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Tipu Truckan Wala : Don of Lahore Dies

By Sher Ali • Jan 22nd, 2010 • Category: Politics • 13 Comments

Rightnow, the underworld of Lahore is busy in deciding upon who will lead the crime circle in the mega city, as the former don of Lahore Tipu Truckanwala aka Arif Ameer dies in a shoot out, succumbing to injuries in a hospital. His gang is now on the run and joining other powerful gangs, and new contenders are coming forward.

Tipu Truckanwala wasn’ t Robinhood, rather he was a redoubtable figure, indulged in every kind of black deed within the city from smugglig to car theft, to managing begging, to narcotics, arms and extortion. His gang very soon displaced other dons, and he managed to rule LahoreĀ  for sometime alone. He was the richest businessman of Lahore having grip on many businesses.

But some of his companions are still trying to keep the group intact.

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  2. punjab k do lion tha aik mithu dogar aur dosra tipu ` ALLAH janat mai ghar da dono ko. log dakhe ga jab in sheron k badla lia jaye ga mithu k badla shani dogar aur tipu k badla us k bete lain ga INSHALLAH

  3. ap ap se milna chahti hu shani

  4. tipu was lion……..i miss tipu bhai

  5. he was not don .he was great person he wa bueesness man not don…………….

  6. tipu buhat naik insan tha gareeb logo k kam ata tha lugo nay khud say he usay don bena diya

  7. haji arif meer tipu truckan wala was a grat person….mai khud lohari gate ka hn ….wo boht achy log hai …ye dunya kisi ko sharaft sy jeeny ni daiti ….ALLAH un ki mughfirat kary ….

  8. haji arif meer tipu truckan wala was a grat person….mai khud lohari gate ka hn ….wo boht achy log hai …ye dunya kisi ko sharaft sy jeeny ni daiti ….ALLAH un ki mughfirat kary ….afsos”””

  9. He & his family are personally very good. We know them personally. He was a helping hand for poor people. Not only here but in India aswell. He served food in India to the poor people.. because of his this kind act a Sikh even made a visit to his home (after his death). He was not a underworld don but A UNDERWORLD LORD!!! MAY HE REST IN PEACE!

  10. I’m son of Arif Ameer, Ameer Musab.

    What the hell do you know about my father and our family, you bloody people just don’t know and want to create a news or want to seek attention. Its easy for you guys to write about someone you even don’t know, write about those who are real culprits. You guys believe in what you listen or read from somewhere. It a great sin to say about someone something you don’t know, its like Ghibba, Islamic Law Shari’ah strongly condemns against ghibba. So PLEASE, first confirm and then talk.

    I urge you to remove this

  11. Arif ameer butt
    Tipu uncle was my favourite
    I always pray for his forgivness
    Im a great great fan of him
    Allah pak ne bohat izzat ata frmayi thi unko
    Ghareebo ki madad krtay thay
    Amd i love the way he ate dinner / lunch sitting on ground with his workers
    He is great great personality

  12. AA,
    I only heard about him from friends. I have been in USA since 1989. I was looking for Gogi Butt and Mitthu Butt who were killed many years ago. They were friends of a friend. I know they were into gangs and shady stuff.

    Three points:
    1. I kind of knew Ghiyas-ud-Deen aka Ghayasa from Sodhiwal who was a nice teacher turned police-killer after Police bothered him and his family pushed by a powerful family. He was finally killed by police in 1980s. So, people turn bullies for there is no law in Pakistan. A friend of mine in Pakistan is suffering for years because a party is trying to take his land and case is going on for years. The other party started the case and is now playing all tactics to delay. Should he take matters in his hands? Lawyer, Judge, Court clerk, witnesses- everyone is taking bribes.

    2. Whatever and however the person was, it is not just ‘feeding poor’ that should make one look ‘Naik’. That is not the criteria. Just like it is not the criteria to call someone a Don as I explained in #1.

    3. You can not repel evil with evil. Fight to fix the Law and Order so no one has to take matters in his hands. Also, if you have o mention Shariah, please spell the word/ term correctly: Its Gheeba or Ghiba or Gheebah but never GHIBBA. And lest not call Shariah to help us only when it fits our needs/ stance!

  13. Ameer Musab and others,
    So what is the truth? Please explain.

    One more thing: revenging is not the point. Revenging and saying ‘InshaAllah’ don’t go together. Keep your cool. if indeed he was innocent and was pushed into this situation, which is not strange in Pakistan, then work to fix the Law and Order. May be you go after people who are not fixing it and letting people take matters in their hands - Politicians.

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