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Wazarti Mela or Gushti Mela

By Rohail Butt • Jul 20th, 2008 • Category: Politics • 3 Comments

Who says Pakistan is a poor country? Who says we are hungry after the American largess? Who says that Pakistan’s majority population lives below the poverty line, and who says that Pakistan is hardly taking any breathe under the weight of ever-increasing debts.

Our national exchequer is filled to the brim, and we have enough bucks to hold the grand meetings of our beloved cabinet in Dubai, London or Lahore. Holding cabinet meetings in Islamabad has become old-fashioned, and now the cabinet has gone “Gushti”, and this mobile cabinet would now roam the whole world, showing the world how sincere, energetic and concerned our ministers are for our welfare and for the future of the country.

Under the supervision and heading of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani, the whole special plane filled with ministers, their personal staff, bureaucrats and other guests flew to Dubai and enjoyed their lavish stay in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, and then some of them went to London and some to Washington to ease the fatigue of meeting, and now another under another brilliant ideas the next cabinet meeting is in Lahore and these ministers want to show their might to every city of Pakistan.

Get ready people, you are about to taste the protocol, routes and securities of our treasured and cherished ministers.

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  1. It is not at all a ghusti mela its a mela for search of a ghusti .

    People who are even unfamiliar to dress up properly, not because they are socially from socio economic point of view but because of their strong bindings with ethnic cum racial despondency, are in a possession of illegitimate lavish dines and dinners.

    These political goons with belonging from remote areas especially sindh have built in desire of 3 particular elements whenever they gain accesses in such political setups. These are a Government vehicle, Wine and women and their bureaucracy is complete. This will continue to be the part of our fate unless it is changed by our self.

  2. A movie house Bambino, official ticket balack seller, Mr. 10-20% is head of National Political Party. What you expect, and yes He is not Hazrat Umar, because Hazrat Umar had a clean record before, he coverted to Islam. Once Mr. Zulfqar Ali Bhutto a genious politician said, Log kahtay hain yeh meri Pati hai, Nahin yeh awam ki Pati ( PHUTTI ) hai. Aur kia bolain. Allah Hafiz

  3. Hard to address the needs of the people from the Grand Hyatt in Dubai. As an American, I cringe at reports about this because it is probably some of the billions we’ve given there that is financing this nonsense. Keep blogging about it. There is a reason that corruption like this doesn’t like the light of day.

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