What Needs To Be Done from Pakistan Side in FATA

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It’s so painful to see that every time we need a stick and acute pressure to do the needful. Why don’t we just get our act together, draw a crystal clear framework as how we are going to proceed in this war against terror and then do the needful.

We say in public that we are against terrorism and with the world, that means the United States. We also act against the terrorists but in a half-hearted fashion. We become selective of doing operation against the terrorist groups as we still loll in our dilapidated strategic depth foolish policy of the past. There is no bad thing about wishing an ally in your neighbors, but our establishment needs to understand that Afghan people and not the Haqqani Network can provide them the dreamy strategic depth.

We were again hesitant with respect to the Haqqani Network and all we needed was a tough, dry, swift and angry visit from Hillary Clinton. And now we are obliging. We are not only carrying out unannounced operation in North Waziristan but also a massive crackdown in Khyber Agency and adjoining areas. We are also ready to facilitate the peace negotiations in Afghanistan.

We could do that earlier with dignity. The thing is that all we need is clarity and honesty of leadership.

The Pakistanis themselves have suffered enormously as a result of their military actions against the terrorist networks and of course that has not only been only military losses but civilians to a total of about 30,000 over the last decade. Now to save our own country, we need to squeeze the terrorist networks, including the Haqqani network, out of their safe havens, preventing them from being able to plan and carry out attacks across the border.

That’s the only way forward.

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