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Walk a Walk like Pakistanis they walk……

By A Khokar • Jan 18th, 2013 • Category: Features • 39 Comments

Walk a Walk like Pakistanis they walk……
We have heard a lot of a walk like Egyptian and the popular song connected to it but….
No one would walk the way Pakistanis they walk…
Because they are a Notch above the Rest.

In This Long March under the leadership of Alama Tahiru Qadri::they have shown to the world that what means a Democratic protest for people’s Rights and in their Protest how articulate they are…! Even Minus 5 bones chilling freezing temperature of Islamabad cold dark nights and the freezing rain; it only made them more resilient and were seen as more calm, composed and steadfast in their resolve.

No arson , no looting, no disruption….not even a single petal was found disturbed in the leafy Islamabad.

They got Nerves of steel and the whole World witnessed that how….when they stood up against the haughty Dictatorial regime; it found no escape route except to accept their Demands and bowed down in their Feet.
Khol Ankh, Zameen Dekh, Falak Dekh, Faza Dekh
Mashriq Se Ubharte Huwe Suraj Ko Zara Dekh

AlhamdoLillah after a Long-haul; this nation has probably found its Messiah, a Maestro…Alama Tahirul haq Qadri.

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  1. Khokhar Sahab, In Tahirul Qadri we perhaps have not found a “Messiah”, or a “Maestro” but one can safely assume and expect without any exaggeration that the man has definite created a great example of ‘Leadership’ where followers truly and sincrely believe their leaders wisdom and importance of the task and devotedly pursue the set goals. It was a wonderful learning experiance both for Pakistani leaders and their followers. His preparation, his command over his subject and his arculation, were of absolute top class, I for sure expect some emulation of his & the protestors discipline by all politicians in future. Qadri has emerged as a Leader of all leaders around here.

  2. True, the determination and loyality of the marchers was exemplary.

    This is so typical of Pakistanis and it’s great asset. They displayed same resilience during IK Lahore jalsa, they yearly do it in Gari Khuda Bux during Benazir’s anniversary, and they do it during Raiwind Tubleeghi gathering, they even did that in Swat on call of Maulvi Fazlullah.

    I wish there would be some honest, sincere and true leader who would channelize this great and unique spirit of Pakistanis in right direction for better good, and not for personal gains, and self projections.

  3. Uza, its alright to admit the mistake of judgement. We all are humans and make mistakes. You made mistake rgarding TuQ, I made mistake regarding IK. Let’s make new mistakes, and not sticking to the Showbda baz puppets.

  4. Media confirms that Qadri and his family are leaving for Canada on 27th Jan. Their staff booked their tickets even before negotiations started with gov. Media has given flight numbers and booking details.

    Also Canadian gov has summoned Qadri for violation of asylum terms.

    O my Shiekh.

  5. @3: No, neither you nor myself made errors of judgement. We were —– & still are still—– firm in what we believe is right, only perhaps —–we lack the courage ——& conviction ——to stand up and be counted. And the same holds ——for the people who you are calling—— “Showbda baz puppets”. Imagine ——-Imran Khan ——–with some courage and——– a bit of conviction to come out ——-and stand with Qadri ——-and be counted when it mattered most, ———-we had a revolution, ——we had a revolution ——– Man a revolution! ———-we were that close to making History ——–but we lost it and ———missed the train ———as we always seem to do—and sadly——very sadly this is not going to happen—-at least ——- Not so soon again!

  6. @2: Ghazala, I wish what you are saying was true! It’s god to be a positive thinker, at least, it provides an excuse to continue, a reason to look forward to and get up and leave bed in the morning. But, just being positive has not and would not help anyone and it won’t help us either. Too much of positivism about oneself induces self-satisfaction and makes us complacent and also narcissistic and frankly we are full of all this a plenty and almost drunk with our conceit. Time to do a bit of national introspection!

  7. @4: Media and their confirmation! What media, the same gang of self-seekers which would do anything to oppose any threat to the status quo on directions from the gangsters, the looters and the plunderers who our political masters are. It is irrelevant whether Dr. Qadri is summoned by anyone or decides to go on his own accord, what matters most is that we saw a shameless collusion of the forces of exploiterers and opressors to unite against what the people want and must have. Media played a role that it should never have, to play the voice of their masters against the people of Pakistan. They did it and we must condemn and reject the load of nonsense that they invent and sell for news. Shame on them and shame on people, otherwise reasonable, like yourself Kashif Sahib.

  8. In 1977, to counter Z. A. Bhutto, PNA was evolved and in 1988 to pre-empt a PPP landslide, IJI was stitched up. Hameed Gul has been shouting from his house-top that he did it, he did it. Again in 2002 elections a certain Gen. Ehtesham Zameer cobbled up PMLQ for his, now on the lam, chief Musharraf. Today the wind is blowing against the military adventurism. Even illiterate ‘amaulvi parties’ are become wary of the rotten game and want to continue the system. But given to scheming and pulling strings-the old master of the nefarious game first sent up the trial balloon Imran to shortchange a certain Punjab-based party. When it failed to take off, another is rolled up to Isloo (’But don’t harm our properties.’). Don’t you think all this is Nawaz-specific-for he is the one who has become a nightmare for the Rawalpindi?

  9. I would say that none of us was courageous enough to take a daring step to challenge the present corrupt system of governance; the way Alama Tahirul Qadri (TuQ) didi…
    Whatever the plea the present gov took to counter TuQ;
    For Sure; the man stood upright fighting for all of us ….the subjugated….destitute Pakistanis.
    And Not any sane person could negate the contents of his demands
    Its time to decide now ……….whether you are with TuQ…. or with the Corrupt regime

  10. Its time to decide now ……….whether you are with TuQ…. or with the Corrupt regime System

  11. We see that in social Media; Alama Tahirul Qadri is being mocked and jeered and he happens to be the most discussed person of the year in TV talk shows as well as in print and electronic Media.

    Notwithstanding that it needs a solace eye to see things in their true prospective

    We know a famous saying.. Teri Akh na dekhan wali

    The Lyrics in Punjabi are:-
    Mian Majnoo noo kise sawal kitta teri Laila te rang di kali
    Mian Majnoo ne Jawab ditta, teri Akh na dekhan wali

  12. TuQ is Not the First one who is being mocked at and jeered ….

    Like any Godly person; he happens to be saying to the Muslims of Pakistan that you are Muslims; of course but let’s purify ourselves and our corrupt system* and be …..Momins too.

    Quran repeatedly reminds us that whenever the Godly person /messengers came, they were invariably mocked at and Jeered.
    Al’Rad 13:34: “”And surely, Messengers have been mocked at before thee; but I granted respite to those who disbelieved. Then I seized them, and how was then My punishment!””

    (* Electoral Reforms in the light of Pakistan Constitution section 62,63 and 218 to start with)

  13. **
    yahaan sab Log kehtey hean Meri Aankhoun main Annsoo hain

    Jo tu samjhey tu Moti hain<. Jo na samjhey tu Pani hain

  14. @11: Yes, it is true and really hurting to see the true faces of so called educated folks, without the mask of basic human decency, how they all sided with with forces of exploiters & plunderers vis a vis Allama Qadri who spoke minds and aspirations of our masses. My only honest and sincere hope is that now the poor masses recognize who all in the Media truly is on their side. We have the power to boycott all those pimps of media who spoke and mocked our voice. After all we at least have this much autonomy over ourselves to decide who wish to see and hear and who to kick and keep away from our lives.

  15. Advnet of TUQ via UFOs is part of our routine history.He was mend locally, bend to updated religious themes and then tend toward Canada for some purpose.You think Canada is some kind of idiot that is allowing such clerics( alhuda group is also moving there) to get their passports and religious setup there or he is pretty smart to fool them too in Innocent manner.
    I think he is reflection of stupidity of Pakistani mob who can be driven on the basis of faith and sect, caste basis any where in pakistan

  16. @15; Sir, Nazia Sahaab, “teri Akh na dekhan wali”!

  17. Dear Nazia,

    Hum bhi wohii, Tum Bhi wohiii and same old urs aspersion…!

  18. Uza Syed,

    Thanks for ur kind appreciation

    I think I rightly wrote ‘Teri Akkh nehe wakhan wali..@

    As always Dear Nazia has got a US fly in the soup …rather broth displayed by TuQ in his Long March which resulted in unique and historical ‘Islamabad Long March Agreeemt’…..Lolz

  19. one thing which was absolutely on the top, was the strength, discipline and calmness of the protesters..there was no panic , even when the result of the long march came there was not that much desired and wanted by most of them. they were happy and saying that their leader would never do anything against there will…so in a sense TUQ showed the world how to lead and and maintain such a huge human ocean.

  20. By the way what is official or unofficial status of this Islamabad long march agreement.
    Runways have no place in Pakistani setup unless they are backed by foreign force.
    Musharraf and TUQ like used cartridges are all time ready to exploit by their masters who are expert of airing their balloon like characters and then use this bogeyman to lead the people or mob or what you can say.

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