Wattoo arrival! Instigation of a new story

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PPP and its beloved lovers always create havoc on the name of their love for party and party leaders. So in doing all this they forget about losses and destruction that they create for others. Today Watto’s lovers created mess at airport before his arrival, as they were not allowed to enter in domestic lounge by the Airport Security Force (ASF).and then the scene created by them got full media coverage.

Mian Manzoor Ahmed Watoo who is appointed as the new PPP Punjab president, arrived today at Lahore airport. And after that this arrival took some different shape and hell of clash was seen at the airport between ASF and PPP workers.

I must say the loyalty of these party workers is too much, I will not say its good but I will definitely say these are the people through which they get votes and elect for these posts. So it’s really difficult to distract or attract them towards others parties, and until and unless this trend will not end, I don’t think so we would be able to bring change in upcoming elections.

The level of loyalty that party members have with leaders if the same way these leaders show their loyalty to Pakistan then there is no reason for this mismanagement and under utilization of resources, loyalty of top leadership can help this country in the coming out of dark ages. But it’s only a wish I know in this world individual approach is at priority than the group approach that’s why we are lacking in so many things. Individual interests have gained much more importance than the collective approach. We must think over it because basically we Asians are people of collective approach but in the matters where we lack it we need it much more.

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