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Valentine’s Day - Whose Sunnah Are We Following?

By Mohammad Yusha • Feb 9th, 2013 • Category: Features • 7 Comments

The first thing that comes to mind is, when Christians don’t celebrate our festivals why do we celebrate theirs? In fact, many westerners don’t even know about Ramadan or Eid, but when it comes to Muslims, we are champions at adopting their culture, their traditions, their festivals, their way of dressing, their way of talking, their way of eating, etc. Whose sunnah are we following?

We loudly claim to be followers of Prophet Mohammad (SAW), and are ready to tear the world apart if he is insulted or mocked, but we shave our beards, wear suits and even a tie (which resembles the crucifixtion of Jesus - most Muslims are not aware), wear jeans and shirts instead of shalwar kurta, wear a cap instead of an amama, urinate standing up like a dog, and do everything possible to follow the sunnah of the west. We follow the sunnah of George Bush while he slaughtered countless Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, we follow the sunnah of Zionists while they butcher Muslims in Palestine, we follow the sunnah of those who ra*e our sisters, murder our brothers, slaughter our parents, and burn our children alive.

Why should I celebrate Valentine’s day? If I am going to celebrate it, I will celebrate it every day. Otherwise I am not going to celebrate it. I am not a puppet of the west. The blood of Palestinians is fresh before my eyes. The screams of innocent Iraqis, the wailing of Afghani mothers, the tears of Pakistani children, the mass rap*s of Muslim sisters at the hands of those whose sunnah we love to follow. The Malala drama is fresh in my head. How easy it is for them to fool innocent and gullible Muslims by pretending to be considerate towards Muslim women, while they ra*e them at the same time.

We want to follow a bunch of people who treat their parents like animals. Then they show the world how loving they are by celebrating Valentine’s day. They should love their parents first. Everyday. Not by celebrating one mother’s or father’s day. If people can’t love their parents, they can’t love anyone.

People who worry about judgement day don’t celebrate Valentine’s day.

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