Trying to Clean the Space to Create Space without Mess

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Whatever goes out into space and leaves a connection with a spacecraft remains in space. Over the years, man has thrown his unwanted material into space and this has resulted into a clutter which has gotten dangerous, not only for the astronomical bodies, but for the planet earth too. Because often a times, they strike with an object in space and the debris fall to the earth making it environmentally hazardous. The unwanted material include such things as dead satellites, spent rocket stages and broken off parts from a space shuttle.

Not only do they collide with space objects which go their natural way, but they are a threat to man-monitored spaceships too, especially the satellites which are hard to manipulate every now and then as they are sent to orbit in a specific sphere, at a particular angle and degree. Changing their position means a loss to the purpose for which are up there. There have occurred many such incidents in space where the leftover parts of previous spacecrafts have collided with satellites creating further mess by destroying these satellites.

Now, to get rid of all this, space is being cleaned up. Currently, around 17,000 pieces of space crap is being monitored by NASA. All of this junk circulates the earth at intense speed. Despite monitoring, there is no way to control these objects and stop collisions. Scientists from EPFL, a Swiss research institute, are working on a small satellite that they are calling CleanSpace One. It will help them in collecting the dead satellites and bring them back to earth safely.

However, it all depends on the success of the mission of CleanSpace One to carry on its task with precision, because a mistake would add on to the problem rather than solving it. When CleanSpace One would have captured its targeted object, it will bring to the earth’s atmosphere where upon its entry, it will burn out due to friction and get destroyed. Thus, there will be many more such cleaners as CleanSpace One which have been actually planned for this purpose.

If the scientists had thoughts about proper disposal of space objects earlier, this issue would have never been a problem. May be the notion that space is huge as is the universe, the objects will be out of sight and will be no threat, but it turns out, they are colliding with other space objects and with dead satellites to create further problems.

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