Time to Move GHQ and Forces Colonies from Rawalpindi

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It doesn’t need much research or historical analysis and super intelligence to figure out that the prime and constant target of the terrorists is the General Head Quarters of armed forces in Rawalpindi and it’s sorrounding buildings.

It’s far much easier for the terrorists to attack the mosques, banks, markets and educational institutes around the GHQ than directly at GHQ, though they have also attempted to do so not long ago. It’s hard for the terrorists to attack the main GHQ time and again, but other buildings and colonies are an easy target for them. Terrorists are hunting down the armed forces personnel and their families and that is why they are attacking the banks and mosques and markets near the GHQ and the armed forces residential areas.

Due to the congestion, commercialization and over-lapping of civilian life with the army life, it is impossible for the security forces to secure these areas from the terrorist attacks of any kind. Peshawar Road, Mall Road and the by-roads towards GHQ, and the colonies around it and residential flats, hospitals and schools are at one place and it really becomes very hard to separate out the army installations from all these civilian places. Hundred of thousands of civilians reside and move in these areas. Mosques, banks and institutes are at the main roads in public where military brass and the civilian do accordingly, and it’s a soft target for the terrorists.

There is lot of criticism over the huge new GHQ in Islamabad being built, but that aside, it is the dire need of hour to shift the GHQ from Rawalpindi atonce to Islamabad in the secluded sector and also move the armed forces residential colonies from Rawalpindi to that sector. It would be easy for the security agencies to secure that area and it would very beneficial for the people who live in Rawalpindi Cantt area.

Wouldn’t it  be great if they also pass a lawa that in future no armed forces colony or installation will be established in or near any civilian area and commercialization would be strictly prohibited in military areas?

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