the educational product are only a few of the most critical dimensions for the design and the implementation of an e-learning course. Web-based learning commonly referred to as E-learning is the use of technology to make people informed and knowledgeable anytime and anywhere in the world. Learning is changing from the closed internal process to the global and open space. It includes training, JIT information and guidance from experts about any topic one desires. The delivery methods for Web-based learning are audio and video conferencing, chat and instant messaging service etc. E-learning is necessary because it is the world of technology. There are 5 steps to e-learning which are:

§ NEED: In this inflationary world, people have limited budgets to spend. So for such learning programs there is need of technology to overcome the limitations of time, distance and resources.

§ PEDAGOGY: E-Learning emerged under the new concept of Learning Ecology and Pedagogy where much of the information can be accessed easily, speedy and freely via Internet.

§ RESOURCES: Enhancements in technological resources and limitations in other resources help to step up towards E-learning process.

§ CREATION: Creation of e-learning programs to help people to sort out their problems is successful step to e-learning      process

§ EVALUATION: Evaluation is done due to competition. Students are more competitive due to vast information and knowledge.

In earlier times, a boom was seen in private tutors delivering lessons at homes to help children in getting better exam grades. Now the phenomenon of e-tutoring because of ease of e-learning is spreading rapidly. The tutors mostly available online are all subject specialists and seemed to have superb knowledge. Cost-wise, it is much more affordable than a private tutor coming to your home. Tutorials use video conferencing and sophisticated software that enables the tutors to use a whiteboard, share links and videos with you and transfer important documents.

The advantages are that you can book lectures online and watch on own time and go on as little or as much as you like. But some tutors take charges for their services like according to research by London University’s Institute of Education; at an average cost of e-learning is £20 to £30 an hour. In essence, this idea has developed employment opportunities but one must also be aware of frauds, i.e. some of the tutors have no knowledge about subjects and they receive the payment but deliver nothing, which is the major flaw of e-tutoring.

In modern view, the benefits of e-learning outweigh the costs. Online tutoring would be a good way of helping pupils fill in those long summer months coming ahead. Excluding the service cost of tutors, other free online tutorials are also available to help out people in solving problems. E-learning is flexible and efficient method of teaching; it increases continuous training and better customization of contents. But in case of Pakistan E-learning is not a priority in the educational sector or an integral part of the educational activities. Pakistan has to step up in this technological era, focusing on the phenomenon of e-learning to improve the budding competition and growth of the new generation.

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