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Open Facts About What Happened in Rawalpindi on Ashura in Raja Bazar?

By Ali Yar Khan • Nov 16th, 2013 • Category: Politics • 56 Comments

Shia procession in the wake of Ashura was passing through the bazar of Rawalpindi in front of a Sunni Mosque and madarissah. When the procession passed, a sermon was going on in the Sunni mosque. Shias outside made their voices louder and chanted slogans, and Sunnis from the Mosque shouted insults. This happened at the same time from both sides.

After this few men from the Shia processions entered the mosque, dragged three Sunni men outside and beat them to death. Then Shia procession people set the mosque and the shops in front of the mosque on fire. Police tried to stop them but they also beat the policemen and injured many of them. Then firing started from both sides, and there were more causalities.

So both sides are on fault. There was no tolerance and there was no patience. Its unfair to blame the security forces, police, and other law enforcement personnel as in the presence of thousands of violent people, its nearly impossible to restore the law and order. It was all a manifestation of intolerance in our society.

This is why I always have maintained that all the religious processions no matter of what sect or religion, should always be either within closed proximity or in the open grounds surrounded by the law enforcement agencies. And please there should be a ban, complete  ban on the loud speakers.

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