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What Taliban Did With School Girls After Kidnapping ?

By Haris Hashmi • Aug 26th, 2009 • Category: Politics • 38 Comments

Security forces have arrested a terrorist from Swat who has revealed that Taliban used to keep vigil on the girls students who wen to thier schools and colleges in day time, and then they attacked thier homes at night and kidnapped them. He told the security forces that after kidnapping, they handed over these girls to the Taliban leaders, who transfered them over to the mountains.

How many girls were kidnapped? Where are they now? Are they alive? Have they been smuggled to Waziristan or to Afghanistan or to other locations? It could be that Taliban transfered them to mountains, married them (of course forcibly), then when they were killed, these girls would be re-married to some other Talib and so on. The question is where these girls are right now?

The closed and ultra conservative society of Pushtoons will never allow the residents of Swat to disclose the fact that their girls have been kidnapped and never returned. This is yet another crime of these barbarians.

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  1. These talibans r not muslims.These r bad mans and non.Muslims. These r able to b hang till death

  2. Nazia,
    Sorry to say that your thoughts are against our own brave Pakistani Army, shame to you if you have a human blood what to speak about muslim or Pakistani.
    You have added a false and baseless story abusing Pakistani army sheltering the stanic evil taliban.
    Yes taliban are following the footsteps of their real trainers, yes, yes, yes, their real trainers were and are Muawia & Co. for the last 1400 years.
    HRC is not a muslim institution, it is working for the interests against the islamic or our causes.
    Your advice to bury the girl child is also non islamic, it would be rather beter for your parents to bury you having these evil thoughts, even now alongwith your old and ailing mind.

  3. @4 mr shame on you
    you are forgetting that our ex COAS in public declared in NY that Pakistani women want to be rape or declare raped to get foreign citizen ship.If you dont believe on HRC then his this statement is in record.I was in foreign land when he declared this in front of NY press and how people argued with us is very lengthy story as rape of our lady doctor by army captain was also hot news these days.
    This report was also published in international papers and even then Pakistani embassies didn’t take any action against such newspapers.Surely ISPR made cosmetic statement and all had been silent after one press statement.
    Whatever our army did to poor women of swat and how brutally they were harassed by talibans are obvious to all locals.Both almost treat them as discarded or worhtless entity of our land.
    So there is no need of rhetorics and emotional dialogs just see and hear the realties and true stories of our women folk of war areas.

  4. Nazia
    Your comments don’t relate the realities, I have added at Sr. No. 1 and 4. To the point arguments and discussions are warmly welcomed to find a decisive solution of any question or problem.
    I will happily reply your further comments, regarding Sr. No.1.

  5. nazia,
    you have a massive writing power, but i am deeply sorry to say that you are using this in a negative manner. In my last comments, I stated that *The history of Taliban shows that they were 1stly heard and involved in the killing of 3rd Khalif Hazrat Usman in association and with hidden cooperation of Muawia, to get the total hold of the 1st ISLAMIC RIASAT/ STATE. After murder of Hazrat Usman(the 3rd Khalif) they spread terrorism in the muslims, in the name of QASAS-a-USMAN and nifaz SHARIAT and murdered Hazrat Ali, Imam Hassan, Imam Hussain, Hazrat Aysha Siddiqua, Hazrat Khawaja Awais Qarni, Hazrat Adi Bin Hatam, Hazrat Muhammed ibn Abu Bakr(the son of 1st Khalif), Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari, Hazrat Ammar Yasir and many countless Sahaba Karaam. They done every thing what so ever which could be done by them for their own non-islamic interests. So, they are repeating their acts in Pakistan according to their own SHARIAT, which has no link with ALLAH, PROPHET MUHAMMED(pbuh), HIS PERSONS, QURAN and SAHABA KARAAM.* But you simply finished this saying * I am not in mood of justifying who was right and wrong*. Which shows that your heart has sympathies with the people of this kind even after the murders of the above said pious sahaba karaam and HOLLY FAMILY of RASOOL(pbuh). Shia, sunni is not a matter to be judged by a human having an average stage of poor ISLAMIC history, but we can easily judge only the difference between the 73 sects of ISLAM. Among them only one is jannati and all others will go in jahannam, as every day announced by moulvees and paid mullas. PLEASE check and note that except shias all other sects including ahmadai, their KALMA their AAZAAN, their PRAYER, their related sahaba and all other religious matters have no difference. Shia KALMA, AAZAN, PRAYER and SAHABA KARAAM(faithful with RASOOL(pbuh) are different.
    Please use your writing power in the favour of RASOOL(pbuh), HIS PERSONS and SAHABA KARAAM not for the enemies of GOD, PROPHET(pbuh) HIS PERSONS and faithful SAHABA, because the current issues are linked with the acts played centuries ago.

  6. Mr AHMED
    Dont be sorry on my negative manner as it is your just personal observation who himself is trying to instigate me to raise the conflict of shia sunni in this discussion,
    our historians made different statement on the death of these Islamic icons and focusing on one author will ignite many past grudges so I am trying to avoid it.
    lets see as in Hazrat usman case
    According to many historians and proved facts.. those rebels who attached haZrat Usman AS were the companions of Abdullah bin Saba, the Jewish convert who then formed the sect of Shiaism..
    Same in the case of hazrat fatima as and hazrat ayesh as so what is your basic purpose to take the discussion is beyond my range .You look favoring the stance of shiaism against muwiays who all time created fuss in selection of holy Prophet companions for caliphate. so your matching of talibans who are all time shia killers in our state could have shown your anger on typical wahbi group but I have my differnt point of view on creation of talibans. I already explained my views on creation of talibans and extremist forces in our circles. I can only add a bit in it that for alst 50 years saudis were predominately involved in arm and money supply toward area where these extremist were growing due to negligence of state or some other reason.They earned this money from pilgrimage expenses and the4n transferred it to spread anarchy in the name of Islam so you can find family tree of present saudi rulers and muwiays for satisfying your grown anger.I am still on my words that whole taliban breed is an ignorant group and know nothig about islam and its teaching.

  7. nazia
    respected lady
    I am totally agreed with you, regarding the last para of your comments.
    Other issues will create more differences as no one is ready to accept THE TRUTH. All the muslims other than shias, feel no difference between THE PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh) and the persons of abu sufian and no difference between THE PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh) who sacrificerd their lives in the name of ALLAH & ISLAM and the persons who always fought against ALLAH, PROPHET MUHAMMED(pbuh) and ISLAM. Will it be acceptable by GOD ?.

  8. You are again raising such issues that will be called clear demarcation between shia and other major sects of Islam.
    Shia version is divided muslim community in 4 chambers which to some extent are seconded by Sunnis.

    The first category includes the good Companions who knew Allah and His Messenger truly well, and they acclaimed Holy Prophet to the last moments of their lives. They were truly his friends by words and deeds, and they never abandoned him(not even in Battle), but rather stood their ground with him. This group of Companions are mentioned by the Shia with reverence and respect and Sunnis also show the same reverence and respect.

    The second category were the Companions who embraced Islam and followed the Messenger of Allah (saw) either through choice or through fear, and they always showed their gratitude to the Messenger of Allah for their Islam. However, they hurt the Messenger of Allah on a few occasions, and did not always follow his orders, in fact they often challenged him and confront the clear text with their points of view, until Allah, through the Holy Qur’an, intervened by rebuking them or threatening them. . The Shia mention this group of Companions only because of their deeds, and without respect or reverence.

    The third type of Companions were the hypocrites who accompanied the Messenger of Allah to deceive him. They pretended to be Muslims but they were bent on blasphemy and on deceiving Islam and the Muslims as a whole.. The Shia and the Sunnis agree in cursing this group of Companions and have nothing to do with them.

    There was a special group of Companions who distinguished themselves from the others by being relatives of the Prophet (saw), in addition to having possessed ethical and spiritual virtues and personal distinctions from Allah and His Messenger( that no one else was honored with. These were Ahl-al-Bayt (the Prophet’s Family) whom Allah( cleansed and purified. He made it obligatory for us to pay them one fifth of our income (Khums), and that every Muslim must love them as a reward for the Muhammadan Message. They are our leaders and we must obey them; and they are people firmly rooted in knowledge who know the interpretation of the Holy Qur’an and they know the decisive verses of it, as well as those verses which are allegorical.

    Si in my opinion the 4th category of msulims some how showed their superiority on other muslim community and that had led us towardmore deadly wars and bloodshed adn ultmately prodcued a new sect o muslims mostly tending to avoid quarrels and murders on the name of relgion.So you see new and modern sects of Islam are very peace loving and liberal as compare to its orginal form

    One thing remember we are not even equal to God who has indispensable power of providing justice.
    Have you seen around us that our love ones, close relatives and blood relation do lots of wrong thing even do crime but we cant leave them and tried our best to protect them from state law or try to help them to get out of sinful life We cant leave them as we all are humans and follow this rule to live like a community and in harmony.
    It is only Allah who is decisive who is right and wrong and who will be punished and forgiven while coming to him.
    We have to follow that wrong and deadly history shouldn’t be repeated which only divided Muslims and did nothing good in their favour.
    Those religion who follow this rule and learn from their mistakes are now dominating on Islam, just because of their passiveness and we also try to adopt this rather than going to late past and linking it to dirty design of war by war lords on the name of religion.

  9. .@13
    The earliest historian Tabri has sketched out the details in these words,

    “Abdullah bin Saba was a Jew and lived in Sana. His mother was called Sauda. He embraced Islam during the period of Hadhrat Uthman. he roamed through the Muslim cities and tried to seduce the Muslims from the straight path. He launched his diabolical campaign from Hijaz and then visited Basra, Kufa and Syria. None of the Syrians cooperated with him. On the contrary, they drove him out of Syria. Thus he moved over to Egypt and settled down there permanently. He started drumming into

    Jew of Yemen, Arabia, of the seventh century, who settled in Medina and embraced Islam. Having adversely criticized Calif Othman’s administration, he was banished from the town. Thence he went to Egypt, where he founded an antiothmanian sect, to promote the interests of Ali. On account of his learning he the minds of the Egyptians that it was strange they believed in the return of Christ and denied the return of Hadhrat Muhammad [peace be upon him]. God himself had declared. Therefore he has a better claim to return to the world in comparison with Christ. He fabricated the concept of the ‘return’ or resurrection and the Egyptians turned in into a hot debating issue.”
    “Saudan bin Hamran and Kinana bin Basher supported the campaign launched by Abdullah bin Saba. They had also persuaded Ammar not to return to Madina. Ammar was one of those people who had openly lambasted Hadhrat Uthman (may Allah have mercy on him) for first turning Hadhrat Abu Zar (may Allah have mercy on him) out of Syria into Madina and then for pushing him out of Madina towards Abzah, though, under the circumstances, the action of Hadhrat Uthman was justified. Hadhrat Abu Zar (may Allah have mercy on him), out of the intensity of his piety and austerity, used to force people to lead their lives on similar lines and to learn to face the hardships of life. He persuaded people to stock for themselves not more than a day’s ration. He also illustrate ed with reasoning the undesirability of hoarding gold and silver. Ibn Saba used to instigate Hadhrat Abu Zar (may Allah have mercy on him) against Hadhrat Muawiyah by stressing that he supported the distribution of goods among the people. Hadhrat Abu Zar (may Allah have mercy on him) started condemning Hadhrat Muawiyah (may Allah have mercy on him).
    REF 2
    By : Hartwig Hirschfeld

    Jew of Yemen, Arabia, of the seventh century, who settled in Medina and embraced Islam. Having adversely criticized Calif Othman’s administration, he was banished from the town. Thence he went to Egypt, where he founded an antiothmanian sect, to promote the interests of Ali. On account of his learning he obtained great influence there, and formulated the doctrine that, just as every prophet had an assistant who afterward succeeded him, Mohammed’s vizier was Ali, who had therefore been kept out of the califate by deceit. Othman had no legal claim whatever to the califate; and the general dissatisfaction with his government greatly contributed to the spread of Abdallah’s teachings. Tradition relates that when Ali had assumed power, Abdallah ascribed divine honors to him by addressing him with the words, “Thou art Thou!” Thereupon Ali banished him to Madain. After Ali’s assassination Abdallah is said to have taught that Ali was not dead but alive, and had never been killed; that a part of the Deity was hidden in him; and that after a certain time he would return to fill the earth with justice. Till then the divine character of Ali was to remain hidden in the imams, who temporarily filled his place. It is easy to see that the whole idea rests on that of the Messiah in combination with the legend of Elijah the prophet. The attribution of divine honors to Ali was probably but a later development, and was fostered by the circumstance that in the Koran Allah is often styled “Al-Ali”

    On other hand, many respected Shi’a scholars have agreed that Abdullah Ibn Saba’ existed. Abu Muhammad al-Hasan bin Musa al-Nubakhti wrote:

    ‘Abdullah bin Saba’, was one of those who slandered Abu Bakr, Omar, Othman and the Companions and disowned them. He claimed that it was Ali who enjoined this on him. Ali arrested him, and upon interrogation, admitted to the charge, and (Ali) ordered him to be executed. The People cried ‘O Chief of Believers ! Do you execute a man calling to your love, Ahlul-Bayt, to your allegiance, and disowning your enemies?’ He (Ali) then exiled him to al-Mada’in (Capital of Iran back then). Some of the knowledgeable companions of Ali [as] narrated that Abdullah bin Saba’ was a Jew who embraced Islam and sided with Ali. That he was of the opinion, at the time when he was a Jew, claiming that Yousha’ bin Noon is after Moses. After his submission to Islam, after the demise of the Prophet, he claimed the same for Ali. He was the first to publicly mandate the Imamah of Ali, disowning his enemies, and debated his opposers. From thence, those who oppose Shi’ism say: The origin of Shi’ism is rooted in Judaism. When Abdullah bin Saba’ heard of the demise of Ali while in (his exile at) al-Mada’in, he said to the announcer of the news: ‘You are a liar, if you are to bring his head in seventy bags, and brought seventy witnesses testifying to his death, we’ll insist that he did not die nor murdered, and (he) shall not die till he rules the globe.
    REF 4
    According to Sunni historical references, ibn Saba enticed the Muslims to kill ‘Uthman. He also made mischief in the armies of ‘Alī and his opponents in the battle of Camel, forcing the battle to start, although both parties did not want it.

    As mentioned above, ibn Saba’ is thus considered by some Sunni writers as the originator of Shī‘ī Islam itself, although on account of his extremism this is considered by Shi’a Muslims as a baseless accusation. The Apostle Paul and ‘Abdallah ibn Saba’ have been said to be “Jewish agents” who infiltrated Christianity and Islam to destroy them from within.

    REF 5
    Shi’a view

    Lots of shia scholars told stories about Ibn Saba, for example, Al-Nawbakhty, 3rd Hijri century Shi’a scholar, narrated:

    a Sabaism are the first to calims of Ali’s Imamah, and they said it’s from Allah. they are the companions of Abdullah Ibn Saba wich was the first to rejects Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Sahaba. and Ibn Saba calimed that he had been ordered that from Ali. so, Ali asked him about it and he confessed. then Ali ordered the execution of Ibn Saba.
    —Al-Nawbakhty, [14]

    So I have gathered lot of references from different historians who belongs to different religion and sects and not only linked with Abdullah Ibn-e-Saba and ‘Saif ibn-e-Umar Al-Tamimi’,
    This is enough or I waste my more time on dark and lost history for instigating others on touchY issues.
    Your tone clearly reveals that you are our ideal factor of our weak system that can generate religious riots on as and where basis.
    So keep on doing your job but dont make experiments on me again as I have full capability to back fire you as and where basis.
    I hope you know it very well.

  10. MR Ali
    Now you again trying to revoke other on unpractical and worthless issues but as you are use to of such habits so no one can stop you but one can easily revert you as per her capacity

    You said: So you see new and modern sects of Islam are very peace loving and liberal as compare to its original form

    LOL .. I could just laugh at you naivety. That’s all I could do.
    When you finish you laughing spell then consider it as an independent opinion based on my personal observation.But this opinion is not strong enough that I would change my originality in my “college life”
    I met people belong to ahmedi, Isamili , bahai like sects and I felt that they were created to avoid the aggressive culture of Arabs which were very dominant in shia sunni sects .Like chooping of hands, fllowing the dynasty of graves and family rule, to whine and created scenes what had hapened 1400 years back etc.
    Same Sufism in sub continent is also new form of spreading Islam and strongly linked with real culture of sub continent.have you ever heard a sufi who promoted Arab culture in our side in name of Islam.They only took the principles of forgiveness, equality, patience and brother hood and preached islam on this basis.
    So I think this is enpugh for your mocking attitude on religious matters and one thing more what ever you told about the killing of Hazrat usman was pure shia point of view and you have no courage to see the comprehensive aspects of such controversial murders,
    That is why people like you tried to link the talibans with bones of muwiayhs which was absolutely wrong as talibans were produced and funded by those people who are said to be modern, updated and enjoy liberal culture in all parts of world and let people like you to grow and spread hatred in different parts of world on the basis of dark history.

  11. nazia
    This time I have come to know that you are against the PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh) as you have prooved it by not using any honour with the name of IMAM ALI, you may check your comments.
    I am not wasting your or my precious time. I don’t believe your false masonery, copied from baseless sources. If Abdullah ibn saba was the 1st person who took his hand in the favour of IMAM ALI, than I silute him and give the honour too more than the munafiq sahabas( asshab-un-naar). Now read it carefully, it is only to show you the difference between IMAM ALI and others.

    Imam Ali (A.S.)

    His Last Will and Testament.
    Imam Ali’s (AS) last will to his sons Imam Hasan (AS) and Imam Hussain (AS) following a fatal blow on his head during morning prayers by Ibn Muljim (A Killer hired by muawia & Co:)
    My advice to you is to be conscious of Allah and steadfast in your religion. Do not yearn for the world, and do not be seduced by it. Do not resent anything you have missed in it. Proclaim the truth; work for the next world. Oppose the oppressor and support the oppressed.
    I advise you, and all my children, my relatives, and whosoever receives this message, to be conscious of Allah, to remove your differences, and to strengthen your ties. I heard your grandfather, peace be upon him, say: “Reconciliation of your differences is more worthy than all prayers and all fasting.”
    Fear Allah in matters concerning orphans. Attend to their nutrition and do not forget their interests in the middle of yours.
    Fear Allah in your relations with your neighbors. Your Prophet often recommended them to you, so much so that we thought he would give them a share in inheritance.
    Remain attached to the Quran. Nobody should surpass you in being intent on it, or more sincere in implementing it.
    Fear Allah in relation to your prayers. It is the pillar of your religion.
    Fear Allah in relation to His House; do not abandon it as long as you live. If you should do that you would abandon your dignity.
    Persist in jihad in the cause of Allah, with your money, your souls, and your tongue.
    Maintain communication and exchange of opinion among yourselves. Beware of disunity and enmity. Do not desist from promoting good deeds and cautioning against bad ones. Should you do that, the worst among you would be your leaders, and you will call upon Allah without response.
    O Children of Abdul Muttalib! Do not shed the blood of Muslims under the banner: The Imam has been assassinated! Only the assassin should be condemned to death.
    If I die of this stroke of his, kill him with one similar stroke. Do not mutilate him! I have heard the Prophet, peace be upon him, say: “Mutilate not even a rabid dog.”
    Source: Nahjul Balagha In the 40th year of Hijri, in the early hours of the morning of 19th Ramadhan, Imam Ali (AS) was struck with a poisoned sword by the Kharijite Ibn Muljim (may the curse of Allah be upon him) while leading prayers in the Masjid of Kufa. He was martyred on the 21st day of Ramadhan 40 A.H. and buried in Najaf-ul-Ashraf. He was born in the House of Allah, the Ka’ba, and martyred in the House of Allah, Masjid-e-Kufa. The Lion of Allah, the most brave and gentle Muslim after the Holy Prophet (pbuh&hf) himself, began his glorious life with devotion to Allah and His Messenger, and ended it in the service of Islam.
    “And do not speak of those who are slain in the the Way of Allah as dead; nay, they are alive, but you perceive not.” Qur’an 2:154

    Knowledge and Ignorance In reply to some one who posed Imam Ali (as) a difficult question, Imam Ali (as) said : ‘Ask in order to understand, and do not ask in order to find fault, for surely the ignorant man who wants to learn resembles a man of knowledge, and surely a man of knowledge who wants to be difficult resembles an ignorant man who wants to find fault. ‘

    The Station of the men of Knowledge The man of knowledge is the one who recognizes that what is known is very little compared to what is not known, and as a result he considers himself ignorant, and accordingly he increases his efforts to know more by going out in search of knowledge.

    The Purity and the Nobility of Knowledge Do not talk about knowledge with the foolish so that they deny you, nor with the ignorant so that they find you oppressive, but talk about it with those of its people whom you meet who will accept it and understand it.

    Knowledge and Acting on it. O you who carry knowledge around with you; are you only carrying it around with you ? For surely knowledge belongs to who ever knows and then acts accordingly, so that his
    action corresponds to his knowledge. There will be a people who will carry knowledge around with them, but it will not pass beyond their shoulders. Their inner most thoughts will contradict what they display in public, and their actions will contradict what they know.

    The purity and nobility of knowledge When a dead person is placed in his grave, four kinds of fire will cover him, but then the prayer will come and put one of them out, and the fast will come and put another one of them out, and then charity will come and put another one out, and knowledge will come and put the forth one out, and it will say : ‘If I had come sooner, I would a have put all of them out, and given you delight for I am with you now, and you’ll not see anything else distressing.

    On the Heart I am amazed at the heart of man: It possesses the substance of wisdom as well as the opposites contrary to it … for if hope arises in it, it is brought low by covetousness: and if covetousness is aroused in it, greed destroys it. If despair possesses it, self piety kills it: and if it is seized by anger, this is intensified by rage. If it is blessed with contentment, then it forgets to be careful; and if it is filled with fear, then it becomes preoccupied with being cautious. If it feels secure , then it is overcome by vain hopes; and if it is given wealth, then its independence makes it extravagant. If want strikes it, then it is smitten by anxiety. If it is weakened by hunger, then it gives way to exhaustion; and if it goes too far in satisfying its appetites, then its inner becomes clogged up. So all its shortcomings are harmful to it, and all its excesses corrupt it.
    There are four things that make the heart die: wrong action followed by wrong action, playing around with foolish people, spending a lot of time with women, and sitting with the dead. Then they asked Imam Ali: ‘And who are the dead, O Commander of the believers?’ He replied: ‘Every slave who follows his desires.’
    Surely want is a trial, and having sickness of the body is more difficult to bear than indigence, and having a sickness of the heart is more difficult to bear than having a sickness of the body. Surely being very wealthy is a blessing, and having a healthy body is better than being very wealthy, and having awe of Allah in your heart is better than having a healthy body.
    Surely hearts have desires, and they turn towards, and they turn away … so approach them by means of what they desire and what they turn towards, for surely if the heart is forced to do some thing against its will, it goes blind.

    On Intellect A person’s intellect becomes apparent through his dealings, and a man’s character is known by the way he exercises authority. The intellect is a king and characteristics are its subjects, so if it is weak in governing them, disorder takes place.
    The intellect is better than desire, for the intellect makes you a king over your destiny, and desire makes you a slave of your destiny.
    The intellect is a natural disposition which learns from experience.
    The intellect is what arrives at what is correct through reasoning, and recognizes what has not yet happened through what has already taken place. Use your intellect to understand something when you hear about the intellect that examines, that is, and not just the intellect that repeats what it hears, for surely there are many who repeat the knowledge that they hear, and there are few who examine it.
    The one who has an intellect longs to be like the righteous people so that he can be of one of them, and he loves them so that he can be united with them in his love, even if he falls short in emulating their actions.
    The one who has an intellect does not openly display it except in one of two situations: when he is furthest away from seeking something in the world, and when he is furthest away from abandoning it.
    Surely hated adversity has final objectives in which it will inevitably end, so the one who has an intellect should try to sleep over it until this happens, for surely any attempt to stop it before it has come to an end will only intensify that hated diversity even more.
    The first opinion of the person of intellect is the last opinion of an ignorant person.
    The one who has an intellect finds harshness of life amongst persons of intellect more agreeable than a life of ease amongst the foolish.

    The Station of men of Knowledge Know that the slaves of Allah are those who seek to preserve knowledge of Him, safeguarding what safeguards it, and lettings its springs flow freely. They are united by friendship, and they meet with love, and they drink from the cup that quenches their thirst, and they go on with their thirst satisfied. They are not troubled by doubt, and they are not quick to backbite. It is on this basis that their natural disposition and character rest, and on this is based their love, and by this they are united. They are like seeds that have been assessed and selected, some to be kept and some to be thrown away, identified through purification, and refined through clarification.

    This World and the Next Imam Ali (as) wrote to Salman al Farsi (ra) : To continue, surely, the likeness of this world is that of a snake: it is soft to touch, and deadly poisonous. The ignorant child is distracted by it, and the one with understanding and intellect is cautious of it. So turn away from what fascinates you in it, for how little of it stays with you.
    The Life Transaction ( Religion ) of Islam I am making a connection which no one has made before me: Islam is submission, and submission is certainty, and certainty is the affirmation of the truth, and affirmation of the truth is acknowledgement, and acknowledgement is performance of what is obligatory, and performance of what is obligatory is appropriate action

  12. Look guys this place is for blogging not for giving speeches. If your desire is to throw up so much information then why not write a book? I really tired of middle aged (just a guess) people with their bundle of knowledge being thrown around like its a walk in a park. First of all get your information from a credible source, not from Baluchistan Liberation Front activist Munir Mengal. Who is a bitter enemy of the armed forces and ofcourse Musharraff.

  13. @ Nazia

    I’ve read more books on religion than the days that u’ve spent on earth …. So … Had you read my post …I had already mentioned that this person was reported first by Tabri, who lived in 4th Century A.H. I hate talking to medieval minded ignorants. Do some reading..for your own good self. Abdullah Ibn-e-Saba is a myth.

    And for Usman’s murder, the view I gave was sunni view, from the most authentic sunni source of seerat. I told you, it is easy to talk to people who know, but when confronted with an ignorant. No Chance!

    And to Pir Ali Raza
    You better get your information from people better than ISI lackeys like Hamid Mir, Mubashir Luqman, Javaid Chaudhray, Shahid Masood, Haroon Rashid, Safdar Mehmood and the ilk …

  14. @nazia

    I sending you a link to an article. Read it and verify its sources. For your own good self. I wont be bothered a bit.

    I am hoping against hope that you’ll read it at least once. Do so, and do not forget to verify the sources referred to here.

  15. Mr Ahmed
    you say
    This time I have come to know that you are against the PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh) as you have proved it by not using any honour with the name of IMAM ALI,
    This is the reason that I avoid religious discussion as people immediately conclude on others on the basis of their extreme association. I will not justify my any mistakes as Allah knows my intention better than you .When you have nothing to say you start cursing on others by using power of relgion.
    I consider this act highly disgust able and condemnable .
    How easily you discarded the reference of some popular historians.these are not my distant uncles whom I looking for any favour but for your time passing I am giving you their introductions.
    Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (838-923 أبو جعفر محمد بن جرير الطبري) was one of the earliest, most prominent and famous Persian[1][2][3][4][5] historian and exegete of the Qur’an,who wrote exclusively in Arabic ,[2][6] most famous for his Tarikh al-Tabari (History of the Prophets and Kings) and Tafsir al-Tabari.

    Hartwig Hirschfeld
    English Orientalist; born at Thorn, Prussia. He studied at Posen, at the universities of Berlin and Strasburg, and at Paris under Derenbourg. In 1887 he edited Judah ha-Levi’s “Cuzari” in Arabic and Hebrew, and translated it into German. Hirschfeld was professor of Biblical exegesis, Semitic languages, and philosophy at the Montefiore College, Ramsgate, England, from 1889 to 1896, and then became master in Semitic languages and sublibrarian at Jews’ College, London, which position he still (1903) occupies. He has written many articles on Arabic and Jewish subjects in the “Revue des Etudes Juives,” “Jewish Quarterly Review,” “Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society,” and other publications. The Asiatic society published his “New Researches into the Composition and Exegesis of the Koran,” 1901. In 1892 he published an “Arabic Chrestomathy in Hebrew Characters.” Hirschfeld is also the author of a “Descriptive Catalogue of the Hebrew Manuscripts of Jews’ College Library,” which appeared in the “Jewish Quarterly Review,” 1902-03.

    l-Nawbakhty (Arabic: أبي محمد الحسن بن موسى النوبختي‎) Abi Mohammed Al-Hasan Ibm Mousa Al-Nawbakhty. was a Shia Muslim scholar, lived in the 3rd Hijri century .
    Now about hazrat Ali Teachings
    we are reading his saying since our school life and still reading his golden quotes on front pages of our news papar.he is as respectable and honorable to us as we have for other caliphs and nearest mate of Holy Prophet.He was surely an important man in His life and that’s why he was selected for
    Hazrat FATIMA.
    We need no more depth for respecting him and has no doubt about him.

  16. nazia
    In my previous comments I wrote that
    **This time I have come to know that you are against the PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh) as you have prooved it by not using any honour with the name of IMAM ALI.**, because you have not added any words of honour to be used for THE PERSONS OF MUHAMMED (pbuh), (R.A),(R.U), (K.W) or (IMAM ALI).
    You also commented **.When you have nothing to say you start cursing on others by using power of relgion.**. Respected nazia, every one in this world is extremist/fundamentalist including you and me,(if there is firm grip of your own religion or sect) because without foundations you cannot build a strong building, so what about religioin should be ?, specially when PROPHET MUHAMMED(pbuh) or HIS PERSONS are being discussed. nazia, I have not so much time to waste, but the discussions with the people like you must give some result(what so ever), because common people have not enough common knowledge regarding their own sect/religion.
    It is crystal clear( by QURAN ) that PROPHET MUHAMMED(pbuh) and HIS PERSONS are the most superior PERSONS to GOD (and for us if IN GOD WE TRUST), that we are not authorised to compare THEM with the people whose where abouts are unknown. There is no god except ALLAH, there is no prophet equal to HAZRAT MUHAMMED(pbuh), there is no holly book equal to QURAN so there is no FAMILY equal to THE PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh). The books which are disgracing the PROPHET MUHAMMED(pbuh) or HIS PERSONS are false and true lies.

  17. mr Ahmed says
    In my previous comments I wrote that
    **This time I have come to know that you are against the PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh) as you have proved it by not using any honour with the name of IMAM ALI.**, because you have not added any words of honour to be used for THE PERSONS OF MUHAMMED (pbuh), (R.A),(R.U), (K.W) or (IMAM ALI).
    So this is your focus of all discussions,Is it start of your religious beliefs or here is end of your religion.
    I call these things near to extremism as Islam where people start conflicting on minor issues and giving fatwas for others that they are against the persons of Prophet.
    That is what talibans are doing there they have fed with some basic principles of Islam and then guns have been given to them to impose these principles on community.
    You are here doing same thing as denying all what is found in the writings of historians of their times and trying to impose your concept only using the power of internet.
    What ever your last lines say it is read since we start our early education but as we grow older we go above these facts and see beyond and should try to emphasis on principles of Islam with new innovation in our culture.
    This is called liberalism and modernization.
    Like I give you an example in my family there is case when a man divorced her wife in front of public and then after 3 months try to remarriage with his ex wife.The local scholar gave them option of first marraige of woman with another man and then again her husband would divorce her and after this aidat period she can remarry to first husband.
    As a woman point of view I think this law provides torture on torture to woman who first discarded by her husband then again forced by system/exhusband to remarry him and this is only possible after accepting more humiliation in the form of 2nd divorce and living for short period with another man.
    I am not in favor of such laws in which mistakes of men is imposed on woman to pay back for his sins.
    So how Muslim justifies such a biased act in which only woman is subject to punishment on the errors of Muslim men.
    I am just giving you an example that we should leave what controversies have been provided in history
    and should go for real problems around us..

  18. nazia
    Respected, The way to remarriage with the exwife as explained by you is not recommended/observed or accepted in FIQ-a-JAFRIA. This is being practised by all other fiqas other than FIQ-a-AAL-a-MUHAMMED(pbuh).This is called HALLALA, what a shameful act for a muslim woman, whether she was wrong or at right for the divorse. I am totally agreed with your comments regarding this matter.
    In my previous comments I wrote that:-
    **This time I have come to know that you are against the PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh) as you have proved it by not using any honour with the name of IMAM ALI.**, because you have not added any words of honour to be used for THE PERSONS OF MUHAMMED (pbuh), (R.A),(R.U), (K.W) or (IMAM ALI).** In reply your comments are :-

    **So this is your focus of all discussions,Is it start of your religious beliefs or here is end of your religion.** You are beating about the bushes, by not focusing the point.

    Respected nazia, yes my focus is to proove/show to all the the muslims(not rigid but broad minded like you) that PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh) must be honoured, as honoured by GOD. Am I not at lright path ?
    Iam again adding my previous comments, this is my religion, my faith, my EMAAN, my prayer, my NIJAAT, my KAENAAT, my begining, my end, my hell or my paradise, what so ever :-

    that PROPHET MUHAMMED(pbuh) and HIS PERSONS are the most superior PERSONS to GOD (and for us if IN GOD WE TRUST), that we are not authorised to compare THEM with the people which are below to THEIR status. There is no god except ALLAH, there is no prophet equal to HAZRAT MUHAMMED(pbuh), there is no holly book equal to QURAN so there is no FAMILY equal to THE PERSONS OF MUHAMMED(pbuh).
    This time I am not Sorry, if my comments/faith is contrast to your faith.

  19. I agree with Nazia’s comment.

  20. What’s the agreement all about, Maria Sultan? What forceful point was made by Nazia that you agreed with?

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