Violations of rules will disqualify candidates!

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Violations of rules will disqualify candidates; this statement is given by Election commissioner on Wednesday and apparently it’s very captivating and motivates us that elections would be fair to some extent. In meeting of EC there were many other packages for polling staff, as Election commission decided double salary for polling staff, these decisions that are taken by the election commissioner Fakhruddin G Ebrahim are really great and also give us hope that at least there will be less or no fraudulent (i.e. quite impossible)
Whatever I expressed above is what I see optimistically if in case the same as described above happens then I must salute EC for conducting fair elections, but when I see the other perspective of this then I would really love to share the intelligence and cleverness of our political leaders, as they are all very crafty and knows many back doors as they are in politics for the years and these gimmicks are not new for them, yes it can cause some troubles for newcomers, as they are not as much used to of playing these gimmicks as are the oldy goldy leaders, so for newcomers my well wishes are with them for sure.

And interestingly one more thing about them, if they will not play gimmicks well then definitely they will be disqualified for not playing well, as per orders by EC. All the political parties’ especially major players should be keen enough to compete and sustain their positions by unique tactics otherwise someone else snatch their positions.

Elections are getting nearer and we are anxious about knowing the results of all this. Let’s see what surprise we will get in elections.

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