Why Don’t Muslims Grow A Beard?

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When it comes to growing a beard, Muslims are full of excuses. Some people even go as far as saying that it is not necessary in Islam. Those who do grow it, grow a light beard whereas according to Sunnah, a beard is supposed to be grown at least a fist’s length from every side.

Now the question is, do Sikhs ask whether it is necessary in Sikhism to grow a beard? I don’t see them making excuses. They love their Gurus and follow their orders without question. However, Muslims, who loudly claim to be lovers of Prophet Mohammad (SAW), not only do not grow a beard but also comes up with absurd theories as to how it is not necessary in Islam.

If we look into history, all Prophets had a beard, all Sahaba had a beard, all Tabieen had a beard, all Saints had a beard, all Scholars had a beard, all Huffaaz had a beard, all Martyrs had a beard, etc. However, in this day and age, whether we have time for something or not, every Muslim has time to shave of the sunnah of Prophet (SAW) and lets it flow it in the gutter with urine.

We prefer to look like George Bush, Tony Blair, and all the criminals and murderers out there, but we don’t want to look like Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and all the religious people after him.

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