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Why MQM Expelled Salim Shahzad ?

By Shayan Khan • Feb 13th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 19 Comments

In a very surprise move, the Coordination Committee of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has expelled Salim Shahzad, right hand of Altaf Hussain, the chief of MQM, who is in self-exile in London. Salim Shahzad came back to Pakistan after a long time from London. He escaped to London with Altaf Hussain years ago and was responsible for all the covert activities of MQM in Karachi, including riots management.

Altaf Hussain then wanted to get rid of Salim. He apparently took assurance from the Zardari administration to allow Salim come over to Karachi without any arrest and live for sometime. Salim came and was ordered by Altaf Hussain to arrange for Pukhtoon massacre in Karachi in the name of blocking Talibanization. Salim was exposed by the intelligence agencies and Shoaib Suddle personally manipulated Salim Shahzad who was offered pardon in lieu of coopeation.

Salim had no objection but to oblige. MQM has started to unlink themselves from Salim and they are also threatening PPP to not play with fire. Karachi is once again apprehensive. PPP is paying heavy price for “reconciliation.”

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  1. LOL
    shayan are you also a table story writer of takbeer and ummat?


    why dont you start writing novels my friend???

    write some short stories for AKHBAR-E-JAHAAN maybe?

    dont waste our time on internet please.


  3. Shayan,
    I think you must be a part of ISI or any agency, do you know what are you talking about, Salim Shazad came Karachi when his mother died then he came and went back to London. I think you must be a reporter of JASARAT Akhbar,, But i really enjoyed your story, you make me laugh :)
    Thank you,

  4. Dear Shayan Khan,

    Sometimes there is no need to explain the obvious,by now almost everyone knows what MQM is all about——thats all

  5. T,khan
    ok we take your point.he came on his mother death and then returned without doing anything here.In his this sorrowful time mqm decided to quit him from his team.You want to say that mqm terminate his one of old fellow when he is already in state of shock.What a justifacation you have found for shezad without considering its depth of seriousness.He is just terminated after his trip followed by meeting of rehman malik with altaf baji.second important thing is nomination of senate members.His name is also ignored in this list.Everybody knows that when mqm take out the name of one of old companions, something goes seriously wrong there.Along with him 2 more wrokers also faced wrath of altaf dadi.

  6. nazia,
    Is your second name fatima tassaduq? She is also a cunning punjaban chopayee, hates urdu speaking people, jealous of Karachi’s development etc etc. Love to write stories about MQM

  7. Karachi is as much my city as you own it.There is really no requirement of diverting the issues toward ethnic differences.I have just raise query as explained by T khan.So if you want to reply then you can do it without changing the direction of actual topic.Why he was terminated after so much long affiliation from mqm?

  8. Well well well…..

    I am sure many MQM agents frequently visit this blog to protect their leader Altaf who said “PAKISTAN IS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF THE CENTURY”. What a for shame Altaf and his followers. Check this out first before telling us that your time is precious.

    Khaled Faroqi: Seems like you have read enough takbeer and ummat. By the way, what are you doing on PakSpectator?

    Sameer: If your time is so precious, why are you wasting it by posting replies.

    T, Khan: What were you doing at Saleem’s mother’s funeral or you are also a part of ISI. Don’t make me laugh :). Nothing up there to thank you.

    Grow up people. If you know some thing better why don’t you share it with the community. Look what I did. I shared a master piece of Altaf Hussain (Leader of MQM). Hope to find some thing interesting and positive in response.

  9. This story has serious flaws. First of all, Salim Shahzad did not flee with Altaf Hussain. The fact of the matter is that Mr Altaf Hussain left Pakistan in January 1992, whereas Salim Shahzad fled Pakistan after the army launched a crackdown against the MQM in June 1992. While most of the MQM workers continued to work for the party even from overseas, Salim preferred to save his own ass and went to Japan where his brother lives with his Japanese wife.

    Salim was then deported from Japan and ended up in Dubai where he left until 1999. During all these years the MQM was facing the most severe crackdown of its history under the PPP - ironically the current ally of the MQM. Slaim, however, was living a carefree life in Dubai.

    Salim Shahzad - a Mohajir of Behari descent - is the master of what the analysts call the ‘court conspiracies.’ He had learned those skills in the Behari camps of Bangladesh where he was born and raised.

    The first victims of his vicious skills were Afaq Ahmad and Aamir Khan, the two stalwart of the MQM in its hey days and the ones who were the biggest critics of Salim’s corruption, alcoholism and womanizing. They frequently objected to Salim’s inappropriate relationship with Farida Abbasi - a renowned TV presenter. They also wanted Mr Altaf Hussain to question Salim over the ways he purchased a really expansive house in Gulashane Iqbal, Karachi, and they way he amassed a huge amount of wealth during his days as the chairman of the KMC’s financial committee. But they underestimated Salim Shahzad’s wickedness and ended up being expelled from the party.

    Having expelled Afaq and Aamir from the MQM, Salim enjoyed a field day for a while but his honeymoon came to an crashing end when the army launched an operation against the MQM and placed a hefty bounty over Salim’s head. Again being a cunning character, Salim was able to escape any punishment and enjoyed his life abroad. Salim though did not go to London as he was assuming that the army operation would effectively destroy the MQM once for all.

    In 1999, Salim realized that he had miscalculated MQM’s strength and decided to regain his position within the party. Salim therefore visited London and begged Mr Altaf Hussain for forgiveness. After being treated like a diseased dog, Mr Altaf Hussain finally granted Salim ‘pardon’ and allowed him to work for the party as a worker.

    Salim soon summoned his family - his wife and four daughters - to London and applied for political asylum. But soon it became apparent to him that he faced a tough competition from those MQM members in London who had worked selflessly for the MQM during the dark days of the government crackdown. Those workers were now commanding the position what Salim used in the past. Salim on the other hand had set his sights to his previous position and wanted to achieve it at any cost. Skills of conspiracy soon came to his aide and all those old members of the MQM who had run the party at a time when Salim was enjoying life in Japan and Dubai were sent home.

    Salim surrounded himself - and in turn, Altaf Hussain - with a bunch of Beharis - Tariq Jawed, Anwer, Anis Advocate, Ishratul Ibad, the list goes on and on. These Beharis ensured that no non-Behari should be allowed to stay close to Altaf Hussain. Having isolated Altaf, they took control of the MQM and posted their loyalists at every single important position. They saw Dr. Imran Farooq and Nadim Nusrat as the biggest threat to their dominance thus created such an atmosphere that both left the party quietly.

    Salim Shahzad and his accomplices have increased their bank accounts by at least a few trillion rupees in the last few years. The details of their corruption are so horrific that it is better not to discuss them.

    They have so much money now that expulsion from the MQM wouldn’t hurt them a bit. But the question is that how come such activities went unnoticed in the MQM for such a long time? Why there is no transparency in the MQM? How Aamir Liaquat declared himself a PhD degree holder and the MQM could endorse it while he doesn’t even have a graduate degree? Why there is no investigation against Aadil Siddiquee and Babar Ghouri despite credible reports about their persistent corruption?

    I have neither bias nor love for the MQM: I just want transparency and end of corruption everywhere.

  10. Thanks momin
    thats what we are actually looking for.I hope mqm lovers now reply you in appropriate manner if these charges are correct.

  11. salam to every one.its true salim is most corrupted guy in mqm but mqm had issued about biharees is wrong afaq and amir try to raise this isue between party workers and they did get suceed but in the mean time they were exposed that they are working for intelligence agencies and all the karachi people know about it.on 19 june 1992 when they came on army truck.i still beleive intelligence agent still working on mqm becouse nawaz and fudal dont want middle class rule the country.dose any one ask from goverment why and who started crackdown against mqm before 1992 mqm had no series allegation and you brought 100 of thugs with weapon and all the power what they needed how many month they were slaughtering all the innocent citizen of karachi and no one asking and shame all of our parties they never raised there voices approx 30000 people were cold blooded mudered I ONLY OUR CORRUPT POLITICAL SYSTEM AND FUDALISM

  12. Man this article wreaks of a Maila Jamati. Baree Budboo a rahee hay.


    Sheep & Goats

  13. i want to tell you all that altaf hussain is one of the mard e mujhaid in our urdu speak nation
    he was alone when he started his tehreek but some body perfect tell kisi ne khob kaha ha
    ma akela hi chala tha janib e manzil
    ma barhta hi gaya aur karwan banta gaya

  14. There is no other name that befits Altaf Husain except TERRORIST. I have lived in Karachi and am witness to the MQM brutalities on many occasions. My urdu-speaking brothers and sisters, who follow Altaf Husain, are under the same kind of spell as were the Germans under Hitler’s spell before and during the WWII. There was a time, when Hitler was revered by 98 % Germans: today he is the most hated, not only in Germany but in the whole world as wel. Who will forget the torture cells of MQM, the sacks of dead bodies, the massacres of innocent people on the eve of Chief Justice Iftikhar’s visit to Karachi in 2007, and the insulting yet wailing speech ( which sounded like the speech of a lunatic, a mad man) of the Terrorist Altaf. His followers will one day, realise what non-sense Altaf Husain is humbugging during his ridiculous style of speeches. Long LIVE PAKISTAN.

  15. @Momin Khan and Mr. Author: Nice fiction! sorry it wont work - readers are much smarter than you both!.

  16. Hi Momim,

    I wanaa meet you as u have wrong informations about salim shahzad. He went directly to dubai and not to japan. He went to japan in 1987 and not after that. From Dubai, he went to america in 1997 for 1 year stay and returned back to dubai. Ye he has so much money that his mother passed away with only one wish that is to have a car. My dear, u have wrong perception and information about him. Most of the information you have written is taken from the “UMMAT” edition in 1993. and my brother, that banglow of gulshan was 240 yards only at cost of 9 lack bought in 1989 after selling their house of jamshed road at 5 lack rupees. His brothers cumulatively invested additional 4 lacks to buy that banglow and salim invested only 3 lacks from his income to buid 2nd story of that banglow. Keep in mind that he was the MNA for 2 times and chairman of finance committee of KMC, he only had Suzuki Khyber at that time while others have Pajero and luxury cars. My Dear you have wrong infos, because i am the real nephew of him and if u all wanna know the truth then u are more than welcome to call or meet me at 0300-2015807. And that farida abbasi thing was wrong, its just that he used to be a socializing person and has interest in dramas and singing and organize lots of events and functions for MQM celebrations. Yes everyone can have the right to like someone and he liked Farida and wanted to marry her but due to the reason that his mother liked someone else to be his wife so the obeys his mother and marry as per her wish. From last 10 years we are living in “Rufi Green City” in Gulistan e Johar and living a very simple life and so as the real sister of Alaf hussain who also lived in the same flats for about 4 years and faced lots of bad and hard times. I cant say that you are highlighting rumors only but u might have wrong informations. When he was suspended, on the same day Altaf Hussain called us and explained that its not for a long time and its the partly decipline matters.

  17. I reviewed every comments here let me share somthing with you guys i born and raise in karachi live there untill 1997 june then i move to usa what am trying to say that i have my personal knowledge about MQM .Believe me if MQM were allowed to work at that time from 1986 till 1992 they were capable to change pakistan reason was at that time young generation of highly educated society was with them that was the fear of highly power full elite and they smell it on right time there were few peoples of MQM became the reason fighting with army and Altaf bhai did not realize at that time that army is extremely strong to make the big story short we lost 15000 workers altaf bhai need psychiatric treatment and we are no where Muthadda means nothing no onewill accept MQM because perception is bigger then reality and perception is terror and racism so i believe at the moment PTI may bring some change in pakistan if they work with MQM in sindh and imran khan not behave like altaf one man show will never prevaile ideology is important than single person we should not follow altaf or imran but rather there ideology of peace and anti corruption.Imran khan hope will not do the same as MQM did when people start supporting them .I dont believe MQM is terrorist party and i sincerely hope if they joined with PTI or musharraf like peoples in other region of pakistan then hope fully they will bring change.

  18. Fake Story By Racialist & Fascist Punjabi…………..


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