Top 5 Tips to Market Your Blog on Google+

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Google+ is the new guy in the town with heavy muscles and with lots of potential and promise and have got the backing of Google and relies upon years of experience on the foundation of Buzz and Wave. Marketing of blogs on social networking sites is nothing new and with the advent of the Google Plus, bloggers are looking at Google+ to market their blogs.

Following are top 5 ideas to cash in on the Google+:

  1. Make a circle of your blog in the Google+ account.
  2. Invite all of your gmail contacts to join that circle.
  3. Whenever you get an invitation of someone who wants to join you, add them to your blog circle.
  4. Make a custom button at your blog directing to you google+ account.
  5. Market your circle in your existing accounts at Facebook and twitter.

Stay in touch for more tips and tricks regarding this exciting technology.

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