Violent protest, what does all this mean at this time??

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Whole world is protesting against this anti-Islam film, but in some countries it turned violent, in Pakistan Friday is observed as the day of reverence of Holy Prophet S.A.W and govt announced a national holiday and provide them opportunity to show their love for the Holy prophet S.A.W, regarding this there were rallies in different cities of Pakistan where a lot of people contributed, in some cities protest was peaceful , at this time all the people took part in this protest by forgetting sectarian differences. This really united the people and this is what that we really want.

But in some cities this protest turned violent, where mob just focused on the damaging of property by throwing stones and putting fire over things. Believe me they all who did this are ignorant, they don’t know for whom they are protesting. I am really unable to understand that what does all this destruction mean at this day?? The follower and true lover of Prophet S.A.W can never act like this , then who are they ??
For making this protest peaceful chairman PTI, Nawaz Sharif PML (N) Interior Minister Rehman Malik , Qamar Zaman Qaira they all forced for making this protest a peaceful protest. But all those who are violent will not understand and all those who understand are not violating.

We are protesting for our Holy Prophet S.A.W but the way we are using is totally wrong, this is not our love, we are just defaming Islam by doing such dirty things, I know all are not same these are just few extremists who are working to defame all this, because what I believe all the educated class understands this fact, they are protesting in decent ways, but these are not educated, they all are ignorant like the one who made this film he was ignorant that’s why he made that film and now all those who are protesting in this way are all ignorant. If they think this is their love for Holy Prophet S.A.W then this is not at all their love, if they truly love the Holy Prophet S.A.W and do understand HIS teachings then they must know how to represent their Loveliest and sacred personality in front of those who are already enjoying all this.

I don’t know how to direct this protest, but what I think regarding all this protest, our govt should pressurize the US govt to take action against that person and Pakistan should gather all the Muslim nations at platform and discuss about the law t protect all this in future.

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