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When Imran Berates Others, His Followers Start Calling Names

By Rohail Butt • Apr 24th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 2 Comments

You may differ from the politics or personality of Nawaz Sharif you cannot say that he denigrates the opposing political leadership of any party in the country. He never uses abusive or slamming wordings like Imran Khan does. He never even retaliates in the same fashion. Imran Khan is setting a very bad precedence in our political environment.

Imran Khan, who is extremely popular in the social media, courtesy to the ghost accounts originating from a certain area in Karachi, bad-mouths Nawaz Sharif on daily basis. As soon as he says bad words and things about the chief of PML-N, the keyboard soldiers of PTI on Twitter and Facebook take the queue and cross all the limits and say what cannot be written here.

Just see what happened yesterday.

Imran Khan: ” Nawaz Sharif is a little coward. He always lost in Cricket, and couldn’t face me in the open debate.”

Pervaiz Rasheed of PML-N:” Imran Khan should first learn some manners and respect.”

You see there was no tit-for-tat abusive response from the Nawaz Sharif as always. Actually this shows the inferiority complex of Imran Khan, who spits on the moon to equate himself to the moon, but ends up having his own face distorted. Imran talks about youth, but look what he is teaching to the youth.

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  1. Dear, IK do not bad mouth about anyone but speaks the truth. You may be a true follower of NS but the fact that I agree to what Rohail Butt is referring to and would have added a lot more things but I will let you figure those out. Both brothers have been squeezing blood from Pakistan’s veins just to benefit either themselves and their foreign accounts, or their fellows. IK called him coward because NS rejected his open debate, many times. This is what cowards do. I am not a great fan of IK either but we have given everyone chances and they have done nothing but damage to the people and country. NS speaks a lot about Zardari being this and that but the fact is that NS has been a true friend to him by walking out of parliament whenever PPP would bring something up against the people of Pakistan. He has been sitting in PPP’s lap for 5 years and would his party resigned back in 2009, we could have escaped PPP’s bloody reign. NS chose not to protest and instead bargained PPP for next term to be PMLN’s turn and this is obvious from the campaign PPP is running, wait are they even running any? Come out of the Cocoon (Well said by Rohail).

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