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Uryani and Fahashi in Pakistani Media

By Amna Gilani • Sep 14th, 2012 • Category: Features • 10 Comments

Katrina Kaif in Veet advertisement showing her milky soft legs can surely be considered as something inappropriate given the Pakistani culture and background. But branding the whole media and its programs including soap and morning shows as livid is quite an exaggeration.

I simply don’t get this debate because these things are the pastime of the nations who have nothing else to ponder upon. If such debate starts hitting the mainstream in countries like Turkey or Malaysia then it makes some sense, but in Pakistan? We have terrorism, load-shedding, joblessness, hunger, corruption, governance, Balochistan, Sindh, Dengue, Floods and all sorts of issues on our hands, and yet we are worried about Pakistan becoming a sin country.

Gen Zia was one worst thing happened to this country as he used the name of Islam to keep the status quo in the country and we are still suffering of his remains, and one of his morbid gift was to create confusion regarding Islam and its teachings for the Pakistanis. That is why we still are divided and confused as whether Taliban are our enemies or friends, and that is why this debate about exactly what Fahashi is.

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