We know our destiny!

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Life is a test of patience and patience is developed through training from the very early days of life. Alot has been said and written about developing tolerance and good traits in personality but a very little is visible in general in our society.

We can not wait, we look for short cuts to success and prosperity. We hate the people who would use unfair means to be successful in life but we opt the unlawful route to success as soon as we get a safer opportunity. The change management starts for correcting our own beliefs and modus operandi in life and follow the path that leads to hard work and honesty and developing the same spirit in our children and people around us. The best use of time at work
contributes to the rapid growth of the organization we work for and that growth is reflected positively in our personal professional growth. Yes we do need good team leaders but have got to become good players first. Our own
intentions should be positive and people should cherish our presence and we promote the working in collaborative environment.

Nothing can be achieved as success on massive scale unless and until all concerned remained focused on targets and stengthen each other as links in a chain cause any loose or weak link can end up wasting the effort of all the team. Improvement starts from correcting own actions, admitting mistakes, do the root cause analysis, take corrective actions and then design preventive actions to ensure that similar mistakes in future.

Life should be passed with Japanese Zero Defects operating strategy which ensures what ever is laid down as a law or working guide line, is followed repeatedly to achieve a life working pattern where we minimise the chances of
drifting away from the right path and be useful not for ownself but for people around us. Our religion Islam gives us a beautiful life style and golden rules to be followed to achieve success as a team and as a nation but still we look for consultants to come forward and guide us out of our troubles. The basics are there all we need is a strong will to follow the rules and regulations.

It is easy to blame the system for every thing but we have to go for self assesment and correction, wrong people ruling us cause we used our votes not in a sensible manner, corruption is increasing cause we tend to become a part of
it or we do not raise our voice against it. We need a better Pakistan through a continual effort to improve the education level and decrease the poverty through equal distribution of wealth and force the convicts eat the dust and go for proper recovery of the looted money and hold them accountable for misuse of power and resources. Only we can change our faith, none of the leaders could do this for us, its our life, our struggle and in the end the common man should emerge is a victor as a result of the upcoming elections. Focus on Pakistan’s prosperity when you vote and keep aside personal likings and preferences, let the fresh honest breed come forward and do their best to get the label removed from us as a ” Struggling Nation “.

We dont need one times wonders like Tahir ul Qadri or people we have tested already. Life can be lot easy and smooth if we could use sense in selecting the right people to rule us. We blame the system but we tend not to vote and instead enjoy a complete holiday on voting day as we have to remember that the change starts from us getting on to the right path first.

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