Why Not to Upgrade to Oracle 12c Database

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Oracle has released it’s world class database management system’s new version 12c and the excitement is raging high. Packed with cool new features, this version is the cloud version as Oracle shifts from Grid to Cloud, 11g to 12c. Database Administrators are gearing up to upgrade to this new DBMS as soon as possible.

Upgrading to the latest and greatest version is quite natural but when it comes to the complex systems like Oracle on which enterprise level mission critical applications are dependent, this decision must be taken very carefully. If you are going to upgrade your current stable Oracle database to 12c due to any or some or all of following reasons, you shouldn’t be proceeding with the upgrade:

  • You just want to play with the new features and that is why you are upgrading your production database. Production is not the place to upgrade, but you have your test environment for testing and checking. Seems obvious, but you will be surprised that lots of DBAs in small and medium organizations tend to do that.
  • You want to show off your efficiency and brag that you have your databases upgraded to 12c, the week it got released. When it comes to the company’s data, bragging can bite you pretty ruthlessly.
  • Oracle is not going to like this reason but if your current version is stable and fulfilling all of your business requirement, and even after very hard thinking, you cannot reasonably say why you don’t require those new features in 12c for now, then you need to wait and build a business case with real business problem to solve or real business issue to improve, and if 12c helps there, then upgrade to it.
  • Again, if there is no nasty bug in your current DBMS, which has been tackled in the 12c, and you have all the bells and whistles already, then doesn’t make sense to upgrade.
  • You don’t have any fall back contingency plan before upgrade.

If you have a solid business reason, then by all means go ahead and upgrade.

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