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Why I voted for Obama and why should other Pakistanis also vote for him.

By Rizwan Nasar • Nov 6th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Worth A Second Look • 37 Comments

I am a Pakistani-American who has been calling the United States home for the last 30 years. At the same time, Pakistan will always remain my motherland… No matter what! To satisfy the cynics who would might call me a traitor or unpatriotic for leaving Pakistan, I must say that I have done more for Pakistan in bipartisan manner than I could have ever done by living in Pakistan. I have been involved with Pakistani-American community in particular, and the Muslim community in general. Allow me to share some of my contributions:

We lobbied the law makers from our states against the sanctioned that was imposed on Pakistan after it went nuclear. We also lobbied against the Pressler amendments against Pakistan. We can say by surety that we made our Congressmen and our Senators take notice and offer help.

After the 2005 earthquake that devastated Northern Pakistan, Seattle, our city, alone raised over 35 million dollars and sent them to earthquake affected areas. We had a group of 28 Americans, who spent 12 days of their vacation time in Pakistan to rebuild an entire village including classrooms and a Hospital. After the earthquake rehabilitation, we were able to construct a girls high school near the same village. It still stands there today and young Pakistani girls are graduating and moving on for higher studies. Same with the 2010 floods, we raised over two million dollars for flood victims.

In the last four years Pakistani-Americans from my city have built seven TCF (The Citizen’s Foundation) schools for underprivileged children of Pakistan. We plan to build one every year going forward.
We have hosted politicians for all parties, including former President Musharraf, and current PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Imran Khan successfully raised over $550,000 for his political party. Here we are only Pakistanis, who not only open our hearts but our pockets as well.

Having said that, I feel, this is the most important election for the United States. President took over under the most dire economic decline. Housing market had collapsed and. the auto-industry was bankrupt. Financial institutions were going under and amongst all this we were in the middle of two wars that were going no-where. President Obama pulled us from all the above crises with no help from the Republican Congress. In fact, the Republic Congress several hurdles and added to difficulties. He ended the war in Iraq and pulled our troops from there. He has announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in 2014. He gave the Americans a universal healthcare plan that no president had achieved. Today the United States is on its way to recovery… Job market has constantly grown in the last three years. Auto Industry is thriving. The financial institutions were saved by the stimulus… We need to give Obama 4 more years so he can work his wonders. Obama is not anti-Pakistan. He has a soft corner for the country, but we all need to play fair. In every relationship there is give and take, and that also applies to the U.S. and Pakistan. The next 4 years of Obama presidency will help Pakistan and the Muslim world. He knows their aspiration more than any republican will ever know. This world needs healing and Barack Hussain Obama would be the messiah that planet earth needs today… so please if you are an American, who still has not voted, please go and cast your vote this Tuesday for a better tomorrow.

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Click For More Articles By Rizwan Nasar I live in Seattle, Washington with my wife (a public school teacher) and daughter (a college student). I am a College of Communications graduate from Michigan State University. Currently I am a consultant on Social Media for a government organization. For many years I have worked as a marketing communications consultant with companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Motorola, and many smaller ones. I am a blogger, a photographer, a song writer and singer, a passionate cook and a part time film maker (In fact, I am a true artist). I love the outdoors and go hiking, trekking and skiing when time permits. I work closely with the Pakistani American community in the Greater Seattle Area and edit & publish a local journal called "Pakbaan”.
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  1. My only concern when PAKISTAN will officially declare the US Admn. is the biggest enemy of beloved Pakistan

  2. Come on stop this crap, Rizawan, you haven’t voted yet and you know damn well that by posting this piece on Monday afternoon Novembe 5 and making a silly statement like this is a blatant lie.

    Rizwan, you might not be a traitor as what you suggest Pakistanis blame you for. However, by making such statement as appealing to contribute and making donations to Imran Khan of PTI, you certainly are violating the oath of allegiance that you took when acquired your U. S. Citizenship. Imran Khan has publically declared the terrorism a jihad that Taliban perpetrates against your adopted new ‘home’. Listen Rizawan what you and your kind is doing is an act of treason, your money is going to Imran who supports, defends and does propaganda for the enemies of the United States. I’m taking it up and pursuing this issue with all those who must be concerned and look into the legality of such donations by the U.S. Citizens to such elements as Imran Khan and PTI as these funds would be used against the interests and security of the United States, its inncent citizens and its brave soldiers. Like millions of other peace loving citizens I fear to be targetted and threatened by the menace of terrorism by Taliban and its supporters like Imran Khan with the backing of funds you all provide against the United States of America your country of choice who you’ve sworn to protect and defend.

  3. Rizwan, I don’t doubt your loyalty with your adopted land and with your motherland. But calling Obama a messiah is a bit too much I guess. For us Pakistanis, it doesn’t really matter who wins or loses as the policies and attitudes will remain the same and things will be done by US in their own interest, which is their right. You have every right to campaign for the democrats but in Pakistan it really isn’t an issue, but funnily enough some polls here show that Romney is more popular than Obama.

    Go figure.

  4. Kuta kala ho ya safaid, kuta kuta hota hai. so ignore whoever wins there.

  5. MS U’re absolutely right. How can U be wrong? - Never - as U’ve birth right never be wrong but can do mistake unintentionally from Administrative P.o.V — e.g. appearance of any email add. Pls. remove the same. Isharoun Kinaroun Ki Hudd Tuk Sahih -

    “………………..But calling Obama a messiah is a bit too much I guess……………”

    Ms. MS - many yrs. ago - I heard the POETRY which is being turned into my own style.

    Aray - Joe - Bhi - Ho - Kia - Laina - Daina - Hoa - Karay - MASSIHA - Essa - Ibn -e- Mariam - Koi-
    Mein Janooun - Ossay - MASSIHA - Joe - Meray - Kann/Aankh - Kay - Durd - Ki - Dawa - Karay Koi-

    Isska - Muttbal - Duniya Mein Kaisay Kaisay Log Jo Altaf Hussain Asfand Yar Walli Pervaiz Musharraff orr Asif Zardari ko apna Leader Taswar Kertaiy - Laikin Mein Yeih Sochta — Kabhi Agar Bahalat e Majbori Inki Guftago Duss Jomloun Say Zaida Mojhay Bardasht Kurni Perr Gaee - Orr Phir - Osski Waja Say Meri Aankhoun orr Kanoun Mein Agar DANAY / PHORAY / PHONSIAN - Nikal Aien - Tu Isska Illaj Tu Tanzania Wali Dr. Pinky Shah Kay Pass bhi Nahi.

    Aap Bhi Eik Doctor Hein - MBBS wali Na Sahi Laikin Proper Clinic ko Refer Tu kersakti Hein Na Kam az Kam. Chalien Aap Buttlaien Iska Kia Illaj?

  6. You are incurable :)

  7. Laikin Kaisay - How?

  8. Obama is better i guess, because we know what to expect and we also know that he is supporter of departure from Afpak, but Romney is unknown.

  9. Ooee Mann - *** - Tum Kub Aaiy - Itni Juldi NAHA kay Bhi Agay? — Mein Tu Aab Soch Rahi Honn Nahoun Kay Na Nahoun - Soch Rahi Honn - Kay - Zara Apnay STREAKING Hairs reset kerwakay Ajaoun - Baray Dinn Hogay - Beauty Parlor Ka Chakar Hee Nahi lagia - Persoun/Day Before Yesterday Jub Mein Wehan Gaee Thi Iman Say Bara Rush Tha. Sirf Teen Ghantay Mein Onnhonay Pora Facial Ker Dia Tha. Aaj Satt/7 Ghantay Ka Irda hay.

  10. Folks - I live in a country where I am free to speak my mind even if others do not care about it. I wrote from my heart… I understand others will disagree, and that is your right. I do not appreciate being called a liar… Because I do not lie like our presidential candidate Mitt Romney. I was raised that way by my Pakistani parents, that lying is wrong. Washington is a mail-in ballot state… So I voted last week… (Please do not pass judgments on people you know nothing about –just an advise but you cannot help it-right?) Again I live in a free county and Imran Khan is not declared a terrorist or an enemy of state by my government. So I will not make that call nor will I allow you do so! By the way IK did raise $550,000 and I did not contribute a penny (my daughter did though – and it is her progative). I did ask him how can he come to this country and ask for our money when he calls war we are fighting against terrorists is in fact a Jihad and we are fair game… He gave an answer that I was satisfied with.

    On the issue of calling him a messiah does not mean he is a prophet (it is a figure of speech) but he has saved the United States in the last four years… And he would be a very different president (in a positive way) in the next four years… That is what I feel. I also understand that Pakistanis feel differently, it is their right… U.S. elections effects Pakistan and the world and that is a fact as well. The day Pakistan breaks its begging bowl and becomes an equal partner with the United States and other countries… That will be the day!

  11. President Romney”.. That doesn’t even sound right.

  12. Romney is Mormon and Mormons can have more than one wife, so in that sense they are similar to you guys in Pakistan, so no wonder he is popular in your part of the world.

  13. Barack Hussain Obama? Does he believe in Mutta?

  14. @13: You might not have acquired your U.S. Citizenship and got it by the accident of your birth. However, it’s implied as well as legal binding on every citizen, born or naturalized, that you won’t side with those who support directly or indirectly any enemies of the United States of America. Imran Khan has been supporting those who are a fighting against the US and its allies, including, Pakistan. Through their act of terrorism they have killed over 5000 brave Pakistan soldiers as well as 45,000 innocent Pakistani civilians, and inflicted servere damages to the interests of the Government of United States, its citizens and its brave patriotic soldiers. Imran Khan has publically declared terrorism against the United States and its Allies a “JIHAD”. Imran Khan of PTI supports Taliban who are illegitimate children of Al-Qaeda whose Aiman Al-Zwaheri has as recently as on this Eid asked all their supporters to get any one who belongs to the West, namely the citizens of American orgin, Canadian, the British, French, German, Italian and add the whole civilized world in tha list. Today, the United Nations has taken a wise step and declared sanctions against the Haqqani Network, who are they? —-Talibans !WHO IMRAN KHAN and his PTI supports and you contribute funds to. Any US citizen, you or your daughter who contributes funds to be used against United States of America is committing an act of treason and are traitors and those who are legally empowered to look into this case are obliged and must ensure that what kind of security risk you and your kind are, you are hiding right in the heart of this beautiful country which provides a wonderful livelihood and opportunity to be anything. You must be oblged to provide a security clearance and reaffirm your loyalty to the United Sates of America. Read the laws / regulations as promulgated under the Homeland Security Acts, you might wish to seek legal counseling for your own protection before you are also made “Son of a nation” along with that “Daughter of naion” who we are better off without and even Imran Khan used for his politics and then conveniently dumped into the dustbin as a useless footnote of history.

  15. Hi rizwan, You say you have lived in America for 30 years as Pakistani American citizens but your “Mother land” will always remain Pakistan. Is it not dual loyalty? You guys are similar to Non Rsidnet Indians in america and also Americans of India origin who serve American interests in very clever way.
    If you beleieve in Truth then answer truthfully the following questions.
    1.Do you support Nuke deterrent of Pakistan?
    2.Do you support the recent America/India strategic partnership in Afghanistan? you support Drone strikes of America inside Pakistan?

  16. @21: Forget it Captain Johann. Rizwan belongs to that dangerous species which is neither ‘fish nor fowl’ and can not be trusted no matter what. What can you expect from someone who so shamelessly shifts the burden of his guilt to an innocent child even if his own and names it “prerogative”. Someone might need to educate, perhaps his teacher wife, may tell him that no one has the “prerogative” of committing a serious crime like treason against one’s own country.

    Anyways, it seems that things are moving in right direction to smoke the rotten rats from their holes. Good news is that the United Nations has declared “Global” sanctions against the Haqqani Network.

    This is right and adequate thing and from an appropriate world body and one only hopes that we all must respect and abide by this in our own best national self-interest. I’d like this to exapnd and include all such individuals and organizations irrespective of the name they go by. All Talibans, Lushkars of every hue must be sanctioned and all governments and their citizens bust be barred from making any contrbutions, fund raisings of any kind to any individual such as Imran Khan or a political party, PTI, which is on record to support such terrorists and terrorism directly or indirectly and go around justifying all acts of terrorism under one or other excuses, those who declare terrorism a “JIHAD” also must be seriously warned and prohibbited from this and banned from collecting funds in any name which eventually would be used to support terrorism.

    Another great news and right decision the terrorist woman Aafia Siddqui an American citizen has lost appeal against her conviction. Thank God the world is a little safer place for the peace loving citizens whereevr they are.

    Good warning for the veiled terrorists and their equally veiled supporters who provide funds directly or indirectly to be used against peace.

  17. >After the 2005 earthquake that devastated Northern Pakistan, Seattle, our city, alone raised over 35 million dollars and sent them to earthquake affected areas. We had a group of 28 Americans, who spent 12 days of their vacation time in Pakistan to rebuild an entire village including classrooms and a Hospital. After the earthquake rehabilitation, we were able to construct a girls high school near the same village. It still stands there today and young Pakistani girls are graduating and moving on for higher studies. Same with the 2010 floods, we raised over two million dollars for flood victims.

    How does that make Obama a good person?

    U.S. has cost Pakistan 5 billion in the so called war on terror.

  18. Congrats Rizwan, your boy won.

  19. Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), than George W. Bush. Section 1021(b)(2), which I challenged in federal court, permits the U.S. military to detain American citizens.

    Good law, all the citizens who contribute to the funds to be used by Imran Khan for the purpose of servingTaliban mustknow this. Good!

  20. Now he declared terrorism a “jihad” only couple of weeks back, now TODAY he promises to declare a “jihad” to save Pakistan. Now, who and which Imran Khan is the real one, he keeps changing his color like a lizard like a Chameleon. One wonders at his mental instability and his confusion and I laugh as well as appreciate the power of his American-Pakistani financers and contributors of funds. Your faithfully contacted and admonished directly to the most active PTI coordinators and fundraisers about the impropriety as well as legal issues of such activity. This helped and better sense prevailed and Imran Khan the ever closeted Taliban must change his position vis a vis terrorism and terrorist organization who he has been so stubbornly supporting. However, this is not enough, Imran Khan must call them by name and warn us all against all terrorists by whatever names they go like he must condemn and denounce and disown TTP and Hafiz Saeed and Mullah Omer and Faz ullah and all like these with whatever name and identity. Only this would do, ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE must keep he pressure on and force Imran Khan to be very clear and declare his plans to fight terrorists & terrorism without any traces of ambiguity. We all must ask ourselves in all seriousness if this man Imran Khan can be trusted at all?

    Yesterday, the United Nations Security Council has imposed a ‘Global Sanction’ on the Sirajuddin Haqqani Network, we all know that this network is the mother of all eveils and actually control all Talibans and other terrorists here and everywhere else. Those who care about the valuable friendship between our two countries Pakistan and the United States of America and our peace loving people must have the wisdom and courage to war Imran Khan from hatemongering and fearmngering against our friendly relationships. They must do it now, before even Pakistan falls prey to Imran’s stupidity and we are declared as nation of terrorists and our Pakistan a rouge state and placed under international sanctions.

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