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Open Facts About What Happened in Rawalpindi on Ashura in Raja Bazar?

By Ali Yar Khan • Nov 16th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 56 Comments

Shia procession in the wake of Ashura was passing through the bazar of Rawalpindi in front of a Sunni Mosque and madarissah. When the procession passed, a sermon was going on in the Sunni mosque. Shias outside made their voices louder and chanted slogans, and Sunnis from the Mosque shouted insults. This happened at the same time from both sides.

After this few men from the Shia processions entered the mosque, dragged three Sunni men outside and beat them to death. Then Shia procession people set the mosque and the shops in front of the mosque on fire. Police tried to stop them but they also beat the policemen and injured many of them. Then firing started from both sides, and there were more causalities.

So both sides are on fault. There was no tolerance and there was no patience. Its unfair to blame the security forces, police, and other law enforcement personnel as in the presence of thousands of violent people, its nearly impossible to restore the law and order. It was all a manifestation of intolerance in our society.

This is why I always have maintained that all the religious processions no matter of what sect or religion, should always be either within closed proximity or in the open grounds surrounded by the law enforcement agencies. And please there should be a ban, complete  ban on the loud speakers.

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  1. If what you say is true, then the route allowed in front of Sunni Mosaue by police for Ashura procession shows it is either intentional or sheer negligence or just bad in control

  2. Exactly, the route of procession should be different, and if there is an unavoidable mosque of other sect, then there should be heavy police presence around it already.

  3. When can change routes but none can mindset, our all rabbis/priests/mullahs are rabid after all!

  4. The minority Shia community in this predominantly Sunni state (as in Syria) unfortunately dominates the political, intellectual and media elites and the establishment generally which is rather unhealthy, unfair and undemocratic. The loss of life on all sides in this and other ostensibly sectarian incidents, and all other incidents, sectarian, communal, political or otherwise is tragic and reprehensible.

    However, the mere fact that Shia paraders from the minority group could non-chalantly walk into a Sunni mosque and madrassa from the majority community, drag people out and beat them to death, shows that they have disproportionate power and influence which their numbers do not merit (whatever ’sermon’ was allegedly being delivered there, supposedly against them). It means they do not fear any consequences for their actions from the authorities.

    Can you imagine the Catholic minority doing this to the Protestant majority in Scotland or England where there’s been a deep sectarian chasm since the Reformation? No. This dominance and excessive power can also be seen in the Pakistani media which is also dominated by peopled from the minority community…. It is also demonstrated by the back to back coverage on virtually every channel of the Karbala incident and the promotion of Shia’ism. Also, almost every presenter and anchor is from this group. This domination can also be witnessed with the Hilal Committee that every year decides that Ramadan and both Eids are always on another day from those celebrated by the rest of the Muslim world which is overwhelmingly Sunni and follows mainstream Islam. This is rather unhealthy, just like in Syria where most Syrians are Sunni but are kept out of power.

  5. I agree totally with Raum

  6. Raum, your analysis is outlandish to say the least. I think you are drawing erroneous conclusions from media coverage of Moharam, which has always been fair. But that doesn’t mean that Shia minority holds sway in all walks of life in Pakistan. Actually, ground realities are quite the contrary. Your drawing parallels between Syria and Pakistan gives out your agenda so clearly.

    What happened in Raja Bazar is a consequence of utter intolerance and bigotry that has seeped into our society over time. Differences of opinions were always there, but their manifestations were never so violent as in this day and age. Inflow of foreign extremist ideologies and funds to buy automatic weapons and explosives and ready availability of mercenaries to eradicate those who beg to differ is the root cause of this evil. Impartial investigations of this particular incident should be conducted and befitting punishment meted out to those responsible.

    For your information, Route Hilal committee is headed by a Sunni scholar and has equal representation from other setcs. I do agree with you though, that it seems to have an agenda of its own when it comes to moon sightings. Personally, I would rather commemorate ashura on the day Iraq does.

  7. Raum you are wrong
    First know Who Shias are? What they are doing?
    If they are weeping,beating on Imam Hussein a.s martyrdom, who only their Imam a.s, but he is
    grandson of our Holy Prophet SWAW, don’t he cries on his brutal, killings, with 3 days of hunger and thirst,

    Think if your Son is killed innocently without any cause, with so many wounds, bloodshed
    who cries more you or the rest of the world, remember Islam is what Imam Hussein a.s knows
    because he remain with his grandfather, and also he is the Savior of Islam

    There is no fight between sunni and shias, it is some elements who exploit their difference

  8. As per my personal research is concerned I do feel there is more misunderstanding created by anti Islamic elements & via self desired of both sects. Which creates gap between both sects. I have practical experiences regarding this gap being surrounded via both sects. As my nears & dears are followers of both sects.
    Some Sunneys have the following wrong conception about the religious belief of Sheas because of the results of anti Islamic activities & self desired elements plan.
    That Sheas believe it was Ali R.T.A., who deserve to be prophet.
    That Sheas don’t believe in Hadeath
    That Sheas treat Ali R.T A. as Allah
    That Sheas don’t respect Sahabas & Azwaj Mutharat
    That Sheas believe that present holy Quran is not complete
    And so many other wrong conceptions
    Regarding above mentioned created wrong conceptions that the main sect of Shea Asna Ashhere believes in Allah, Hadeath, holy Quran & have regard for Sahabas & Azwaj Mutharat. Also believe Hadeth. It is regard of Ajwaj Mutharat which compel Imam Khumane R.A. to issue Futwa against Salman Rashde.
    There are some sub sets created via Shea as there are Qadyanes created from Sunneys, like Ali Mola & other groups,who have above mentioned unislamic conceptions.
    Here let me quote saying of Imam Khumane R.A. regarding respect of Sahabes that anti Islamic elements deliberately decreases the credibility of great Islamic personalities for victimize ISLAM. Imam says that actual intention of these elements is to undermine ISLAM via blaming our heroes.
    Those self desired elements, who are involve d in disgracing Islamic heroes, are part of problem for ISLAM. As those assets whose services for ISLAM & who after huge sacrifices have formed big Islamic state are worth praise for all sects of Islam.
    Both communities have belief that Ali R.T A., were pious, brave, intellectual Sahabe & Imam. Who being from family of Prophet peace be upon Him were much close to Muhammad,so under close supervision of Muhammad peace be upon Him. That great Imam,whose services & sacrifices for Islam are worth praise & pride for us all, always provide full support to Ist three Khulphas. Even if it is lesson for those also, who claim that Ali R.T.A. was having differences with Khulfas. The support of Ali R.T.A. to Khulfas is itself lesson for us all to maintain unity, brotherhood & providing good message about Islam. Ali R.T.A. being too near to Prophet like Haroon of Mosa. One should see the Bob Ali in Sunny Hadeath Books regarding the status of Ali R.T.A. That lion of Allah neither never abuse any Khalefas nor oppose Khalafes. Even for safety of Usman R.T.A. direct both Imams Hassan & Hussain to protect Usman R.T.A. So it is religious duty of all Muslims to follow Imam.
    We can discuss some issues on the base of history but have no right to disgrace Islamic Heroes. Those who at present are not even in position to free occupied soils for Islam like these Islamic rulers or ready to provide sacrifices like Imams for Islam have morally & logically no right to criticize those Islamic heroes .As to occupy any country can be only dream. We are not even in position to free occupied lands.
    Also some Sheas on the base of planned propaganda of anti Islamic & self desired elements have some baseless conception about Sunneys
    That Sunneys don’t have regard for Ali R.T.A.
    That Sunneys don’t have regard for Hassan & Hussain R.T.A & believe in suicide of Hussain R.T.A.
    That Sunneys believe Yazed was right & Hussain R.T.A. wrong
    That Sunneys don’t regard Ahal Bayet
    And other baseless conceptions on the base of propaganda.
    Sunneys have much respect for Ahal Bayet. How can one have concerns about those in favor of whom there are so many Hadeath of Prophet Muhammd peace be upon Him. Even to pay blessings to Ahal Bayet is must via Darood Ibrahim for all Muslims in their prays.
    For Sunneys these pious personalities have regard & respect as per spirit of Islam.. They are respected by both sects. Hassan Hussain declared as sardars of Heaven by Muhammad peace be upon Him. How can any Muslim dare to commit against these sardar Immams.
    Sunney & Sheas have common faith that Yazed was not on right path & cruel ruler. Who was involve in crimes including big sin Shadat of Hussain R.T.A.& His nears dears & innocents. No doubt there are some people who as per plan of anti Islamic elements are involve to prove Yazed on right path. Which majority of Sunneys don’t accept. Also for those who believe in Islam should avoid to accept this logic that any person involve in atrocities to family of prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him can be fair. Majority of past & present great Sunny scholars have common logic that Yazed is wrong & Imam right.
    At present miserable situation we should avoid to raise such issues, which can create more disunity. But should concentrate unity.
    Scholars of both sects should come forward to provide proper guideline & unite both sects.
    For eliminating gap my request is that Sheas should avoid to raise questions for those, who are worth praise for Sunneys & Sunneys should avoid to protect anti Islamic rulers like Yazed, who were directly involve in victimize Imams & other Islamic scholars. As there is no comparison between Imams & hamams.
    Sheas should introduce in their literature the services of Sahabes for Islam & Sunneys to introduce the sacrifices of Immams for Islam. As it is observed that Sunneys know about services of Sahabes ,Wales but not more about sacrifices & services of Imams like Imam Jaffer, Imam Zain ul Abdin, Imam Ali raza….,Whose full life is itself the reflection of their origin prophet Muhammad.
    Allah says if any act you feel is wrong has right side also.
    After first fair interior Islamic Jehad in Karbala kept Allah kept away umpire with them, Umpire was never desire of any Imam. Even they reject such offers. This positive approach provide them chance to preach ISLAM through out World. So Sunneys in addition to giving credit to Sahabes for their sacrifices for Islam, Muslim rulers for invading non muslim countries should remember the sacrifices of Sadats for teaching Islam also. Even these Sadats with other Taba tabeeb Sahabes, Muslim scholars, businessmen visit far flung areas like soils Indonesia, Malashia, Kashmir…..for preaching Islam. These Sadats were followers of both sects. But their mission was to preach Islam only. When Shah Hamdan R.A. came Kashmir for preaching Islam. He found some Hindus already were converted Hanfe Muslims.He being from Shafe sect in His seventeen pious visits from Iran to Kashmir preach as per Hanfe belief. When He was questioned regarding this attitude His reply was if he will introduce shafism,it will disturb mission to preach Islam. Which is open lesson for those preachers who only concentrate their sect throughout world. Even I have personal experience that after some fair efferts when I along with some brothers succeed to motivate a person to adopt right path. Some followers of another sect try to motivate him to adopt their belief, which confused him.
    Sheas should introduce the positive aspects of all such Sahabes, rulers, scholars who have sacrificed & served for Islam. There is no doubt about this realty that the attitude of some rulers with Sadats & other Islamic scholars was too much rude. But if we analyze neutrally & honestly there are some evident that some Sadats were involve in clashes with each other . Also scholars like imam Hanefa of Sunney sect were victim of such rulers. Even under some Sheas regim same cruel acts were repeated. So for cruel acts we should avoid to blame Sunneys or Sheas. Such rulers are neither sincere with Sheas nor Sunneys.
    There is majority of rulers even some from Benea Umea like Maeya bin Yazeed, umer bin Aziz, whose attitude was with regards & respect for Sadats & other well wishers of Islam.
    We should keep the sentiments of others in mind while committing about any Islamic hero . Even Islam teaches us not to disgrace gods of Kafres. Then how can we justify to disgrace those personalities, who are part of Iman for Sunneys & Sheas. Any type of dishonor via any side for such personalities is the base of disunity.
    If we check our history even at present via disgracing any high cadre of any sect nether Shea Sheikhs will succeed to motivate Sunnys nor Sunney ulmas will succeed to satisfy sheas. As in Sunney families elders preach their kids from childhood that regard of Khalifas, Imams & Azwaj Mutharat is part of Iman. Same is with Shea families that from very beginning elders teach kids to regard Ahil Bayat ,Imams & Sahabes & relatives of Muhammad including great uncle of Muhammad Abu Talab is Iman. So this regard which Muslims feel is sign of Iman remains with them throughout life. So any type of disgrace for any Sahabe or Khalafa is untolerable for Sunneys & any type of criticize for Imams even to Abu Talab is intolerable for Sheas.
    Only fair logic can do the needful, but better is to pay attention for those non muslims, who are not aware about blessings of Islam. But have wrong conception about Islam due to any nearby immature, selfdesired,corrupt,cheater,killer,greedy,lier,cruel…. morally weak Muslim.
    In present miserable situation when whole Muslim World is neither with any safety nor with peace due to far behind in modern technology. Resulting majority disputes & disturbances are in Muslim areas. Even in modern century there are so many countries occupied by big powers directly or indirectly. Need of time is to avoid to disgrace those heroes of Islam, who are respectable for both sects for eliminating differences.
    Any person if involve in blaming such heroes of Islam are pipits of anti Islam elements. Well wishers of both sects should launch unite jehad against such criminals. And both sects should concentrate the solution of present problems of Ummah. And should provide priority to serve humanity via launching more charity schemes like the Shawkat Khan Hospital, as if we compare charity field with Christian machinery there is big gap. \
    Also for any death person his or her case is with Allah. And we are answerable for our deeds. Also to discuss issues & find their solutions is the best policy than to discuss people.
    My intention is fair regarding this article. Still being sensitive subject if any person hurts should excuse me. Allah knows my hearts desire is unity,so deserve prays from all viewers as I have domestic ills. And discussion about Yazed in this web compel me to write this article. Otherwise I deserve guideline from viewers being well Educated than me.
    May Allah shower His blessings on you all & web master, who provides chance to commit. AMEEN So we should abide by their rules.
    Yours brotherly
    Kashmir Study Circle

  9. Aamer, I gave my thoughts and never hid them, so there’s no agenda that you cleverly sussed out. Syria is an overwhelmingly Sunni country and its people are being slaughtered like lambs by the Shia Alawi minority and they have been locked out of power for more than half a century. They have been periodically slaughtered e.g in Hama in 1982 whenever they have tried to stand up to this cruel, tyrannical minority ruling clique. I don’t care how any apologist of whatever background styles it, but that is not right according to anyone’s estimation.

    Likewise, Pakistan is a predominantly Sunni state but it has been dominated by the Shia minority since Independence. That is also not right. Further, it’s not an outlandish claim. The majority of Pakistanis know it and say it because they just have to look around. Judging from your post, it is obvious from which side you’re coming from so you’ll obviously deny the clearly manifest. Nonetheless, even those who claim to be champions of democracy know that after all is said and done, democracy is about majority rule with protection for minorities. You cannot have the minority deciding the fate, future or character of the majority. Minorities of course are and should be equal citizens and have protection but they cannot and should not dominate or control the majority or its future, character etc. Unfortunately that is exactly what has happened in our country and in Syria amongst others.

    I would apply the same principle to other countries. Iran has a significant Sunni minority population including in Khuzestan and in Iranian Baluchistan province, but this doesn’t mean that the former should dominate the Iranian majority who’re overwhelmingly Shia. They should have equal citizenship and protection but they should not be ruling over the majority, politically, ideologically, economically or otherwise. Similarly, France has a Muslim population of around 6 million out of a total population of around 62 million, a significant number. However, I don’t think it would be right or fair if this Muslim minority ruled over the French non-Muslim majority, locked them out of power and dominated the national discourse and the establishment etc..

    “Foreign extremist ideologies” from India, the US, Iran and Israel, yes.
    Raja Bazar is also the old Hindu-Sikh quarter in Rawalpindi as everyone knows…” Na-maloom afraad” setting shops on fire is an old Indian trick much used in Karachi and Lahore for the last three decades. Who knows.

  10. Raum is absolutely Right.
    Those shia people were there for islam ??
    Is this Islam to attack mosques ??
    That procession was not for True Islam.
    That was absolutely for spreadind Terrorim.
    Were these, the teachings of Hazrat Hussain ( R.A)
    And Hazrat Ali (R.A) ??
    They snatched weapons from Police and straight fired on Mosque.
    This is Open TERRORISM.
    And such people are Not Muslims at all.
    They Must be brought to Justice.
    And Must be Hanged right Over there infront of every victim.

  11. captain and aysha karram ,
    Organizer of jaloos likes to mourn out side the masjid and that is whole issue.

  12. Raum, Ayaz, These Jaloos have been taken out for centuries. Since the days of undivided India. The route of the Jaloos in Rawalpindi is traditional and this Jaloos has been taken out of there for more than 60 years or even before that. Nothing like this ever happened there before. The same shia jaloos has crossed the place in front of that particular sunni seminary every year, without any incident.

    What happened this year? If we so wish, we can quickly snub these elements who are trying to create a rift between us, along sectarian lines. This will only weaken us further. This will benefit only those who find it greatly convenient to have the Muslims divided thus.

    It is our choice! What do we really want? Attack and kill each other on the grounds of events happening in the 7th century? The fires of passion for those centuries old events can always be stoked to a fever pitch, our thinking faculties at par with those of primates. We are, sadly, quite prone to the manipulations of people who want to see us that way.

    The other alternative is to unite and open our eyes to the realities of the 21st century? Does that sound promising or am I being too optimistic?

  13. Precisely Usman, are the teachings of Ali (r.a) and of Hazrat Hussain? It is open terrorism. And conveniently the media dominated by this group is now screaming “bardaasht ki zaroorat hai” when their co religionists appear responsible for this appalling crime (in which 7 Sunni young boys are said to have been dragged out and beheaded!) but these are the same people who say ” don’t speak to the (Sunni) Taliban…go after them harder…use force…don’t appease them…wipe them out with bombs, bullets and tanks…don’t speak to them!” Anyone who wants Pakistanis from FATA to have their voice heard and their given rights given is called ‘Taliban Khan’ by this media dominated by this group and funded by India and the US. Now the shoe’s on the other foot, we have the fat Hindu oxe Avtar Hussain- masquerading as a Shia - saying that “Shia-Sunni peace committees should be set up”. Sweet.

    In the meanwhile this and previous governments have opened Pakistan’s borders to the Indian viper for the last decade, loosening visa restrictions. The country is swarming with Indian terrorists like Sarbjhit Singh. Thousands of Sikhs have flooded in only this week on the pretext of visiting Guru Nanak’s birthplace. Anyone of these can also potentially go and help stoke things up in Raja Bazaar, their old haunt. Then we have the country full of US terrorists and mercenaries and CIA contractors like Raymond Davies walking around Pakistan and driving around in blacked out, number plate-less vehicles and no one bats an eyelid. In contrast, if there’s a little unrest in India, the first thing they do is kick out beghayrat Pakistanis like Adnan Hussain who lick their Indian butts and wouldn’t even dream of harming Bharatmata.

  14. Of all the people who posted their comments here engr mehmood of kashmir circle gave the m0st balanced point of view.well said sir. Rest all r just bickering for silly reasons. And if they wud hav been present on the scene of incident they wud have joined in

  15. Some snippets from Medieval History:

    Hazrat Muawiyah had appointed al-Mughirah ibn-Shuvah as governor of al-Basrah, and when Mughirah died,Yazid became ruler of Arabia, Iraq, and Persia, ruling through a secret service of 4,000 men. The main purpose of these 4,000 was to unmask the Shia, and bring them to justice, which in this case meant death. So while peace seems to reign in Damascus, the western half of the empire was soon bathed in blood.

    The Abbasid caliphs who ruled from Baghdad imprisoned and killed Shia Imams and encouraged Sunni ulama to define Sunni power and contain the mass appeal of Shia’ism. The tenth century witnessed anti-Shia campaigns in and around Baghdad. Shias were attacked in their mosques and during the day of Ashura processions. They were often killed or burned alive.

    In 971 C.E., when Byzantine forces attacked the Abbasid empire, the first response of the caliph’s forces and angry Sunnis was to blame the Shia. Shia homes in Al-Kark (Iraq) were torched. This pattern of behavior became repetitive and was repeated throughout the centuries to present day. By the middle of the eleventh-century, it became custom for Sunni mobs to loot the Shia town of al-Kark every Saturday.

    The Ottoman Empire put Shias to the sword in Anatolia, during the time that the Shia Safavis were gaining power in Iran. Thousands of Shias were massacred in the Ottoman Empire, including in Turkey, Syria and Lebanon.

    Shias in India faced persecution by some Sunni rulers and Mughal Emperors, resulting in the martyrdom of Indian Shia scholars like Qazi Nur-ullah Shostari and Mirza Muhammad Kamil Dehlavi.

    Shias in Kashmir had to pass through the most atrocious period of their history between 15th to 19th century. Plunder, loot and massacres which came to be known as ‘Taarajs’ devastated the community. History records 10 such Taarajs also known as ‘Taraj-e-Shia’ in 1548, 1585, 1635, 1686, 1719, 1741, 1762, 1801, 1830, 1872 during which the Shia habitations were plundered, people slaughtered, libraries burnt and their sacred sites desecrated. Such was the reign of terror during this period that the community widely went into the practice of Taqya in order to preserve their lives and the honor of their womenfolk.

    Modern Times:

    On December 29, 2011 in Nangkrenang, Sampang, Madura Island a Shia Islamic boarding school, a school adviser house and a school’s principal house have been burned by local villagers and people from outside. A day after the persecution, a Jakarta Sunni preacher said:”It was their own fault. They have established a school in a Sunni area. Besides, being a Shia is a big mistake. The true teaching is Sunni and God will only accept Sunni Muslims. If the shias want to live in peace, they have to repent and convert”

    Malaysia bans Shias from promoting their faith. 16 Shias were arrested on the 24th of September 2013, for “spreading” their faith.

    Over two thirds of the citizen population of Bahrain are Shia Muslims. The ruling Al Khalifa family, who are Sunni Muslim, arrived in Bahrain from Qatar at the end of the eighteenth century. Although, Al Khalifa failed to gain legitimacy in Bahrain, he established a system of apartheid based on racial and sectarian discrimination against the Shias.

    Pakistan has been seeing a surge in violence against Shia Muslims in the country in recent years. The violence has claimed lives of thousands of men, women and children. Shia make up at least 20% of the total population in Pakistan and come from different ethnic backgrounds. Doctors, businessmen and other professionals have been targeted all over Pakistan by Sunni Muslim militants on a regular basis. Hazara people in Quetta, have lost nearly 800 community members. Most of them have fallen victim to terrorist attacks by Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan which is a Sunni Muslim militant organization affiliated with Al-Qaeda and Taliban.

    In the northern areas of Pakistan, Muslim mitants have continuously been attacking and killing Shias. On August 16, 2012, 25 Shia passengers were pulled out of four buses on Babusar road, when they were going home to celebrate Eid. They were executed by Al-Qaeda affiliated Sunni Muslim militants. The same day, three Hazara community members were shot dead in Pakistan’s southwestern town of Quetta. It is genocide, massacre of shias in Pakistan in a systematic way.

    Some links:

    My point? We are swearing that more shia blood will spill because “Three” seminary students were killed in a mob attack? Even when the details are not clear due to Media silence on the issue?

    God Help Us!

  16. Raum, I agree with what you have said. According to their authentic books, their beliefs are very clear and are clearly contradicting to what they usually try to propagate verbally. Interestingly they have never ever denied the words written in their books, that’s why they always escape from munazira calls since they do not have anything to justify. Our so called free media and the jamhoriat is playing a friendly role for them, portraying anything which favors them and hiding anything which could arise any kind of question against them. So what they are doing is just following their books and the hidden directions from their leaders. What we need is to understand this and read what is written in their books rather than believing what is coming out from their misleading talks. Insha Allah will us help to find out the real truth.

  17. Depression, Poverty, Unfinished Missions and overflow of info is what we are facing right now in all parts of world especially in Pakistan.
    Who say we are Muslims, We have to respect them as Muslims.
    Only if we could just believe we are just Muslims and not Shia, Sunni and what not. As Muslims there is only one way we can unite that is to believe in a basic that is our basic believes of Islam and consider no one except Allah and Muhammad S.A.W. Every rival of Islam has made sure that our history is polluted and in this pollution political motive were included and thus a crack was made in our lines, perhaps even right after Jang e Jummal was fought. Another question therein were all muslims on both side with Ayesha RA and Ail RA. Were they Shaheeds or they just killed one another? Big question but no answers or conclusion should be drawned from it. Allah always talks about faith, and faith is blind. Sahytaan plays logic. Logic will make us kill one another and belief or faith will flourish us in world and in after world. If you all consider yourself as Sunni or Shia, just make yourself so elite in respect, personality and as Muslim that other will listen to you. We have ample enemies to fight if not kill. Even killing a non-muslim without any reason is not allowed. Every non muslim is a potential Muslim after all.

  18. the molvi was saying 100 percent right thing they always chant slogans against hazrat ameer mohavia in their jaloos. they roam in the city like they own all of us like (budmaash). they not only shaheed a masjid but also burn 25 madrassa students alive. they will soon pay for their act. they deserve no mercy at all if you Amma ayesh sadeeqa, sahabas and us (Sunnies). you will decide by your self once you get to know their dirty nature and their dirty acts.

  19. Why was my reply to Raum moderated? I wrote nothing against forum policy.

  20. the molvi was saying 100 percent right thing they always chant slogans against hazrat ameer mohavia in their jaloos. they roam in the city like they own all
    of us like (budmaash). they not only shaheed a masjid but also burn 25 madrassa students alive. they will soon pay for their act.
    they deserve no mercy at all if you know what they say about Amma ayesh sadeeqa, sahabas and us (Sunnies) you will decide by your self once you get to
    know their dirty nature and their dirty acts.

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