Theft of Electricity in Karachi and Its Impact on National Income

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Pakistan has been facing very big problem of electric power but in current four year energy crises is increase on large scale. One of the big reason of electricity crises is theft of electricity. This problem faced all over the Pakistan but especially Karachi city is highly faced problem of electricity theft. Main Problems are energy crises reason theft.

Pakistan facing energy crisis from four to five year. Energy sector in Pakistan has been facing the problem of electricity . Theft of Electricity also affect on our national income.Electricity theft is not only a major reason for loadshedding ,while the financial loss occurring from theft of elctricity also does not allow electricity companies to improve their distribution system of electricty.The kesc said it has obtained a fatwa or decree from 12 top Islamic scholars who declared the theft of power a sin. It is astonishing and disturbing to find that certain segments of our society do not even consider theft of electricity theft let alone immoral. People steal electricity by hooking up a wire to overhead electricity cables, siphoning of off power without paying for it because this electricity is not recorded on electric meter.

Another way people steal electricty is to slow down their electricity meters. It is very important for such people to know that the theft of electricity illegal and not acceptable as is any other form of theft. Kesc responsible for providing the electricity to Karachi have finally decided to deal with the electricity theft in Karachi. As the part of this campaign they have made use online medium along with the use of conventional media like tv ,internet and newspapers ads. Most recently they have been seen making use of a social network called Facebook using their proper advertisement features and other advertising channel as well.

It is actually a positive step that along with normal online advertisement now. Pakistan organizations are now using the social networks to promote themselves and to connect with people for their problems. They way they will be better able to get the the consumer feedback directly and will be better able to know what the consumers think about them.People across the country who committing the crime of electricity theft crime must stop from today, any of such campaign can deal with you bitterly and can make you exposed in front souls huge in number. Kesc also provides cell numbers to complain of electricity theft at free cost . Kesc losses enough power to theft and nonpayment of bills by consumers that a separate power plant would be required just to compensate for this loss of electricity alone.Electric power theft results in incessant load-shedding, short fall of electricity, crippling financial losses and disruption in the lives of the people of Karachi and all over the Pakistan.Due to electricity short fall Pakistan industries are affected which decrease the economy of Pakistan.

Electric power theft is neither a new problem for Pakistani people nor is it unique-developing countries such as South Asia have been highly susceptible to such theft of electricity. But the magnitude of the electricity problem is abnormally going large in Pakistan. The impact of this loss on Karachi energy crisis is evident. Nonpaying paying consumers bills make electricity scarcer for the legitimate customer. Kesc employees were involved in such activities, including meter-doctoring,placing kundas etc and its affect on our national income. Many competent employees due to corruption even left the company of electricity for better jobs.

Electricity became the most basic need in our life. If electricity is exist then we can live in a country in peaceful manner. If the government could control the theft of electricity and take action for the corrupt people who are stealing electricity in different ways then the government
increase their revenues which the increase national income of Pakistan.

By M.Umair Siddique

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