Why I voted for Obama and why should other Pakistanis also vote for him.

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I am a Pakistani-American who has been calling the United States home for the last 30 years. At the same time, Pakistan will always remain my motherland… No matter what! To satisfy the cynics who would might call me a traitor or unpatriotic for leaving Pakistan, I must say that I have done more for Pakistan in bipartisan manner than I could have ever done by living in Pakistan. I have been involved with Pakistani-American community in particular, and the Muslim community in general. Allow me to share some of my contributions:

We lobbied the law makers from our states against the sanctioned that was imposed on Pakistan after it went nuclear. We also lobbied against the Pressler amendments against Pakistan. We can say by surety that we made our Congressmen and our Senators take notice and offer help.

After the 2005 earthquake that devastated Northern Pakistan, Seattle, our city, alone raised over 35 million dollars and sent them to earthquake affected areas. We had a group of 28 Americans, who spent 12 days of their vacation time in Pakistan to rebuild an entire village including classrooms and a Hospital. After the earthquake rehabilitation, we were able to construct a girls high school near the same village. It still stands there today and young Pakistani girls are graduating and moving on for higher studies. Same with the 2010 floods, we raised over two million dollars for flood victims.

In the last four years Pakistani-Americans from my city have built seven TCF (The Citizen’s Foundation) schools for underprivileged children of Pakistan. We plan to build one every year going forward.
We have hosted politicians for all parties, including former President Musharraf, and current PTI Chairman Imran Khan. Imran Khan successfully raised over $550,000 for his political party. Here we are only Pakistanis, who not only open our hearts but our pockets as well.

Having said that, I feel, this is the most important election for the United States. President took over under the most dire economic decline. Housing market had collapsed and. the auto-industry was bankrupt. Financial institutions were going under and amongst all this we were in the middle of two wars that were going no-where. President Obama pulled us from all the above crises with no help from the Republican Congress. In fact, the Republic Congress several hurdles and added to difficulties. He ended the war in Iraq and pulled our troops from there. He has announced the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in 2014. He gave the Americans a universal healthcare plan that no president had achieved. Today the United States is on its way to recovery… Job market has constantly grown in the last three years. Auto Industry is thriving. The financial institutions were saved by the stimulus… We need to give Obama 4 more years so he can work his wonders. Obama is not anti-Pakistan. He has a soft corner for the country, but we all need to play fair. In every relationship there is give and take, and that also applies to the U.S. and Pakistan. The next 4 years of Obama presidency will help Pakistan and the Muslim world. He knows their aspiration more than any republican will ever know. This world needs healing and Barack Hussain Obama would be the messiah that planet earth needs today… so please if you are an American, who still has not voted, please go and cast your vote this Tuesday for a better tomorrow.

About Rizwan Nasar

I live in Seattle, Washington with my wife (a public school teacher) and daughter (a college student). I am a College of Communications graduate from Michigan State University. Currently I am a consultant on Social Media for a government organization. For many years I have worked as a marketing communications consultant with companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Motorola, and many smaller ones. I am a blogger, a photographer, a song writer and singer, a passionate cook and a part time film maker (In fact, I am a true artist). I love the outdoors and go hiking, trekking and skiing when time permits. I work closely with the Pakistani American community in the Greater Seattle Area and edit & publish a local journal called "Pakbaan”.

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