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Veena Malik and Faisal Akbar Engagement and Marriage Pictures and News

By Sharafat • May 29th, 2010 • Category: Entertainment • 9 Comments

Well, the father of Veena Malik has made an open offer to all the aspirants of Veena that if anybody could produce a nikah nama then he was ready to send his daughter along with him. After many scandals, news and rumors, now the Veena Malik has come up with a lad name Faisal Akbar and says that her engagement ceremony would be held in Islamabad within some days and she intends to marry next year.

Now the question is that whether she intends to marry Faisal Akbar or someone else and for the answer of that question we have to wait for full year. Veena says that now she has become a good daughter and would marry according to the wishes of her parents and only 25% will will belong to her.

Faisal Akbar belongs to Rawalpindi and is settled in America, and yes it goes without saying that he is wealthy. And oh, what about Muhammad Asif and all that hubbub?

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    pakistan wala sa bhi garmarala randhi

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  3. very sham

  4. i love you

  5. yea reema jo bhi hay woh khud hi karab hay ma who nahi hoo

  6. ka tum na chom ma chate nahi ke
    big boss ma kaya moka nahi mila

  7. randhi ka bachi tera maa baap bhi asia hay kaya
    najiz oolad randhi ke oolad

  8. panchod fradan teen teen kanjron k sath dil ni bhra tha tara jo chumiyanmarne apna figure dikhane tu india mar gai.tari toooooooooooo….

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