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UN Refusal to Probe Benazir Bhutto’s Assassination

By Farid Masood • Oct 9th, 2008 • Category: Politics • 2 Comments

Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary General of United Nations (UN) has refused the direct probe in Benazir Bhutto murder case, but he offered help in investigation process.

This is more likely decision the Pakistani Nation was expecting from UN and this also has revealed foreign elements’ involvement in this murder on December 27th, 2007 (evening).

This decision has proved limitation of exercise of power of United Nations Organization and unseen pressures influencing the neutral working of this organization.

So this murder also goes to the list of innocent killing all over the world by some powers to safe-guard their interests all over the globe.

As the poet said, “Is main perda nasheeno kay bhi naam attay hain”

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  1. Why some people are killed?
    Liaquat ali Khan,Zulfiquar ali Bhutto,Zia-ul-Haq,Benazir etc
    Indira Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi of India
    bandaranaike,Premadasa, etc etc of Sri Lanka
    Mujibur Rehman of bangladesh
    These assasinations in south Asia happen because of the powers whom these leaders annoyed.
    Why somuch effort is being put by Jehadies to assasinate Afsar Wali Khan,his son Hota and that MNA of PML(n).
    Same effort was not put on Musharaff,nawaz Sherrif,Shabhaz etc
    In India also i used to see jehadies making desperate (some times even 4 or 5 attempts )attempt to kill some leaders while some of them who look obvious are never killed.
    i always trace the attempts to the FINANCIER OF JEHADIES. In India atleast the country of Saudi Arabia comes foremost.

  2. There is no surprise on such news as PPP govt is just creating scenes on base less issues.Not a single crime investigation was done by PPP govt after taking charge, An ugly character of rehman malik has been imposed on people of Pakistan as punishment of our sins with all such realities that he was completely failed in providing adequate security to her boss and whole world had seen her crime scene in open daylight surrounded by her faithful admirers.Zardari and co are more interested in punishing maqbool and saif ur rehman but paying no importance that who had ordered to wash the crime scene within hours .Zardari has taken out the hidden will of benazir for his nomination as PPP head but totally ignoring the names of four personals that were publicly nominated by his beloved wife when once she was live.All four nominees of benazir are enjoying state facilities in Zardari ’s administration , only one Brig Imtiaz was safely escorted to Austrailia as per his personal desire.So now PPP jiyalas should accept this reality that BB has gone with wind and zardari is playing same game as “dancing on dead bodies” that once played by BB herself.

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