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Tipu Truckan Wala : Don of Lahore Dies

By Sher Ali • Jan 22nd, 2010 • Category: Politics • 13 Comments

Rightnow, the underworld of Lahore is busy in deciding upon who will lead the crime circle in the mega city, as the former don of Lahore Tipu Truckanwala aka Arif Ameer dies in a shoot out, succumbing to injuries in a hospital. His gang is now on the run and joining other powerful gangs, and new contenders are coming forward.

Tipu Truckanwala wasn’ t Robinhood, rather he was a redoubtable figure, indulged in every kind of black deed within the city from smugglig to car theft, to managing begging, to narcotics, arms and extortion. His gang very soon displaced other dons, and he managed to rule LahoreĀ  for sometime alone. He was the richest businessman of Lahore having grip on many businesses.

But some of his companions are still trying to keep the group intact.

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