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Why the USA and Establishment are Afraid of 2013 Elections?

By captainjohann • Jan 24th, 2013 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 5 Comments

The Zardari rule of Mr. 10% is coming to end.According to most of observers this rule was full of in efficiency, corruption, mismanagement etc.The Supreme court was against the regime from the beginning and an able PM in the form of Gillani was removed on its diktat.

Then there was the Memo gate and Osama raid, Salala pass incident and so many other crisis. Even recently the new PM was ordered to be arrested by the Supreme court and there was this long march to Islamabad by a Canadian Cleric Quadri who extracted a Lahore declaration which gave immense powers to the election commission.This cleric was part of the Musharaff team as well as a darling of Western powers due to his diktat against terrorism, seems to have no effect on the worry of western powers and the establishment.

They wanted the election to be postponed. They wanted their own man as Interim head and inspite of all this being given still the western powers seem to be apprehensive about the coming election. Why?
This regime has achieved one significant thing that the hard won Democracy should be preserved at all cost which is approved by both the ruling coalition as well as all the opposition parties.They also made a significant consensus document about foreign policy to be followed.with regard to USA, and all other powers.

There was also a significant document which came out of the Army establishment which called for the first time that the no 1 enemy of Pakistan is NOT India but Terrorism which is home grown. This made the powers to be to see red as a continuous enmity between the two nuclear neighbors should be preserved at all costs which alone can ensure defanging the nuclear deterrence of these two. They used their Indian ruling class, Army as well as media to whip up emotions due to LOC incidents from 6th Dec in which an Indian soldier was beheaded. Though this was gruesome, what was significant was the role Indian Army brass played in this episode along with media without caring for Geo-political considerations. But what was equally significant was the maturity shown by Pakistan ruling class.opposition and media which kept a low profile.

The Americans want a withdrawal from Afghanistan which will be orderly but which will also leave the country at the mercy of Taliban who are not that well disposed towards Pakistan. Pakistan is desperately trying to stitch a a sort of coalition between Taliban and the Northern alliance. But all this require a regime in Pakistan which is on the same wave length as USA.

The 5% ruling clique in any south Asian country includes the Politicos, Army brass and committed bureaucracy and judiciary. The next 2% are the Big fat cats from Industry and business who fund the ruling 5% but stay in the back ground.

Next comes the vociferous educated middle class who control the thoughts and minds of politics by doing long march, writing letters, social media,taking part in visual media debates etc.But this class never stand in sun and Q and vote.

But the most significant 73% which consist of the farmers, landless poor, Kulaks, urban poor and all those who yearn for some education , health care, peace and some form of work. How the last group will vote is the question which is nagging the minds of experts and seminarians in western countries as well as neighbors.

PPP, ANP and MQM seem to be confident as also PML(N) and also the Party of Imran which is the darling of the 20%. What is significant is the eager expectation of the bottom 73% which may be experiencing for the first time an orderly transfer of power in the entire history of Pakistan.

This is what Democracy is all about and we in India are also waiting to see this orderly transfer of power as this will ensure peace in the subcontinent as Democratic regimes rarely fight.

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  1. So Obama called you and told you that he is afraid of 2013 elections??

  2. Pakistan is in state of war for international powers and it is easy for them to talk to single person planted by them in our soil.They are not afraid of this election as power wheel is still in their is just shakiness of weak governance of Zardari group who is not interested in coming elections as this time they have no dead body of any Bhutto in their account, nor have any reasonable political stature.Nodubt that nations cant mark a single step toward development when war is going on in their premises but when leaders enjoy on dead bodies of nation then this reaction is only seen on electoral process. which is coming ahead and they have come out from their security bunkers to see the angry faces of real victims of war and bad governance of rulers.
    that is why they are avoiding elections.Establishment army and US are still playing games behind the scene so why they will go for delay.

  3. On the point “foreign forces are active in Pakistan to dismember it”, I totally agree with Nazia. The problem is foreign forces are trying to impose their evil designs in all the third world countries. But in such countries where political forces are strong, the foreign attempts are fused. Not in Pakistan! There are mushrooms of religious parties and groups with guns and gunpowder that are getting the chunk so they are “honoring the dollars and riyals they receive”. A group of uniformed men are also getting the chunk to either turn heads the other way or help those nefarious forces. They must be now little worried, because Talibans + Alqaeda want the land, the whole land, called Pakistan in which Pak Army would have no role unless they agree to remain under their thumbs. The hate war against Americans has turned into local professional terrorists that eliminate an unwanted groups of people and unwanted personalities on payment of dollars or riyals. In one phrase - they are “hitmen”.

    Today Nawaz Sharif et al are hand in hand with jehadi groups (Difa-e-Pakistan, Lahskar-e-Tayyaba and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi) to sweep at least in Punjab. Nawaz Sharif must know, those that help start demanding more and more and the result would be perilious for the country. This is the only desire of foreign forces, they cannot digest the fact that an Islamic country has nukes, and very powerful nukes. They want to see this country to break into four pieces.

  4. @MOZ Obama did not call me but I can see how his Indian and Pakistani agents behave
    @Nazia It used to be told that Allah,Army and America rule Pakistan. But I think this time
    a sort of concensus amongst the ruling classes in Pakistan is established and they want to preserve this
    even if they do not come into power themselves.
    @ Imitiaz How do you say Nawaz is hand in glove with LET and Dil e Pakistan and Lashkar Jhangvi?

  5. Even in this, Uncle Sam and his conspiracy? Now really?

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