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Time To Talk About Caretakers

By Dr. Hassan Isfahani • Dec 6th, 2012 • Category: Lead Story, Politics, Worth A Second Look • 5 Comments

Abdullah Hussain Haroon, the Pakistan’s envoy to the United Nations is still the most favorite candidate as next caretaker prime minister of Pakistan. Though leading lawyer Asma Jahangir, ex-president of the Supreme Court Bar Association has been ruled out by the military, she is still hopeful that both PPP and PML-N might support her for the role.

Military’s preference, which normally has the last word in Pakistan, is to appoint some obscure and homeopathic personality from the Balochistan province in order to appease the anti-Pakistan sentiment in that restive province. Military clearly hasn’t learned lessons from the past folly of appointing Jamali as premier for the same reasons with adverse effects.

Not much time is left and if both PPP and PML-N want that they have a say in the caretaker setup and they do it, then they need to sit at the table this moment and start intense consultations. This present regime will complete its term on March 18, 2013 after which a caretaker government will be formed. That’s not an easy task and given the fissures between these two parties and other players, it would require months to agree on caretaker premier, governors, chief ministers and so on.

Despite of all the ills, this is a good sign in Pakistan that at last one government is completing its term. The discussions between the PPP and PML-N will be crucial for the first transition from one popularly elected government to another in Pakistan’s history.

Government should announce the election date and the caretaker government immediately after consultation with the opposition and then iron out the details later.

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  1. My counter argument — What do U know about Zardari & Kiyani along-with their respective cronies are they ready to surrender their own hidden wishes? First of all U’ll have to present their TEN most important sentences regarding the same.

    Yeh Chupkay Chupkay Ander hee Ander - Qaum Kay Sath Kia Kartay?
    Sawal Hay Mera Yehi - Qaum Mein Aaisay Kitnay Logg Jo Inn Per Nazar Rakhtay?
    Qaum Ki Rahi Hamisha Budd Nasabi - Awami Omangoun Aaisay Logg Gala - Ghotay-

  2. Dr. H I as you mentioned in 2nd last para “Despite of all the ills, this is a good sign in Pakistan that at last one government is completing its term.”

    My query at what cost? Is there anyone who can ask the following question.

    What is the most important burning issue for this poor & ignored nation — terrorism or injustice decide at once on top priority basis.

    It is supposed the American narrative about WoT — Is this Pakistan’s war? — Is this admissible at the end of this poor & ignored nation? If not are we ready to shoot brutally & mercilessly on road to those who are responsible to drag to this poor & ignored nation in view of suffered loss? Yes on speedy trial basis — decide within three weeks stipulated time period.

    *A-k-J = America – Ki- Jung

    *KHANCHA = undue commission/bribe money

    *I-G-K-H= Inn-Generals-Kay-Hathoun = Common Pakistani is just a toy in the hands of Pak Army Generals who are responsible to break this beloved land in 1971, who lost the territory of KARGIL who breached the constitution of 1973 who dragged to this poor & ignored nation into so called American imposed war i.e. called WoT.

    Audit – Tuk – MOQIF – Mashkok – Rahay – Ga-
    Generals – Ka -*KHANCHA – Lugta – Rahay- Ga-
    Gharib – Sipahi– *A-k-J-(WoT)- Larta - Rahay - Ga-
    Aam-Pakistani-*I-G-K-H -Baiquf - Banta - Rahay-Ga

  3. 1 & 2 U both are innocent till to-date Asif Zardari & Rehman Malik decide first of all own commission in every MoU not me but declared by well known Baluch Leader — from head to toe fully corrupt — moreover as & when they issue any statement on terrorism they demand millions of US$ from US admn. I challenge otherwise why do these both are not ready to present the entire detail of own respective foreign currency accounts.

    Popput eik latifa sono — Pakistan kay SF mein qualify kernay ki khoshi mein - MEMO GATE ko bund kerwanay orr Hussain Haqqani ko wapis AMERICA bhaijwanay kay leeay - Farha Ishphani nay — Shuja Pasha say Bari Minat Samajat ki - Shuja Pasha nay hasbe mamol Action Bazi shoro kerdi - dou/2 — teen/3 haftay tuk — apnay agay peechay phirwanay kay badd — Issi Shuja Pasha — Nay Farha Isphani Phone Kia - Acha - Aap aisa karien Mojhay — apni voh dein - Farha Isphani Nay pocha — Voh Kia? — SP — Vohi Jo — Aap Kay Dono Tangoun Kay Beich Mein Hay — FI — HAAA — Aap nay Itni Bari Chiz Kitni Aasani say Mang Lee — SP — Acha Agar Itni Bari Hay - Tu Raihnay Dien. ———– Ha Ha Ha - Kaisa Popput?

  4. The present electoral system is defective and main cause of failure of any government.

    There should two party system in the country.

    In first phase all parties should be allowed to contest election.
    in second phase top two parties should contest and the winner should be given freehand
    to rule.
    Smaller parties may be allowed to make alliance with larger parties in first phase only.

    Readers are welcome to comment on this proposal.

  5. For the information of the author, out of three names suggested by PML-N, a consensus has been reached on Justice (Rtd) Nasir Aslam Zahid as caretaker prime minister.

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