The Shallowness of Our Leaders

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Nawaz Sharif is at it again.  Supposedly he has been given the mandate to lead, and if he was above petty politics, he could’ve distanced himself from the Musharraf issue. I will let the courts do their job.  My job, as an elected leader, is to solve the country’s three major problems; terrorism, power shortage and poverty. But he showed his true colors by first giving refuge to the richest rich in his budget, and then he goes for his real agenda of vendetta against his former nemesis.

The sad part is that just like the people of Pakistan the leaders too have short memories.  They forget that there are certain institutions you don’t screw around with. Nawaz Sharif really thinks that he got the people’s mandate to take his revenge.  He forgets that the election victory was handed to him on a platter by the Judiciary, the Army Chief, and the Big Brother.

The people of Pakistan had no say in it.  Do they ever?  By indulging in petty personal vendetta NS does not realize that he may take the people attention away from the real crises of economy and terrorism.  But when peoples back are pushed to the wall then all hell may break loose.  What will he do when 180 million Pakistanis realize that enough is enough!  And it is time to throw these corrupt to the core leaders out, Saudis will not be there with their special planes waiting and the people will not be as compassionate and forgiving as Musharraf.

They will just put a noose around your necks and hang you on the nearest lamppost.  Fear that day!

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I live in Seattle, Washington with my wife (a public school teacher) and daughter (a college student). I am a College of Communications graduate from Michigan State University. Currently I am a consultant on Social Media for a government organization. For many years I have worked as a marketing communications consultant with companies like Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Motorola, and many smaller ones. I am a blogger, a photographer, a song writer and singer, a passionate cook and a part time film maker (In fact, I am a true artist). I love the outdoors and go hiking, trekking and skiing when time permits. I work closely with the Pakistani American community in the Greater Seattle Area and edit & publish a local journal called "Pakbaan”.

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