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Welcome Welcome Sheikh Tahir ul Qadri Welcome

By Shahid Mursaleen • Dec 23rd, 2012 • Category: Politics • 3 Comments

I am weeping with the gratitude to my Maker as in these bad and despair times he has sent our own Shaykh-ul-Islam Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to give us hope and to put our derailed train back on the track.

Sheikh Tahir ul Qadri who merges east with the west. Sheikh who marries old with the new. Sheikh who amalgamates modern with the ancient. Sheikh who sees the light in the darkness and who can see through the clouds of despair and deceit, and Sheikh who is our true leader and saviour in these troubled times.

He has come and he has come to save us.

Everyone in Pakistan is raising slogans of change and revolution to turn things around in the country but there is a discernible difference between making a claim and translating your slogan into concrete reality.

If you are part of parliament and get voted into power through current electoral system, it means that the system is perfect and does not need any change. He said that almost all political parties are part of the system and its direct beneficiaries. Hence, they do not have any right to claim that they want to change the system. Such slogans are designed to fool the people.

Our leader is now here to rip apart this deceit and pack of lies.

Let’s go to Minar-e-Pakistan.

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  1. Today TuQ Sb. at Minar e Pakistan criticized last four yrs. policies of two ruling parties PPP & PML(N) & his sole emphasized on rule of law this is no secret what is going on with Justice/Rule of Law in Karachi he deliberately not mentioned the name of MQM how this party is playing games with justice he had no courage to say that MQM has made joke rule of law in Karachi rather he was thankful of MQM participants who attended his live address, plus he mentioned about Khilafat e Rashida did any take notice during Azan of Maghrib he did not stop his address surprisingly he was very much continued & not went to the mosque or prayed salat individually on mosala being a Muslim we know how short time of Maghrib!

  2. @ 1

    Good observation.



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