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Where Dr. Shoaib Suddle was ???

By Dawar Naqvi • May 21st, 2008 • Category: Politics • 6 Comments

In the last few days we were shocked twice by the news that in Karachi burglars were beaten and burnt to death by an angry mob.

May 15th, 2008, a mob brutally beat up and burned three fleeing robbers to death in the congested area of Ranchore Line.

May 18th, 2008, a suspected robber was beaten and burnt to death by an angry mob at the Five Star Roundabout, North Nazimabad, while his accomplice was seriously injured.

On April 2008, Dr. Shoaib Saddle was named as the Sindh Inspector General (IG) Police.

This appointment was strongly refused by the people of urban area of Sindh and some political groups.

Some new ruling political representatives and ministers said many big words about expertise of Dr. Shoaib Saddle.

My question to those is where Dr. Shoaib Suddle was when citizens were forced to take law in their hands to punish robbers.

What were police doing at that time?

Did IG Sindh take any action?

If yes, what procedures were taken?

Is IG Sindh fulfilling his responsibility?

If correct measures were taken after the first incident, the second incident should not have happened.

We need accountability on performance of responsible officials.

As an IG sindh he should take responsibility and withdraw from his current position.

I urged speaker of national and sindh assemblies to allow elected members to discuss those incidents in the assemblies and review the appointment of Dr. Shoaib Suddle as an IG Sindh.

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6 Responses »

  1. ” Where Dr. Shoaib Suddle was ??? ” - A very valid question to ask from PPP leadership who imposed an individual on Karachites who is known for his role in extra-judicial killings in urban Sind.

    Why media is not raising issue about his bias and competence (or lack of)? How come he is not coming down hard on criminal gangs and law breakers in PPP supported areas of Lyari?

  2. Can we ask the question instead, “where was the nazim Karachi when this was happening?” Oh sorry one should not ask this question as one already knows he was busy sending those burglers in the first place.
    And that “some political parties” was MQM who know they can not continue on their looting spree with an officer like him incharge.
    MQM propaganda gets it nowhere my friend. You are trying in vain.
    Pakistanis remember 12th May 2007 when MQM massacred 45 individuals in Karachi.
    Oh we again know the answer. the then IG sindh was busy safeguarding the MQM killers from the law!
    Shame on you

  3. Where were the IG Sindh and Home Minister, both MQM hand picked men on 12th May and 28th December? The present case is an example of people venting their anger against injustice, lawlessness. I do not say that this is the right way but I think this is just the beginning, if things continue like this the day is not far when mobile snatchers would be burnt and eventually those who have plundered our national wealth. Its high time for all the state machinery to start working efficiently for the masses and not the rulers.

  4. It has nothing to do with 12th of may.
    Read this will open your eyes.

    This is a dicrimination agianst Mohajir (urdu speaking).
    IG sind from Punjab, IG Karachi is from NWFP, 89 perent of SHO’s are from Punjab, Chairmain of KWSB is the MPA from Larkana , he is Sindhi, KWSB instead for Karachi Water and Severage board, no urdu speaking player in cricket team regardless of good performance by players from Karachi, MQM is the result of this dicrimination. These all facts will make MQM more popular (inshallah)

  5. Mr, ABC ,
    I always wonder why we used ABC term in America?

    Today after reading your comment I understand clearly. thanks

    You know what is mean by ABC in USA?
    “American Born Confuse”

    Karachi Nazim has nothing to do with police under Shoaib Suddle, Mr Khattak , Qaim Ali Shah etc becasue he can not speak Punjabi, Pushtoo or Sindhi

  6. Well the IG SINDH was one a visit to Hyderabad that day. So, I guess thats the answer to your question.

    Apart from that lets be pretty frank, these incidents are suppossed to make us, the nation, in general too let alone the LEA’s go on war footings with the crimes and the unstability in this counrty, the lack of social justice that exists.

    And why is that?????? It is because the actions of those people who burned the burgulars reflected the distrust on the LEA’s and the distrust upon the justice system of the counrty. That is why the people in the street took it upon themselves to seek Justice among themselves.

    A man appointed just a couple of months back cannot revert the history that has been written for last 15 or so years. With the crime rate rising and the Judical case solving rate decreasing as ever.

    It takes time to being in a change. Let us give him that time.

    Also one should keep in mind that police had reached the spot in time. It was just that people were so volatile that they could not intervene for had they done so the situation would have turned far more ugly with more bodies going home. It is a change from the past when police used to reach the spot after two or three hours.

    One should keep the political affiliation apart when analyzing such an issue for it is a turning point for this nation. This incident indicates that if things donot change in next few months the straw would certainly break the camel’s back and the images of bodies being lynched may become a common scene.

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