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Veena Malik Doing Istaghfar Show on Hero TV

By Sharafat • Aug 8th, 2012 • Category: Features • 15 Comments

Veena Malik’s leaked video of the Ramadan show at the Hero TV has gone viral. This video is a strange combination of deceit, conceit, ostentatious attitude, false images, pretension, hypocrisy and question marks. She is hysterical and seems lunatic in the show and the way she is acting is quite strange too.

More than Veena Malik, I was disgusted to see a “Maulana” sitting there quoting verses and answering Veena’s questions. I mean who was he and how could he justify his sitting there? This is so ridiculous and so shameful and condemnable behaviour by that so-called religious scholar.

Veena Malik is an actress and she gets paid for it and she can do anything for the money and its her right. But that Maulana, a so called Aalim is more despicable because where Veena is selling herself, he is selling the religion and that is so bad.

What do you think. You may watch the Veena program live here.

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  1. “I would like to just know if what it said in authentic religious books is true. It states that every sin is forgivable, except if a person speaks badly about the Blind Faith of MUSLIMS. I have attended a private Khitab/Religious Assembly at the local mosque and one day Molana Sahib was saying that a person is not forgiven if he/she speaks against the Blind Faith if I am not wrong to understand the same. As he stated that thought something against the Blind Faith. I did not mean to it just happened. I prayed and asked forgiveness, but does that mean I am forgiven or eternally condemned? Sincerely Worried.

  2. The Quran says: ‘And of men are who purchase new things of amusement to mislead from Allah’s way without knowledge, and takes it as a laughing matter. For such there is a shameful doom.’

  3. The matter is so much clear , every tv channal in pakistan or india wants to earn money by ratings of their programs . . So they tools r religion , national , internatiönal days , whch they celebrate to get more ratings. .

  4. What if Veena is committing Istaghfar ?? Its good.

  5. If U don’t have prompt answer & not courage to appear here-at, then OK but this is unfair to disappear deliberately such particular question, thereafter sorrowfulness of mine as I DID NOT receive the same answer, it seems even I don’t have such right to show such sadness.

    May be U are annoyed why I called to my wife with her nick name, believe me I call her at home Maria but her official registered name is Batool. OK the utmost required justification has been forwarded now clear other comments - please.

  6. Mein tu Begum ko Pehlay say Bata Daita honn - even before visiting to the US of ISI Chief that in near future what is about to appear in the result of Pak/US talk. But she always ready to treat me as a *Barbaria. May be as I touch the such subject of Modernity which is going to disturb because there is no chance of joint operation against Haqqani Network. Plus the description of level of MISTRUST between beloved Pakistan & the US.

    My question to these following participants why didn’t they say with authority before visiting to the US of ISI Chief at-least I did not hear among these three specially Imtiaz & Moeed what they used to say Six Months ago even in this following discussion they are still hopeful. Ahh. why don’t these two consider their own level of stupidity? Ha Ha Ha. Again my wife call & declare me Barbaria. Oh Ho again but this time non stop Ha Ha Ha.!

    *Barbaria = The barking of a dog or donkey’s noise.

    Khush Rahien Sub Aihlay Chaman - Hamara Kia - Hum Tu Sirf Shuttle Cock Burqa Deikh Ker Khush Ho Jatay - Begum Tumharay Sirr Per Nahi - Veena Malik Kay Sirr Per Deikh Ker Khush Hota Honn.

  7. Astaghfaar is good, But not by making fun of it, one day you do Apologies for your Sins and the next day same things, Isn’t it disgusting ???

  8. >What if Veena is committing Istaghfar ?? Its good.

    @Batool: I am sure she can do astaghfar sitting at home.

    >“I would like to just know if what it said in authentic religious books is true. It states that every sin is forgivable, except if a person speaks badly about the Blind Faith of MUSLIMS.

    @Adnan: Not sure what you mean by blind faith but in Islam, every sin is forgivable except kufr and shirk.

  9. Sobia “… day you do Apologies for your Sins and the next day same things, Isn’t it disgusting ???”

    Tell me who is this BUDTAMIZ? - Give me his/her name I’ll fix & screwing tide. May be U’re indicating something T - B - or if I add P also.

  10. Keep at side all BUDTAMIZIAN/NONSENSE & Join to these following beloved Pakistani ladies & promote their respective hidden agenda.

    Join hand in hands of Maria Wasti/Ayesha Omer & PROMOTE Lesbiansim Bravo to enlightened moderation

  11. We all shld pray for her hidayah.its never too late to come back to ALLAH

  12. That Disco Molana seems to be interested in her too…specially when some pervert called Veena telling her how his wife ran away with someone and then end up proposing her. Did you all noticed that Disco Molana was being a pimp and was telling Veena to say Yes. He was looking cheaper then Veena doing it.

  13. Admin if I ask from Mohammad Yusha who is recognized as — ZAMANA SHANAS / WELL EXPERIENCED of life as per his articles he can read any personality in seconds - so in regarding the matter of To Give or To Take of such woman who behaves like an impressive & commanding Policeman —- Is this OBJECTIONABLE?

    Hairat Bhot Hairat? - Insan Apnay Illm/Knowledge mein IZAFA bhi nahi kersakta - Kissi Zamana Shanas Qabil Insan/Sahib say Guftugo Ker Kay! - ?

  14. massallah

  15. all are verses here are too good

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