Where Dr. Shoaib Suddle was ???

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In the last few days we were shocked twice by the news that in Karachi burglars were beaten and burnt to death by an angry mob.

May 15th, 2008, a mob brutally beat up and burned three fleeing robbers to death in the congested area of Ranchore Line.

May 18th, 2008, a suspected robber was beaten and burnt to death by an angry mob at the Five Star Roundabout, North Nazimabad, while his accomplice was seriously injured.

On April 2008, Dr. Shoaib Saddle was named as the Sindh Inspector General (IG) Police.

This appointment was strongly refused by the people of urban area of Sindh and some political groups.

Some new ruling political representatives and ministers said many big words about expertise of Dr. Shoaib Saddle.

My question to those is where Dr. Shoaib Suddle was when citizens were forced to take law in their hands to punish robbers.

What were police doing at that time?

Did IG Sindh take any action?

If yes, what procedures were taken?

Is IG Sindh fulfilling his responsibility?

If correct measures were taken after the first incident, the second incident should not have happened.

We need accountability on performance of responsible officials.

As an IG sindh he should take responsibility and withdraw from his current position.

I urged speaker of national and sindh assemblies to allow elected members to discuss those incidents in the assemblies and review the appointment of Dr. Shoaib Suddle as an IG Sindh.

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