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What Needs To Be Done from Pakistan Side in FATA

By Gul Raiz • Oct 25th, 2011 • Category: Politics, Worth A Second Look • 29 Comments

It’s so painful to see that every time we need a stick and acute pressure to do the needful. Why don’t we just get our act together, draw a crystal clear framework as how we are going to proceed in this war against terror and then do the needful.

We say in public that we are against terrorism and with the world, that means the United States. We also act against the terrorists but in a half-hearted fashion. We become selective of doing operation against the terrorist groups as we still loll in our dilapidated strategic depth foolish policy of the past. There is no bad thing about wishing an ally in your neighbors, but our establishment needs to understand that Afghan people and not the Haqqani Network can provide them the dreamy strategic depth.

We were again hesitant with respect to the Haqqani Network and all we needed was a tough, dry, swift and angry visit from Hillary Clinton. And now we are obliging. We are not only carrying out unannounced operation in North Waziristan but also a massive crackdown in Khyber Agency and adjoining areas. We are also ready to facilitate the peace negotiations in Afghanistan.

We could do that earlier with dignity. The thing is that all we need is clarity and honesty of leadership.

The Pakistanis themselves have suffered enormously as a result of their military actions against the terrorist networks and of course that has not only been only military losses but civilians to a total of about 30,000 over the last decade. Now to save our own country, we need to squeeze the terrorist networks, including the Haqqani network, out of their safe havens, preventing them from being able to plan and carry out attacks across the border.

That’s the only way forward.

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  1. Gul Raiz Said — “…………We say in public that we are against terrorism and with the world,…………” —

    Kindly Rewind your MEMORIES - Almost - 6/7 months AGO - I described - in DETAIL the Prime Valued - NATIONAL INTEREST of Afghanistan/Pakistan & Rest of MUSLIM Ummah - & elaborated clearly - “Pakistan in future - shall NEVER OPERATE even any TINY Surgical Operation in NORTH Waziristan” - thereupon you & others made fun of ME - You still do not - follow - My POINT - just focus these following my WORDS which I used already in your Write Up that was also showing full of Depression - if you follow the MEANINGS of the SAME the Entire - Horrible & Terrible - Double Dangerous Game between ISI & CIA - shall be EASY to Digestible for your Wisdom.

    PRICELESS Assets = Taliban/Al-Qaida under MUSLIM Brotherhood to Counter & of course to Eliminate - Christian ready made - Imposed - New World Order. - Next Time - Don’t Get - Frustrate unnecessary - Go & take - Sound Sleep.

  2. What Needs To Be Done from Pakistan Side in FATA?
    Demilitarize the area by pulling back the army. Let this British annexed area go on referendum on which side of the Durand Line they prefer. By chance if they opt Pakistan, make them part of Pakistan with provincial status.

    Under any case, pulling back the Pakistani troops avoids bloodshed!!!

  3. Karzai backtracks on controversial Pakistan remarks::
    24 Oct 2011
    ”The palace insisted the remarks were broadcast out of context. “Pakistani media has misinterpreted it,” said the president’s deputy spokesman Seyamak Herawi. “They only showed the first part when the president says Afghanistan will back Pakistan if there is a war.”
    “But in connection with the war on terrorism if there is a war on Pakistan, Afghanistan will not support that,” he further stated.

  4. Pajamay & AHMAQ — Thumbs-Up - you watched the INTERVIEW of Hamid Karzai with Salim Safi just because you saw that INDIAN & American Asses in the Bikini — The INTERVIEWER & INTERVIEWEE - BOTH - had been - NOT - stamping - your - own self CREATED - inner WISH.

  5. When will we learn that these militants are the biggest threat to the sovereignty of the country?

  6. Awais Khan — When will YOU & your like-minded - shall able to LEARN - this so called WoT has been IMPOSED on MUSLIMS to Counter Sharia System - against - NEW World ORDER. If you’re TRUE not appear here-at with FICTITIOUS User ID - then - Believe Me - otherwise READY to Endless Discussion & thereafter Further Discussion - on Endless Basis. — Register the Same - Kindly —————

  7. Gul raiz , I think you are making sense there

  8. ‘No plan for North Waziristan campaign’. ‘Islamabad conveys strong concerns to Kabul’ regarding cross border attack by Afghan militants in Dir area. I would like to be enlightened by somebody that why NATO Forces in Afghanistan do not put a fence along Pak Afghan Border with check posts to facilitate inter border movement of relative families. The costs would be quite comparable with the ones its incurring to counter cross border terrorism. This measure will equip Pak Army to successfully wipe out al- Qaeda foreign militants from Pak side. As regard Pakistani Taliban, it is no more than an economic problem. If we as a nation can look after their family’s physiological needs of food, clothing & shelter through providing those honorable jobs and our Big Brother invests its savings from Drone attacks on their health and education, they will transform to law abiding peacefully living citizens of Pakistan.

  9. Saad Rehan Ali and Gul Raiz have the same IP addresses. What a loser.

  10. There is a strong belief that world without discrimination, suppression, domination and exploitation of Haves against Have-nots would bring peace, tolerance and sanity. Anybody fighting against such evils in any society cannot be labeled as Terrorist.
    Quran preaches peace but Jihad against exploitation of even one single Muslim in any corner of the world. The same is being practiced even today in other religions also. ‘Terrorism’ has to be defined by the UNO (WITH NO VETO POWER WITH ANY MEMBER).This is need of the hour. By now All Haves do realize that one suicide bomber (In shear frustration and helplessness) is as dangerous and effective as a multi Million $ missile built in the ‘Haves’ world for firing in the ‘Have not’s world. Haves will keep on tasting this hatred as long as injustice prevails. The world Conscious will have to address the root cause of the problem in its total perspective.
    If Americans want to feel safe again in their own country,” wrote Aung Zaw from Chiang Mai, Thailand, “they must begin to understand the insecurity many feel in theirs. More importantly, they must examine their nation’s policies vis-a-vis the rest of the world, and ask themselves honestly if these policies have contributed in some way to this insecurity. Now that its own worst fears have been realized, America can no longer afford to ignore the fears of others.”
    If USA ,under the political pressure of Jewish lobby does not help Israel to kill Palestinians and help a judicious solution to the basic root cause; does not invade Iraq on wrong perception of presence of WMD( for use against Israel);does not leave Afghanistan, after fighting out Russia with the help of Pakistan and Al Qaida (Osama included),handing over war devastated land to war lords, who are later dominated by the oppressed masses (Taliban) with the help of Al Qaida and Pakistan( Army and Public, looking for their own safe future),plating Al-Qaida with the role of guardianship of all oppressed Muslims ( the only oppressed species except few non Muslims in East Timor or in Dafur,South Sudan & for whom even UN is very effective ) all over the world; does not look for invading Iran, simply with the perception that an Iranian atomic bomb is directed towards, again Israel(WHEN THEY HAVE TOO), USA can leave Afganistan without any fear for afgans,who will take care of themselves.

  11. The true_blue_pakistani Rules in discussions.
    a sure winner.
    great whatever he/she writes

  12. Gul Riaz
    great write up, That’s the only way forward.

  13. Faisal and True Blue Pakistani , see in your magic ball and tell me you both share a same IP, right? Come on there are better ways to counter the arguments.
    Childish extremists.

  14. @ Saad

    Haha. Naraz kyun hota hai bhai…. Just tell everyone that you don’t share IP of Gul Raiz and baat khatam!

    BTW, I and TBP share the same thoughts not the IP Address.

  15. true_blue_pakistani
    you are a ‘Naadar’ Pakistani, what a bold statement you have made:

    “It was your boss Musharraf who sold his sole to USA so don’t use the word we because majority of Pakistanis are against United States of Aggression. Only a tiny minority like yourself the dollar worshipping type chant slogans of ‘we support America’.

    Pakistani stand against terrorism of USA who’s killing Afghanis and Pakistanis for their expansionist policies.”

  16. The US civilian and military leadership recently issued statements to the effect that there will be no war between Pakistan and America. Forum readers, do not some overlook to their peril, how far both our countries have come in their quest to end terrorism and extremism? Pakistan has taken the brunt, but has seen successes as well; we all agree that nabbing and eliminating high profile terrorists would not be possible without Pakistan.

    It is in the common interest of all parties that terrorism on both sides of the shared border be eliminated. Our mission is to leave a sealed border that promotes a stable Afghanistan with good internal security and to establish a boundary that leaves Pakistan secure from external terrorism. Secure borders promote cooperation, trade and economic opportunities. Forum readers, conspiracy theories aside, positive achievements are possible when our countries cooperate.

    Maj TG Taylor
    DET-United States Central Command

  17. Shazia — I read all the COMMENTS to get fun of INDIAN & American Jokers Cum Word Jugglers. But if you consider ISLAMIC Militants P.o.V — they openly Say NOW whereupon – even MODERATE also are Agreed NOW that enough is enough for Pakistan! This has been ESTABLISHED in USA, the CIA runs the country. And, the CIA is hell bent upon destroying the integrity of Pakistan.

    In-order to counter this aggression, Pakistan must adopt ONE strategy: Answer aggression with aggression. Conduct Armed attacks on Americans moreover BRITS, Australian living inside Pakistan, Strengthen insurgency in American BASES and indulge in continuous harassment of AMERICAN/Brits Officials stationed in Afghanistan/Pakistan. This will solve the problem. One day, we poor & ignored Afghans/Pakistanis will breathe freedom in our Mother Land Afghanistan/Pakistan = Khurasan – Long Live – Islamic Sharia & Muslim Ummah.

    Kuch Choti*– = Some Dumb & Duffer in Ruling English Speaking Elite of Pakistan.

    America-Kay-YOUMAY AZADI – Per – Kuch Choti*–Talian-Baja-Rahay-
    Yeh Apni See – Aur – Wooh – Apni See – Sub Hee Mun-Manian – Ker-Rahay-
    Aab Deikhna Yehi – Kaun Sabit Qadam – Kaun Dom Daba Ker – Bhag – Rahay-
    Taliban –o- Alqaida – Zinda - Bad – Ju – Larnay -Say- Baaz – Nahee – Aa – Rahay-

  18. We could do that earlier with dignity. The thing is that all we need is clarity and honesty of leadership.

  19. deleted.

  20. The government needs to encourage and create awareness among the misguided individuals to reject violence.

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