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Veena Malik Doing Istaghfar Show on Hero TV

By Sharafat • Aug 8th, 2012 • Category: Features • 15 Comments

Veena Malik’s leaked video of the Ramadan show at the Hero TV has gone viral. This video is a strange combination of deceit, conceit, ostentatious attitude, false images, pretension, hypocrisy and question marks. She is hysterical and seems lunatic in the show and the way she is acting is quite strange too.

More than Veena Malik, I was disgusted to see a “Maulana” sitting there quoting verses and answering Veena’s questions. I mean who was he and how could he justify his sitting there? This is so ridiculous and so shameful and condemnable behaviour by that so-called religious scholar.

Veena Malik is an actress and she gets paid for it and she can do anything for the money and its her right. But that Maulana, a so called Aalim is more despicable because where Veena is selling herself, he is selling the religion and that is so bad.

What do you think. You may watch the Veena program live here.

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