Viber Ids of Pakistani Girls and Boys for Free Calls Mania

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Thousands upon thousands of Viber Ids for chatting of Pakistani girls are being circulated on the social media these days. Skype Ids of desi girls were already there and now as the Viber gets really famous in Pakistan and other Asian countries, this becomes a new fad.

I got an email stating that if I wanted to buy information about dating with Pakistani girls online then I could get it for a petty Rs. 100. All I need to do was to do some online transfer. Now that was fishy, but I am sure that some people would really fall for that, given the trend on the net.

This is really funny but serious as given the volumes of these emails and chat messages and instant message and instagrams on the social media, the market seems to be high and budding. There is no data available as far as statistics re concerned, but this surely is a million dollar business.

Viber has more than 160 million users and only in Asia they are more than 50 million in Asia and millions of them in Pakistan, so you can imagine the market.

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