The Vision under the Supervision

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Al Qur’an Al Sharif is not an ordinary religious book, it’s the only authentic Divine Book, it’s Al Kitab, it’s the Ommul-Kitab. It is Allah’s Almighty Final Testament, has been bestowed upon His final Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) for the genuine guidance of the entire human race pertaining to this life as well as hereafter.

It’s the only Divine book, which is available in its original words, language, format & configuration.Number of translations of Al Qur’an in different languages is in thousands, carried out by Muslims as well as non-Muslims without any requisite check.

The exegesis (commentaries)  also having been carried out in hundreds. But unfortunately all this work has been done by individuals under individual’s plans & capacity. The Muslim governments how powerful they might have been paid no heed to tackle this grand issue or at least to have thought over or to have supervised this grand task.

Individuals of all sorts therefore have been given in a way a free hand to do whatever they intended to do. Dissension therefore has been on the rise with the passage of time due to our own drawbacks in knowledge and actions. I am a pettiest student of Al Qur’an and as such I have been going through the various translations and commentaries having been carried out by eminent scholars, nevertheless I came across with a number of critical mistakes having been committed by them, mostly by default and some by design, of course.

I therefore believe firmly that no individual how talented he might be would be hardly able to find out the correct Divine Wisdom lies in the Divine Code in individual capacity. Allah Almighty has elaborated eloquently in a very simple way all the necessary aspects in it of this life as well as hereafter comprehensively.

A Pan-Islamic world body comprised of renowned faithfuls, who are devoted & world class scholars with all-round knowledge, ability and classic integrity under the auspices of OIC is therefore inevitable to cope with the task of correct translation, commentary and updating thereof at the highest level of minds and hearts.

And in future no individual therefore be allowed to do this grandest task individually anymore, without prior submission of one’s research before the aforementioned grand-skilled authorised body. Such like grand arrangement however won’t be harmful rather would be helpful by keeping this channel also open with supervision under the highest body.

The sooner the better. Sorry to say that no one is allowed to translate an ordinary book without acquiring first legally the translation rights from the concerned author or authority. But so far this Divine Book of this vital substance is concerned, every Tom, Dick & Harry has been given liberty with impunity to translate or give commentary thereupon, of his choice without any permission or check from anywhere.

I am suggesting the same grand arrangement may also be made for the valid collection & interpretation of the Holy Ahadith Al Sharif.

About Aftab Alam

Aftab Alam Advocate (High Court) President District Bar Association Swat