What Taliban Did With School Girls After Kidnapping ?

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Security forces have arrested a terrorist from Swat who has revealed that Taliban used to keep vigil on the girls students who wen to thier schools and colleges in day time, and then they attacked thier homes at night and kidnapped them. He told the security forces that after kidnapping, they handed over these girls to the Taliban leaders, who transfered them over to the mountains.

How many girls were kidnapped? Where are they now? Are they alive? Have they been smuggled to Waziristan or to Afghanistan or to other locations? It could be that Taliban transfered them to mountains, married them (of course forcibly), then when they were killed, these girls would be re-married to some other Talib and so on. The question is where these girls are right now?

The closed and ultra conservative society of Pushtoons will never allow the residents of Swat to disclose the fact that their girls have been kidnapped and never returned. This is yet another crime of these barbarians.

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