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Who is Dr. Shoaib Suddle and Tariq Lodhi

By Sameer Shaharyar • Apr 13th, 2008 • Category: Politics • 59 Comments

To the utmost agony of Motahidda Qaumi Movement (MQM), Asif Ali Zardari has sent Dr. Shoaib Suddle as the new Inspector General of Sindh. Dr. Shoaib Suddle in not new for Karachi and MQM, and MQM and Karachi are not new for Dr. Shoaib Suddle. Shoaib Suddle has done it before and been there, seen it and yes done that once again.

Dr. Shoaib Suddle was DIG Karachi fro June 1995 till Nov 1996 during the second tenure of Benazir Bhutto, and the interior minister was none other than Naseerullah Baber, the man who really choked MQM’s terrorism in Karachi during that period. Naseerullah Baber owed his success in bringing law and order back to Karachi with the aid of Shoaib Suddle and Tariq Lodhi, who has also been sent to Karachi along with Shoaib Suddle as IB chief.

Dr. Shoaib Suddle has done his Doctorate in White Collar Criminology  from University of Wales Cardiff. When he was looking after Karachi in the mid nineties, he was so successful that he had reduced the monthly killings of 350 in June 1995 to zero in January 1996. He has established his mole network within the cadres of MQM so deep that he was able to hear the telephonic conversations of the terrorists and he was aware of the second-by-second happenigs in the Nine Zero, the dreaded headquarter of MQM.

Though Dr. Shoaib wasn’t much willing to take on this responsibilities as he is about to retire from the service in couple of months and was serving cozily in the Police department in the lush greenary if Islamabad, but he has assigned this task by Zardari himself.

Asif Ali Zardari is pursuing a right policy of carrot and stick for MQM. At one side he is showing them power sharing opportunity in the Sindh Assembly, and on the other side he is showing them Shoaib Suddle and Tariq Lodhi. Karachiites desperately needs someone like Dr. Shoaib Suddle as MQM has once again militarized and strengthened it’s trenches and ready to give Karachi a bloodbath. One glimpse was the Nishtar Park mass assassinations of Sunni Tehrik’s whole leadership, and then came 12th May and then came the 9th April. Pakistan cannot afford more such gruesome happenings.

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  1. dear mr sameer ,i have simialrly heard the same news of appointment of a man with expertise and doctoral degree in white collar crime which is perhaps very impressive qualification in pakistan as most people here does not go beyond graduation or to the extremes add themselves with pakistani qualification in the name of postgraduation .the concise brief with respect to the official although impressive as far as field of intellects are cocerned but putting and making such personality being deputed at important designation and assignment , in to controversies reflects perhaps the qualifier has some bias and unformidible opinion annd reservations and inadvertantly and deliberately sacrifises his abilities and expertise and putting him perhaps in the context and tagging him perhaps ,that concerned officer has some previous rivalry with the karachi ,karachiite,and their mandate holders and this innate reservation will perhaps be utilized in the name of expertise and intelligence by this new government .under such litigation ,it is doubtful that subject esteemed officer is perhaps prejudice and only works on assignments of desire and not as a serviceman thus subjudicate his appointment ,and as such reservations of MQM are legal and considerable .
    my point is why do we tag such important appointments and assignments in political segregative usages .personalities at such levels should not be controversial and if at all appointments must not be made on targetted victimisation and desirable motives ,and even if it is being put by virtue of law ,constitutional and service obligations , oath should always be the priority of the indivisual being appointed .you see pakistan army is pakistan army ,thereis no one as punjabi or sindhi ,similarly chief justice is chief justice of the court ,he is neither ,shia ,or sunni ,or sindhi or panjabi .these are institutes and instiute should not be demolished on grounds of bearings as relogion ,caste ,cadre or community and political belongings .if a person at such extreme level of public appointment and office has credentials of some bearing in the light of opinion ,i think he himself should consider himself as objectionable and if at all he is there on the appointment ,ideal stategiy is to prove your credibilityas public servent .person of such expertise and qualification ,with extreme of appointment of set up can not be removed deliberately from service if he does not oblige the government the only element which can hinder is profile is that he will be subjected to transfer or on osd .but this will definately serve to regain the credibility of the indivisual .people in such services are many times unduly being subjected by people as unwanted but in my opinion as retired army officer ,there are service limitations .but sensible tackling can save your credibility in the eyes of people .as to your say that asif zardari has taken right policy for carrot and stick for MQM ,is just a misnomer .mr zardari should realize that it will be too partial on his side to play such games that mr nawaz sharif had played on him .he should react sensibly and any un ethical and twisting strateggy to tackle such massive mandate holder would definately put the nation at stake and similar episode of what is undesirable would be the fate of this malhandling .we should pray to almighty to save our nation from any such unforeseen event that may compromise us as nation .as to my personal opinion of respective officer ,mr saddle is known to me and once during murtaza assassination case he and other officers had been in my close observation .he is a high profile officer and expectation is that he if attains the appointment will work to hold committment as officer constitutionaly ,dutyful and as service man loyal citizen to keep oath ,peace life and property of all as custodian without and under any pressure and unwanted appeals .

  2. The sad thing about majority of Pakistani (ofcouse most Pakistani come from Punjab) is that they will favor a grayee’n (A punjabi word for person from same village) whether he/she deserve the favor or not.
    Too bad the majority will bring Pakistan down with them. Out of such a big population of Sindh they can not find one neutral person to lead the police department. it had to be one of their corrupt grayee’n.

    I did one little search on the net and found this guy Suddle is corrupt to the core. You are calling him a doctor, when I see him having a Master in White collar crime from an open univesity like Allama Iqbal University.
    He did a presentation in Europe, see the level of intellect, which is a true reflection of (current) Pakistani education,
    Please see it for yourself

    I am glad I left Pakistan, no regret , waiting for a day when you guys will make it like rest of uneducated muslim world. If it wasn’t for the original Muhajir from India, you guys would have been left backward like other states of Pakistan. You need to look at the basic culture of gryanism.

    You think you developed a lot, no , it is the west paying you to not kill them. Pakistan is not earning a penny because of education, it is the loan that you are getting for agreeing to kill the killers among you.

  3. I don’t know from where I have to start, because after review of Dr. Raza Haider’s brief replay to you. He has mentioned all points in his reply, which I also wanted to mention you. Thank you Dr.Raza Haider. May Allah (swt) guard you and your family. Ameen.
    Dear Sameer Shaharyar with the reference of your sentences :

    (Paragraph # 5, Line # 3)

    Mr. sameer I would like to ask one Question from you, who told you that ” Karachiites desperately needs someone like Dr. Shoaib Suddle ” ? we dont want to see blood rain and orphans in karachi, we don’t want to see dead bodies on our streets any more…. We are not waiting for someone like Sir Shoaib Suddle… we are waiting for someone like Hazrat Omer Farooq (Rz).

    you have mentioned Nishter Park, 12th may and recent 9th April? … (so funny) but you have forgot to mention about 27 December, what do you say about it ? ( you also have forgot past years like 1990 till 1996 when Punjabi Pakhtoon Itihaad PPI were made, for what ?)
    On 27th December our beloved and sincere Bibi was assassinated, but what was going on at roads? in all over the country? I have seen from may own eyes, looters were looting us and gang rape the womens, set fires on cars and buildings, destroy every public and government property and beating young urdu speaking boys, who were they..? I will tell you Mr. they were speaking Punjabi, Saraaiki, pashtoo and baloochi . and what were their ages? they were between 11 to 51 years old …. Yes from 11 to 51. and this was doing all over the country. MQM is not so strong and militarized that they could do that, that day they were only watching news and movies like phatoos if they are militarized and strengthened so they could safe Karachiites girls from bastards who were raping them ………. Think this Mr. Sameer You are one sided, I am not defending some one. MQM has done some good work for citizens, but i dont know why someone want to see peace in karachi . Haad Hogai Aab to maaf kardoo yaar sukoon say jinay do

  4. What amazes me is your lack of education in political history (and ofcourse the irony of you commenting on it) and your complete distortion of the facts. While you have rewritten history as you have pleased about mqm, the events and what karachites want, you have at the same time omitted important credentials of Suddle. One that I would in particular mention is of his involvtement in the murder of murtaza bhutto or is that part of the history that you chose to forget?…Your article is a joke, you should join Fox or be a spokesman for the Israeli government. You will fit in well.

  5. It is totally amazing and disgusting that moderators of this web site allow people like Sameer Shaharyar, Ali Yar Khan, Hassan Ishphani to contribute whose only goal is to promote bias, hatred, and disinformation.

    These are known Mohajir/MQM haters and don’t expect any logic or rataionl thought or writing from them. Let them burn in their own hatred.


  7. i do agree with Mr. Eqbal and Mujahid point of view. i just want to ask the people except Karachiites that why you dont accept the majority of Pakistan? why dont u accept the mandit of MQM given by Karachiites? do u think that all Karchiites are dump like Paindo or Marro we are educated people majority of karachiites are more educated then other city of Pakistan. if we are giving them mandit and we know they can solve our problem and in fact they did. since last five years we are living in peace because of MQM. i do accept that there are lots of problem in Karachi but u worry about that why Nawaz Gunja worried about that let us solve our problems. kia London, NY, Sidney, Tokoyo singapore and bankook mai crime nahi hotay…..???????
    u always say about 18may, 9 april and blah blah but u never say a single word about the 10,000 yougester who brutely killed in kaarchi during 19 june to 1998????? why??????
    wake up wake up my punjabi, sindhi, puktoon, and balochi brothers….. please dont let them repeat the history……… raise ur voice show some brotherhood.

    no need to worry about karachi we will solve our problem we dont want Hitler Shoiab Suddle…….. i dont want to see again the dead bodies on my brothers……. my dear u dont know what we have seen in karachi during 90’s……


    Khudda Karachi aur Pakistan ke Hiffazat farmana (Aameen Summa Aameen)

  8. No body is going to repeat history. Its just carrott and stick tactics. You (MQM) is trying to play with PPP and now they have shown their card. You think that your MQM is very sincere to Pakistan. Its nothing like that. MQM owns only those Mahjirs which came to Pakistan after 1950’s. Mahajirs are living all over Pakistan. either its Faisalabad, Lahore, Sialkot, Narowal, Sargodha and all over Punjab. Then why they not supports you dear. There is hard line between you (1950’s later Mahajirs) and those who reached Pakistan exactly after partition. You lost nothing rather you were oppurtunitists at that time also. but Mahajirs of Punjab lost whole whole families while crossing borders. They don’t own you. and Pakistan is not Karachi. Karachi is simply one city. How you can reject majority decision? Why MQM do so many press conferences? just to prove themselves innocent. Whole Pakistan knows that who are real terrorists. Its simply fear that your majority votes to them. MQM do politics on dead bodies. first kills people and then starting owing them and comes on media and flows crocodile tears. Shame on their approach.


  10. Mr. Saleem, please correct your facts, I hope you are not saying that the Muhajir from Punjab migrated before the Muhajir from other states.
    I believe you need to be reminded that most muhajir who migrated did not occupy lands of the indeginious people. It was Muhajir of Punjab who came and conquered the rest of the Pakistan.

    People like Zahoor Ilahi became a feudal loard from a police constable.
    While people like Jinnah left their wealth to dream for a land for Muslim. I am sorry, I have lived in Punjab, I know the culture very well, Unless you guys come out of Garynism, and corruption you cannot help yourself nor Pakistan.
    You are the only people who speak Punjabi when there are others in your mist who can’t understand.

    Let me tell you, the corrupts of Punjab are just lucky they have always found idiots among other ethnic groups to help them destroy their opposition, but they can’t be lucky all the time.

    People like Musharaf , who inspire to become a Punjabi by adopting their thick accent needs to learn a good lesson. Unless you are garyn , you do not count. The stupid guy gave Punjab a free reign to steal billions of dollars, freedom in media, justice. They took all that and still supported their garyn.

    Bhutto supported them to get rid of Bengalies,( the real majority) and he was hanged. Same happened to Benazir. Same will happen to Mushraf and Zardari ,

  11. Altaf Hussain is a convicted criminal. As Ardeshir Cowasjee notes “…Party chief Altaf Hussain, who fled the country and is now in residence in London with a British passport in his pocket. In one case, FIR 211/91 of 24/6/91, filed by Major Kalimuddin in Landhi police station, Altaf Bhai and six others were awarded 27 years RI by the special terrorist court

  12. MQM destroyed 475 vehicles, 20 banks, 102 houses, 95 shops, two telephone exchanges, 20 offices of different political parties, 12 petrol pumps, two factories, four police stations and various government offices during the last 12 years.

  13. The MQM should apologise and admit its crime that billions of rupees were siphoned off in the KESC’s privatisation process during its partnership in the coalition government

  14. Why don’t Altaf comes back to Pakistan?

  15. Initially it was a financial problem, and it was the good people of Jamat-e-Islami who established MQM to fight for the justifed demands of migrants from India. But MQM was soon hijackedb by the agencies and they installed vagabond and taxi driver from Chicago to lead MQM, and then it became terrorist outfit playing in the hand of establishment, and when it became a threat to agencies themselves, a ghastly operation was carried out. But soon establishment needed MQM again and it joined Mush, and now perhaps once again establishment wants to leash MQM.

  16. As a true Pakistani I want to see him for another 10 years as a President of Pakistan. He is taking Pakistan in the right direction. We don’t have many options and for me President Musharraf is the BEST OF THE WORST. We have two choices …if he (Musharraf) goes …..One is Mr. 10% (a corrupt notorious international criminal) and other is Nawaz Shareef urf Lahori Badmash (the stupidest in the history of Pakistan’s stupid leaders)……….Musharraf must stay to save our country from these criminals….We are still optimistic that one day people of Pakistan will choose the right people. In recent 2008 election the elected people are not the true representatives of the people of Pakistan. They WON because they are powerful and belongs to feudal regime. They don’t belong to poor and the middle class families of Pakistan. People of Pakistan should learn! from the past…….they are still voting for PERSONALITIES not for PAKISTAN.

    President Musharraf ………..The Best Option for PAKISTAN

    Mush is the best option available for Pakistan and if we don’t follow him then we will be soon like Afghanistan…….

    Musharraf is not a saint - But when it come to choosing between the lesser of evil and greater of the good, I stand by Musharraf - to take MY COUNTRY into the 21st Century. I give 100% credit to Musharraf for taking the CITIES of Pakistan away from the fundamentalists and fanatics and giving it back to the people. The fanatics can now see his intentions as a clear and present danger to their sick extremist agendas, and are now trying to mobilize the judiciary, mis-guided young people, even businessmen to overthrow Musharraf.

    Sab se Pehlay Pakistan……………..Pakistan Zindabad

    Musharraf’s only crime is that he is the son of Indian Soil………..

  17. He is not targeting anyone……He gave the independence to all …..during his tenure anyone can come to media and say anything against him……but media took this advantage and media became one party. Media represented Nawaz Shareef (the most corrupted man in the history of Pakistan) as a hero. Media should understand its responsibilities.

    Can you imagine such independence which media has now during the time of Zia and Ayub??????….If you remember Mushy is the one who promoted Chaudry Iftikhar but again he misused his power…..

    Where were all these human rights activists, media, judiciary when 15,000 young men was murder in cold blood on the streets of Karachi in 1992. Man I dont want to start here because truth is always bitter….

    Musharaf is taking Pakistan in a right direction atleast….It is not eas! y to change the system in just one go…..He is the best option available for Pakistan

  18. Mr Eqbal:

    I think you must remind your memories and consult history. I’m neither Punjabi Mahajir nor Lucknow Mahajir (MQM majority.) Neither I left India for the love of Pakistan (Punjabi Mahajirs did it) nor I left India because Hindus have grabbed all government positions from us (MQM Mahajirs).

    Its not fight of MQM or else. Its fight with your mantality and attitude. You are eating of Punjab and drinking of Punjab. Then talks like this. Its not us who sit with Pervaiz Elahi. Its corrupt MQM who sat with them. Its MQM who was very much interested to even sit with PPP but they not gave as such lift and now MQM started crying.

    Mr so and so, Try to count down Presidents, Prime Ministers, Army Heads and other and sort out how many were Punjabis. majority were others who damanged whole Pakistan. Karachi is not MQM city. Its one of Pakistan’s city. I understand you people becuase you can’t survive without writing in favour of MQM. Otherwise majority won’t be able to reach home in evening.

    You will never find such risk in other big cities of Pakistan (minus KHI and HYD). Its only your leadership (Iltaf) who always mention only SIND. Then you pretends to be sincere with Pakistan. You came Pakistan becuase your forefathers got news after 3 years of Independence that they can get jobs there so they came KHI. not even a single child died in their journey. Try to read historical books.

    I must appreciate Ayyub Khan vision, who had changed Capital and this way we got rid of MQM from Public service. They tried their levle best by boycotting offices after capital was moved from KHI to ISB but rest of Pakistanis managed all things. Anyway its enough right now. Let them put their views. Ask your Iltaf to come back. why MQM is so afraid that they not even raised voice for returning Iltaf back to Pakistan in their beloved Mushi tenure also. WHats hidden behind it? Rape case with innocent 15 yers girls or murder of innocent Pakisatnis (minus MQM). Why no voice is ever raised? Who is financing his expenditures? Bhatta and Kala Bazari? lot of questions but let me wait for next post.

  19. guys please don’t divide yourself into sects in the name of race, language and religion, it will destroy us all. We are Muslims and Pakistani there is no further identification for us. i have no personal clash with MQM but i m not in favor of MQM as Pakistani because of their vision and their acts. i m not talking about Muhajir i m talking about pakistani . every one came from india for pakistan he is pakistani and no more muhajir now. he should think for pakistan not for one sect or one city. MQM was ruling party in Karachi and they produce 12MAY and 9APR event which killed lot of innocent people. who is responsible simply MQM. events happen also in other part of country but why people of karachi suffer most? recently Dr. sher Afgan event happen in Lahore and Mianwali then why karachi was put into to fire. MQM response is always most voilant. i m not saying that PPPP and PML(N) is good but atleast they never killed innocent people as MQM killed in karachi. MQM is terrorist group they killed people then own them. if they think there r kept deprived they should protest in a peaceful manner and ask for right. stop killing people and please let Karachi be shiny dont put karachi into fire. hey people dont be partial see the facts. if nawaz sharif do wrong say wrong if PPP and ANP do wrong say wrong to them. and if MQM do wrong also say wrong.

    we are not punjabi, sindhi, balochi, pathan and muhajir. we are just muslim and pakistan.
    think like a muslim pakistani and act like a muslim pakistani.
    Lets come and make whole pakistan a peaceful country.

  20. Dear why these guys always abuses on Punjab. Ok tell me, when some body comes from Quetta, Peshawar or Karachi in Punjab…. do we call that guest that he came from balochistan, NWFP or sind. We simply calls…he came from karachi, quetta or Peshawar. Its only Karachi and hyderabad in whole Pakistan where they says their guest from lahore or Rawalpindi…. that he came from Punjab. they never calls city name. They are so narrow mind, we can’t even imagine. Why they differentiate?

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