Walk a Walk like Pakistanis they walk……

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Walk a Walk like Pakistanis they walk……
We have heard a lot of a walk like Egyptian and the popular song connected to it but….
No one would walk the way Pakistanis they walk…
Because they are a Notch above the Rest.

In This Long March under the leadership of Alama Tahiru Qadri::they have shown to the world that what means a Democratic protest for people’s Rights and in their Protest how articulate they are…! Even Minus 5 bones chilling freezing temperature of Islamabad cold dark nights and the freezing rain; it only made them more resilient and were seen as more calm, composed and steadfast in their resolve.

No arson , no looting, no disruption….not even a single petal was found disturbed in the leafy Islamabad.

They got Nerves of steel and the whole World witnessed that how….when they stood up against the haughty Dictatorial regime; it found no escape route except to accept their Demands and bowed down in their Feet.
Khol Ankh, Zameen Dekh, Falak Dekh, Faza Dekh
Mashriq Se Ubharte Huwe Suraj Ko Zara Dekh

AlhamdoLillah after a Long-haul; this nation has probably found its Messiah, a Maestro…Alama Tahirul haq Qadri.

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