The Tyranny of Negative Narratives

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On the lighter note, some would say that it is perhaps in the habits of us uniformed and ex-uniformed people to make and break and edit pairs of politicians according to our own views of what’s best for the country. Treading on that fringe, let me air my opinion that wouldn’t it do wonders for Pakistan if energies of both Imran Khan and Shahbaz Sharif synergize?

Not agreeing wholly to Dr. Qadeer Khan’s idea of making him as president, I concur with him when it comes to making Shahaz Sharif incharge of development in Pakistan. I would suggest making Imran Khan incharge of corruption elimination, transparent governance, and accountability from top to bottom, and of course taxation. Mian Nawaz Sharif could be given reign of economy, while Mustafa Kamal should be given task of Karachi. Assign Maulana Fazlur Rehman in striking a peace deal with Taliban in KPK and Balochistan, and ask Mehmood Achakzai to calm the Baloch angry elements.

In my view, the biggest problem for Pakistan right now is of energy deficiency. Dr. Qadeer could be asked to spearhead Pakistan’s efforts in that regard. With his scientific knowledge and breadth of experience and a proven track record of mega accomplishments, he is a finest choice. He can work on multiple sources of energy simultaneously.

I believe that it’s wrong for establishment to support or nurture elements like Chaudhrys of Gujrat, and like of them throughout Pakistan. They are expedient and turncoats, and do nothing for any party, let alone any good for the country. We should be promoting voice of people, and those representatives who are popular in masses. Forcing our choices haven’t been proved successful in retrospect, and its about time this practice is shunned.

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