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Track SIMs that are registered with your name

By Bilal Sulehri • Oct 14th, 2009 • Category: Technology • 38 Comments

Most of us don’t know how many SIMs are registered with their name. To solve this problem Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has developed a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) information system to address associated risks on security and to ensure subscription regulations in cellular sector.
Now You can Track how many SIMs are registered with your Name. The objective of the project is to provide a consumer-based facility to mobile subscribers in Pakistan by which they would be able to find out the total number of SIM(s) registered against their respective CNIC number with each mobile operator. It is advised to all mobile subscribers to block all unknown SIMs that are registered with your name so that no one can use you SIMs for illegal purpose.

Just follow the link give below, and enter your CNIC number without dashes.

Otherwise Send ur ID card number without dashes ( - ) to 668 & know how many sims r registered 2 ur name. No charges 4 thz service :)

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38 Responses »

  1. sim name ???

  2. Unfortunately this facility isnt available. It will be disastrous to add this as people will just key in an id card number and trace that person!

  3. sir please tell us that which sim is rigistered on our I.D number thats help us for blocking the sim in remote areas of pk instead of the rigional franchise of any mobile company in pk

  4. please send me details how many connection on my cnic
    and send number details

  5. plz send detail of sims, how many sims have activced by nams also send me no of sim. my NIC no IS 3520241346733 .

  6. please send details nic….5150794809395

  7. plz sim name ??? o3o34233225?? plz sir??????????????????


  8. 03157204247

  9. 03216413668

  10. send me no. registered on my name
    nic no. is 36104-7048667-9 on my no. 0345-4659212

  11. my CNIC is 35202-7719552-5,plz send me compleet detail number of sim’s and mobile number

  12. i am in intersted in mobile hacking

  13. all pakistan

  14. koi pyar karne wala hy ?

  15. 03214830645

  16. please send me details how many connection on my cnic
    and send number details

  17. 03224819778

  18. please send me those 7 telenor number which is register with my mobile number is 03472103493

  19. my mobile number 03472103493 CINC number 4240149562703 send me those telenor numbers which register with my name plz

  20. i check mu ID card On PTA serves ……………..16 Sim registered on my NICI………..Now how i check these numbers……….any website where is check these number who registered on NICI…. Thanks

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