Things Turn Ugly For Pakistani Elections 2013

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In the end, that’s what this election is about. Do we participate in a politics of cynicism or a politics of hope?

— Barack Obama

The more important these upcoming elections become for the future of Pakistan, the more dark clouds cast their shadows over them. Days are crawling by, and less than a month remains in the general polls, but still the candidates of any political party have been finalized in full. Already, the terrorists have started attacking the candidates, their public gatherings and election offices.

Not only MQM, ANP, and PPP are at the target of the terrorists, all the political leaders and their party members and candidates and workers are at grave risk. This is because the terrorists don’t accept this form of government, and what they don’t accept, they try to destroy.  Dialogue and decency are two things they do without.

Assassination of MQM’s candidate and rocketing of one independent candidate in FATA region are just the start. ANP, PPP, and MQM are bracing themselves for more bloodshed and blasts. PML-N and PTI are in self-deception that terrorists would spare them. They won’t. It’s very sad to see that both PML-N and PTI haven’t offered any help or sympathy to the so-called under threat political parties.

The political forces of Pakistan must join hands to combat the terrorists. No one of them is safe from them. PTI and PML-N must stop living in fool’s paradise and support the MQM, ANP, and PPP in their fight against the terrorists. Otherwise, these ghosts would become reality, and would make the holding of elections impossible.

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