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Veena Malik, Babrak Shah and Muhammad Asif

By Sharafat • Apr 5th, 2009 • Category: Entertainment • 27 Comments

Rawalpindi based actress Veena Malik who got fame first from erotic dances in the stage dramas of Lahore and then with her successive scandals with notable personalities of Lahore and then from the GEO TV program “Hum Sub Umeed Say Hien” has once again attracted media limelight as she has done a press conference along with her boy friend Babrak Shah.

Veena Malik was agitated as her name was being connected with the Muhammad Asif, the cursed cricketer of Pakistan. Muhammad Asif has been banned from the cricket. He first found himself in trouble due to dope scandal and then he was found with opium and was arrested in Dubai. He has also been involved in brawls in the dressing room and he has also been invovled in scandals with girls along with Shoaib Akhtar.

Reports came in media that Veena Malik was dating Muhammad Asif and as Asif was banned, Veena ditched him and found a new soulmate. Asif was disturbed and angry and he threatened Veena, who retorted with a threat of going to media. Media got a whiff and now Veena is out there denying and telling the world that she is going to marry Babrak Shah.

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27 Responses »

  1. Oh….what a tangled web we weave…

  2. Wed both, Veena and Babrak to Sufi Mohammad ! maybe it causes some distraction in Taliban assault !

    aik teer main teen shikar ….

  3. plz asif! pick up some sense. why u alwys took wrong step. she is stupid girl

  4. She is telented actress, She have great performance in GEO and now in dunya news.
    I think Asif is a wrong person who have bad characher, He is gujjar like me, But he have shameful activity for pakistanies.

  5. and the news today, ‘Veena has married Asif in London’.

  6. And news today…”they both have denied they arent married’!

    Asif said he is from an educated family and will not marry anyone like Veena!

    Maybe the pix of both of them were when Aisf paid Veena for a night spending with him and than after tht their contract was finished!Lol thts wat i read sumwhere….

  7. hi best wishes from me to you

  8. plz asif be carefull with her ask her she has a link with other because actress have no trust so becarefull

  9. veena malik is just like prostitute.

  10. yar shadee aur wo bhee veena say……aik do raatain guzaro aur ra lo


  12. sachem for both……kia yar Pakistan ka name badnam kar rahay ho han asif

  13. yar koi nae, dono ik jaissain hay? salay kameenay shamless, tit for tat type. kameeno ko dafa karo pakistan say, koi naya topic nae baath?//


  15. im sad for those losers who they cant even have a glimse of veena n dats y they r passing nasty statements about a very charming and talented young girl .. i pray for their love and veenamalik is far more better then muhammad asif but if she loves him coz i have read that veenamalik really supported asif when he was in crisis , 5 fingers are nt equall may b they trully are in love so god bless both of them

  16. veena malik and muhammad asif are both very talented and our pride we must appriciate their talent if they are married thats the greatest thing and rather then being together without a relation getting married is da prestigious thing i wonder without knwing that our own pple they say any thing abt our own pple wot a shame ,both look great and both are talented and they have don yhe most beautiful thing in dis world ,jeetay raho asif

  17. guys shadi karney say namm kaisay badnam ho gaya ? ya shadi karnay say pakistan kaisay badnam ho gaya ? grow up we all are here coz our parrent got married cum on guys get a life a b positive abt beautiful things in life .

  18. Veena is beautiful lady but not having beautiful heart & mind . first having meeting with him now blaming . Asif is talented boy but having shamful character
    We are sorry for having such a loose character pakistani player & actors

  19. Asif sharam karoo Veena Pakistan ki beti hai.. or tum bhi Pakistani hooo
    ghar ki baat ghar main rahey to behtar hai… Veena sey maafi mang loo or Mard banoo

  20. acha howa ka asif aur babrak veena ka bhot sa bach gay

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