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We Haven’t Lost Yet

By Faraz Beg • Feb 10th, 2010 • Category: Politics (Urdu) • 2 Comments

A story written by a friend of mine… Really gives hope in these turbulent times!


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  1. lakin is politics k khail main bowling kon kara raha hai is ki samajh nahin a rahi aur fielder to shaid bhool hi chukay hain k unhun na fieling bhi kerni hai

  2. Yakinan Faraz Sb, abhi ham bazi nahi haar choke hain. Abi hamare darmyan bahut manjhay hoie khilari mawjood hain jo roswa-e-zamana america ko zamin par patakhne ki bhar poor salahiyat rakthi hai lekin ye k ham abhi tak soye hoie hain, hame jaagna hoga aur Imaan ki taqat se in taghooti kowaton ka mukabla karna hoga. Thnx.
    Mr Irshad, S.naurang KPK.

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