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Why I Believe Musharraf is Innocent

By Gul Raiz • Jun 25th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 5 Comments

Pakistan Military would never let one of their own being sent to the gallows by the fake degree holders and corrupt politicians. And it is legally, ethically, morally, and professionally very wrong to try former President General(r) Syed Pervaiz Musharraf for the high treason. How on Earth that is true? How in the world, a messiah of the nation can be hanged?

The whole military scrambled hastily to save their chief of staff, when he was in the plane, and an adventurist prime minister on ground wanted to humiliate their head. The army, the nation, the judiciary and the media had enough of the Nawaz Sharif and his Ameer ul Muslimeen streak. He had already devoured many chief of staffs and various other heads of organizations, and wanted to rule Pakistan forever with ruthlessness. He was cut to size, and the whole nation celebrated and the same media lauded the Pervaiz Musharraf, and this judiciary and this chief justice ratified him.

He ruled here, he put the country back on track. He ruled this country when the things were worst. Pakistan was at war, and even then the economy was flourishing and there was little or no load shedding of power and gas. Then Benazir and Nawaz Sharif conspired with local and foreign powers and the country was destabilized. Benazir in her greed lost her life, as Nawaz Sharif used her. Nawaz Sharif cunningly came back and became champion of democracy and judiciary. Judiciary is still paying him back for his favors.

Now Nawaz Sharif is settling the personal score and so is the chief justice and his cronies on bench. I am shocked as how could they think of this misadventure when country is in grip of terrorism, load shedding and all kinds of other problems. When China and America, were threatening Pakistan after assassination of their citizens, the premier of Pakistan was busy gloating about his personal vendetta in the sham parliament.

The thing is simple: Try Musharraf for Article 6, and you would see a worst civil war.

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  1. Gulraiz, whether or not President Musharraf is innocent should be left to be investigated, prosecuted and decided. For a fair trial, it’s absolutely necessary that the good President Musharraf is tried applying constitution just to the extent of Article 6(1). We must demand and make sure that all other sob (kuttay and kuttay ke bachchay) are also included and the Article 6 of our Constitution Para (2) & Para (3) are applied as well. This would mean getting all the dajjals (kana, andha and dumb)

    Under the Article 6 of Constitution of Pakistan

    (1) Any person who abrogates or subverts or suspends or holds in abeyance, or attempts or conspires to abrogate or subvert or suspend or hold in abeyance, the Constitution by use of force or show of force or by any other unconstitutional means shall be guilty of high treason.

    (2) Any person aiding or abetting [or collaborating] the acts mentioned in clause (1) shall likewise be guilty of high treason.

    (2A) An act of high treason mentioned in clause (1) or clause (2) shall not be validated by any court including the Supreme Court and a High Court.

  2. what a nonsense

  3. Inncoent….He is a saint man…Syed Musharraf ko deykh ker hi insaan ka Imaan jaag jaata hey…….per kya kerain berray logoun ko qurbaani tau daini hi perrti hey logoun ki bhalai kay liyay…..ksbhi bachoun,auratoun ki, kabhi boorhoun aur jawaanoun ki ….aur aik aisa time bhi aata hey kay khud ko bhi NA CHAAHTAY HUAY…Qurbaan perr jaata hey….Berray Loug Berri Baatain..

  4. Many legal experts have hinted at the possibility that the government may just be playing to the gallery, as it has not shown serious intent so far. Attorney General Muneer Malik, while reading out a one-page statement before a three-member Supreme Court bench, stated the government’s position and the PM’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of justice and following due process. Justice Khilji Arif Hussain in response to this statement pointed out its vagueness, implying it fell short of a clear, explicit mode of action. The bench gave three days to the Attorney General to provide step-by-step details of how the government plans to carry out the trial.

  5. Neither the Supreme Court nor the Federal Government can provide any fair trial to President Musharraf. Supreme Court under its present Chief Justice has an interest in this case as much as the Federal Government under Nawaz Sharif is a party here. For the sake of justice these two heads name Iftikhar Chaudhry from Supreme Court and Nawaz Sharif as the prim min ister of Pakistan must resign so that none of these two can or may suspected to influence the investigation and eventual prosecution here.

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